Report on ESP / Cops and Robbers / The Legend of Jimmy Blue Eyes

ceramics oh seven free c_b_s_ radio and it’s two hundred seventeen
affiliated stations present the c_b_s_ radio workshop radios distinguishes dedicated to
mention that you mentioned alive report on d_s_p_ a study of clairvoyance delivery and
extra sensory perception taken from actual case record ladies and gentlemen mr john mcintyre extra sensory perception come on telephone precondition these a lot of corridors bob in everyday life you and i are faced with a multitude of
strange occurrence amanda’s about abortion airliner suddenly on a hunch he turns back to the
going changes to another flight knowledge of the plane you would have
been on fractions or mountains a mother suddenly in on the condo bleed
breaks into tears at the moment her son is killed of files miles away reason unknown unexplained today a modern scientists are dealt with deeper and deeper into these mystery in the science laboratory of a great
university a girl six yr tables draws card from automatic shuffling t on the face of each card is one of the
five possible design all-star a circle across square really hard without ulterior cards the girls tries
to identify designs departmental impression by caroline at another table man watches dive
stumbled off in the revolving cage the man in kolkatta number six dissect asks
the number six still another table experimental shares
photographs for you and tries to project a mental image of
the st louis artists are on board and it’s true these are only a few of the experiments
by which modern science hopes to probe into these unexplained phenomenon to solve one of life’s greatest rhythm done mister mcintyre backdrop for just a
moment suddenly uh… my name is lauren stopped mr dot kim now it’s my contention most of these
things can be explained properly investigated with adequate
controls science control perfectly normal logical
explanation for almost any of these uh… so-called psychic phenomena i say
excuse me mister mcintyre i’m russell forces and i’d like to ask
mr duncan question go right ahead with awesome mr dot continue do you feel that
science has been able to determine by a what means certain men and women are unable
to consult a four stick and discover water far underground you mean a lot of dollars in all hundreds of superstition that goes
back to the middle ages i believe it’s more than a superstition ideally that’s
extra sensory perception all gentleman may i make a suggestion
civility the workshop is included the case of a
water does in tonight’s report for case number one we have invited the
gentleman who can give us an eyewitness account of how ordered ulcer works mister began with let me say that my experience
is limited to the method used by one particular daza mister henry gross game
warden of data ford main probably the country’s best known
dollars ur two books have been written about him by
kenneth roberts offer bestsellers as northwest passage in all
over with world as a result of reading or mister roberts books on the negro
side to set a new employees under fire water on my farm which is just outside
manchester vermont shortly after i bought the farm the fall of nineteen thirty four this
spring that supplied all my water suddenly when dr some of my neighbors said nothing could
be done about it some said i should call in a geologist in try to drill a well instead i got in touch with pat
robertson mister hennelly grows lasted mister grossman when we come or
maine and hours my father he said a word for a fee of five hundred
dollars in expenses and a day or so later you drove up to my front door as a man of about sixty a little less
medium height soft-spoken contrato and loaded them in the house for a cup
of coffee and mister explain the conditions in london’s great now mcdowell in the five year you would
think you win you must be right there that spot and that may be off a few feet north and
south yes i understand that mister perot’s and they don’t bring in one of
those big bulldozers the d_-mark open jeans too maybe macias downs will try to decrease the
gains in the water off a new direction yeah ocular might iraq gets out here most of my phones on a hillside bill of natural as we walked along mister gross for the
poor goldenrod island bennett into the shape
of the letter g_ it took one fourth of the brain
shrinkage hand-held appoint directly in front of him horizontal positions intial right suddenly the blinds yes looks like your old bring them on
the bright out-of-state appeal i didn’t get your word was delightful
did need to that’s where my rights issues that’s why dick below it hit the rod
points down but indicates water ma’am on refinancing rotted question i did means yes if it doesn’t get
nettuno can arrive telephone here we are in the spring and asking kiki how far away is the old bring more than a hundred yards here in a
moment and in the log beginner ideology another boggs and i think that this time it was motion is the lesson five hundred do you museum gaylord a head pleasures and continue to live in the
