Reinventing Retail for the Future (with Rory Sutherland)

We notice things and appreciate things
which are new. We’re neophiliacs. And so, what interestingly happens is that it’s a bit like the Sir James Goldsmith phrase that when a man marries his mistress, he creates an immediate
job opportunity. Okay? In the same way, when consumer behavior moves
and moves and moves in one direction, it creates an immediate opportunity in the space they’ve
vacated. For people to rediscover what was good about
the old thing. And actually, shops will reinvent themselves. Not the standard marketing fashion of say,
“It’ll all be more experiential.” In some areas, I think it will be highly experiential,
you know, that there will be forms of retail where you do essentially do a kind of Burberry
on the whole thing. Shops will reinvent themselves. They may sell in a different way. Some shops may even in the process make a
sharing economy. Humans don’t notice what’s good. They notice what’s better and different.

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