kennedy listings for more than fifty eight and up to you then based off the distinction prompted
the four hundred seven dollars i’m considering a man’s tribe cannot be
exact karadzic accuracy was fine now like his sister even trying is often attributed and a song about busted out you you
think the main vein is still flowing scissors just inflation signing it don lying on mr coz began walking upright conform
from asking or on the right time finally we have worked ourselves almost
up in my back door and then have to go ahead you’re on the
side famine we’ve got a good games comes down to
alphabet heroes uh… twenty feet wide deeps partition peak stand behind your
house is rises to within for feeding centers so this is a place to gauge you’ll find
its excellent drinking water pine totally four fatalities they get myself
surely he good exercise on just goes two or three times where your working years
you seem to break into perspiration tremble man name happens element fictional out of you who newfield larger
you save few unless you only i can discredit you
must be able to find the water without using divining rod naidu sometimes that roundys help whatever i do think
other dollars’s feel water the same way you can he can say but i do know that
most of us who have no folks whose homes would be used i think that’s important very important five columnist re-growth instructions
gardens completely as one olympic water ceo far as we could tell a water main was
exactly free of the depth of mister grossman
predicted and not by tonight to present in person the gentleman who participated in this
remarkable phenomenon mister robert w about one of ice president of the world’s largest
advertising agency the jail order thompson company mister barone thank you mister mcintyre would you care to make any comments on
this case no i don’t think so except to say i
realized that my experience with mister henry gross was quite impossible except for one thing it actually happened no other device
than one man’s unusual powers thank you most about and uh… you might be interested to
know that in preparing this program the workshop has inquired as to mister henry
grocers recent activities as a water dogster he has been employed in the city of
fredericksburg texas by landowners on the island of saint
croix in the virgin islands by such firms as bristol-myers chemical
laboratories dac lawrence leather company a
subsidiary of certain company my two large electronic factories in new
jersey and buy a canada’s largest munitions
black excuse me mister mcintyre may i just make a comment deductive thank you not the sciences investigated
watered-down sing it appears that when that rod twists and
uh… dips in the dodgers hands well it’s
actually caused by an unconscious muscular action art that’s correct there’s no mystery
about it but didn’t used to also to use and what waived course will even if the dow’s who should control rod
that his city’s unconscious muscular action what is it that affect his muscles if the desert has some strange affinity
for water how does he feel will now and then as i know how is it that mister
gross overflowing pain of water can hold two thousand rajneesh slightly
off-center and have one rod work front word and the
other backward muscles can’t do that lebanon you
getting off into the supernatural the supernatural all the natural in a way not yet understood by science in every resins the age of ice similar
mastodon man has been running returned to the witch doctors nurses and
he the astrologers magician the frogs in the coming sheets again and again his faith was betrayed and yet we believe because there was some uh… in the bible nor a miracle belch as earth east in the house and
mobile homes in the hand appears general home alone maintaining a take-home hearts and in that night was held captive
italians their own dream to dream of seven back
years in seventeen years many demands it came about mom’s left and saw vision of himself humble as into the beasts of the field what are these dreams these vision to be
exact through their phenomenal that come under the heading of pre cognition that is to st louis defense before it
actually no it’s not just a minute has just gotten times you know science finds
it difficult to accept biblical stories as literal fact they are very effective yes as
literature but we can’t possibly prove that these
things actually did occur nor can we prove that they did not exist lore no equipment how about some modern examples would you accept them
that defense on the quality of the evidence we all know that certain people to give
the telling some very remarkable things withdrew the pure imagination or a bench
that have been poorly observed in wrongly interpreted
st dot can i doubt if you would charge broader mistake in the two cases i’m
proposing leveled a matter of public wrecked at mister mcintyre would you please
pleasure case number two which might be called precondition of the year was eighteen fifty-eight and this has to be a revolver
pennsylvania playing over at saint louis among the crew where henry clemens and
his older brother sounds samuel clemens monday right his way to
fame under the pen name of mark twain by listing below there are also martial
arts they overnight homeless pamela pollen commonly antibiotics downstairs
handlebars families harry comes in being answered final brothers samuel staring wildly
about are you doing at the gates alan the seems so so real i wasn’t sure that jumped out of didn’t
came down to look at the same we would you have a big movie hosts a move toward he was being how scene you were just having a good
money and nicknames it was israel is you want him are some really stressed out here in the
city he was in a middle coffee there was a bulky waste chased white flowers home quite except for one read what was in the
senate if this indeed seemingly steve cindy he’s a few weeks later on june thirteenth sixty miles below memphis the borders of
the steamboat pennsylvania exploded among the one hundred and sixty minutes
and slow hostile victims were laid out a
long line off that one sunil moments sony’s found his brother manchester’s of leukemia lifelong all night except for one when role in the same there then case number three seven years later in the second week of
april eighteen sixty five another man dreamed a dream afterward he told to his wife into his
best friend as seemed to be did playing finishing that name then then tribune’s uh… lifted member at the community had said that it might be a good and
wondered and state and when when commune no living prisoners and say at the same monthly sounds of
displacement news i’ve passed alone and with those puzzle and alone i get uh… mandalay read at least bruno said the balmain the kind of i’m interested itpro and funeral best ended at three eighteen people’s
engaging mentally removal we’ve been pitifully as one of the soldiers there hoon dead on the way down the president he said he was killed by an assassin menacingly enabled the man who dreamed that green
abraham lincoln tended to play towards the end later his body lay in state in the east
room first i’d like to ask mr dot committee
questions the validity of those children all no mister costner except in this correct
statements of actually that but not tell me but you never had a dream of dying falling down stairs and being auto
accident nimble might imagine and i know i have well let’s suppose that everybody in the
united states has had at least one dream of accident or disaster that’s one hundred and sixty five
million dreams now the symbol of averages guarantees that some of those
dreams will come true but i think this is a good time to call doctor sigmund
freud if one regards oneself as a skeptic it
is will from time to time to be skeptical about one skepticism uh… and
an armed clairvoyant dreams he said uh… decongestant mister mcintyre would you like to me
again tonight in vienna in nineteen twenty five doctor sigmund freud the great pioneer
in the science of psychoanalysis had this to say if they’re uh… such things as
telepathic messages that possibility cannot be dismissed if
they’re reaching someone doing street definite possibility i since that telepathic messages received in the
called sympathy their own independent base doing it
dream other finally night i hope you pay particular attention to that last part
mister docket there is a possibility that telepathic
messages might come to a person only had read yes yes i got it doesn’t that suggest something to you at the very time of president lincoln’s
dreamed john wilkes booth was planning his assassination using freud’s theory lincoln might have
picked up both murderous parts by to look up therefore that the real it’s a
startling idea certainly but again the there’s no possible prove the world is
filled with things difficult to prove their existence is operable we
scientists have spent century studying the animal world and what do we come up with mister the homing pigeon already that you can find its way back
to a higher level and alumni and citation the both one online created by the determined directly on
the covered here they are online item household pets dogs in jacksonville separated but there
are going to bring back down and looked over distances in many hundreds of miles monday and how they have almost two
thousand miles between the states of indiana and i’ve done maintenance of determining direction undone the european he’ll european heals wounds
from inland rivers of the atlantic makes its way two thousand miles to the people
of the west indies that’s barnes and i a videos are doctor
west indies return across the atlantic gonna send the same rivers from which
that has a time years before notify me that way dallas is all very interesting this
device in the days of things that we call instead he isn’t what is instinct
consigned to explain it we’re investigating and and we still don’t
know i see that instinct includes
clairvoyance and to let the at work at an animal level yes but that is simply
argument mister mcintyre me we have the case of
lady the wonder who were sent case number four an example of com alliance as told by
mister stewart white pan well in terms of agony called nine eleven fifty right now wife nancy in our twelve-year-old boy there when i went up and a weekend in a mountain cabin back in the eastern tennessee on the
show a small lately late saturday afternoon billy one on the
sailboat i told him not to president-elect storm
blowing up in what you know i a m by any way to win in a stronger and
stronger manson i get worried which are really trying to take using
only been good fastenal and the mast broke the book exiled past ran out of
the wreckage position or china when we come up on their sports translation it’s been over a couple of mental
disorder find anything either pouring rain we had over two hundred
volunteers calling the words in the shore the money and run down after two days it is the chief ranger
anderson was pretty discouraged with regulating transplant still love
him mama raven body must be caught on the
latest on him out quickly began reading notes like is not the more we can do grow back to my wife and it’s a funny thing is mcintyre you send me stop crying he said now it’s time to try that for she’d read
about it supposed to be able to find missing
children and names lady michael didn’t rediculous but uh… we drag everything else the horse which missus why i could read
about is lady on the by missus cd founder of richmond
virginia this famous while mom five-year-old helena bonham and in front of my own the strange
contrivance levers and wooden blocks with letters of the album and numbers
running from one can bombing instructions while fascinating
next month lady miami might have my name name ought to move toward one of the letter sequester knowles against the lever on the block eleven lp danielle t so that’s why do you see more this
impossible nobody around you know your maiden name lady guys well lady is nice and a lady and live told me uh… can hi trade lady willies belly query as billy t k he uh… skated in a cave mister and missus mop up on the midterm
chief range around as an academician recalling the search hurricane following is from the visual revolve
around around us alive lol i was found in a small cave
approximately one and one quarter miles northeast of the lake he was unconscious dr water gave him a blood transfusion he
was removed to the hospital when i was able to question him the
white boy stated the circumstances after the sailboat capsized and sank he
swam to the nearest chill while attempting to return home through
the words he stumbled into one animal fat draft broke his left leg and he began to
lose blood in a state of brighton confusion he then
began to crawl in the direction of late from the lake he discovered the cave and decided to
stay there until a rain storm was over sometime during the night he lost
consciousness even-numbered nothin more into a revival in the hospital he was
discharged therefrom on october twenty eighth recovered peace is similar to that a lot of oil
it’s almost may be misguided surges to the recovery of the bodies of missing
children may be read in newsweek magazine nations of october twenty-fifth
nineteen forty eight december twenty second nineteen fifty
two february sixteenth nineteen fifty three in time magazine issue of december
fifteenth nineteen fifty two in life magazine issue december twenty second
nineteen fifty two and in popular mechanics magazine issue of march
nineteen fifty two yes the dominant station you just heard
was a compounds of those several such actual cases on manual sweetmore manuals written ball
scientist implausible september seventeenth that there are sawtelle waking dream harahan and at
that very moment in the city of stockholm fifty miles away expressed by the houses which were then
implanted in the correct all of which the fire was extinguished that german guys and the king of england in which he described his dream of world
war one party is divided is david when along with the game where it would be outlined the tires five thousand eight non-human any questions it was deposited i rest my case used a dot p idea iraq’s mikey breeding grounds star several sits at the table and ross car
through an automatic shuffling machine by the mathematical laws of tax she
should correctly identify without looking at the cars five out of every twenty five grand this girl has sold as high as nine and
fifty cards consecutively correct fat in one such experiment the scores
exceeded the laws of chance biography of four hundred thousand to walk back can still other cases the odds of risen
to the astronomical ratio of one pretty loose and one in five billion to do a
lot of in laboratories and universities
throughout the united states and europe and south africa research goes off wealth you life is being shared on the
phenomena of telephony and carolina today maybe not fog this field and science well established the
principles of extra sensory perceptions and its operation as firmly as the laws
which govern nuclear fission fat ideas advanced plaza sigmund freud by
other investigators may yet be proven back they’re corrupt long before man’s first
cruelest hammering long before he first chiseled his ideal
drops into stoned them and communicated to the problem and
i through fall tonight the c_b_s_ radio workshop has
presented report dont bsc directed by jack juncture research and script by a minute sinclair john mcintyre was an error the cache included lucille meredith
billion bhaiya band diamond lunch often russell choices
stacey harris robert allen boris lewis sam edwards raymond burr amber holland original music for tonight’s program was
composed and conducted biomedical marino vocal by normal summer the c_b_s_ radio workshop is produced in
hollywood by would improve this issue got busy writing you to join
us again next week present cops and robbers unique experiment in
which a real-life detectives used actual police methods to solve fictional crime presented on the c_b_s_ radio workshop on the new york philharmonic symphony
broadcast presented by most of the same stations they send me you hear the second of two hormones that
programs granola bar there will conduct the
mon-sat symphony number twenty five indian nature and then will present they’re a little
palm modhzam requiem that’s this sunday on c_b_s_ radio k_g_o_ involve either to c_b_s_ news people at on most of the stations via
the justices co america this is most of the c_b_s_ radio
network pad the mad math dead at how many radial where the return of the columbia
broadcasting system and two hundred w_w_ the breakthrough resentment in new york radio worked out revealed that the week it is dedicated to mend imagination but the other problem on the and robert is a game played by children and at the
game actors play on the radio for a living tonight the actors as usual will be
playing make-believe robbers but the car will be real the studios radio workshop present and robert my name is family name uh… writer mostly of crime criminals
willfully do about them a long time i wonder what will the
papers with the when confronted with a difficult time and tonight two previous radio worked up
is giving me and to find out julia reactors and hydrothermal along with the detectives
will try to find out britain remembered yet which river
cornwell of the decade or retired members of the police
department that is in new york hartford to st eleven groping room twelve on the upper east side of
new york men however where properly marathon that book cookbook fine how do you think you’re aware all well flavor when we’re gone that bickering back and then back on right dot dr we’re not getting that we cannot poorly
baby listen the you got them by me antigen you have to get don’t do that and you repaired the federal report the panic here recuperating then you can buy corporal respect forget about the charming william but he got the problem of underwood
joins on the ground don’t have to do with it and he got to come from hong
kong indoor again when that time again upon return if you can pick up
anything that will win football normal entrepreneur aware of them anyway airlock para are on earth perot that are going to go on our own
cuomo the or only internal and corporate one barrel rampant in our into minimum i started going few on shaadi guy grandma margaret margaret so we know whether the papers will try
to find out vikram referred to was the start of
serious nature that the christian perspectives one commander was called from his home is to provide
the investigation i was one commander the night of
lieutenant dan campion repair group with the former little over
a year ago reported by the record your honor the detectives working under him will be
our sequencing hearing repudiated approximately an hour and then there is
that the requirement for the victims jacobson was carrying the squeal which means it is his case has returned to the station house most
typing up a report on the progress of the investigation so far remember the detectives have no script they’re calling themselves doing their job look like they’ve done
every day keg hollow tunnel yet applicable
increase in the night before not owned a liquor store owners of the strike in st the kind of weird or what mine return but farewell address tomorrow early
eighties the recycled and uh… prospect of concrete clark who was in front of the story on
the back door will book reading one uh… he stepped out he had a personal recruit or european that we could go on runaway leader portfolio job z
spiritually warrior to arrive in somalia enormous parma hospital the product out of the state government
become an five porter momentum and they went down to arrive here at the
three hundred syndrome reflected was george’s blows works something else for them be a little more than a hundred dollars he grabbed radio money in a paper bag and uh… ran out the problem of street
anybody so many good identification number t
their identification the uh… followed a car we found out
later pierre enron cooperative we have some
all-woman market down anybody’s same those connotation man trying to help the
all-woman up record volume ten iran your own for demo
look tomorrow when he was getting into a car and got away you got down on occasion and although a
minority of that or but alibi to north korea to lead red tape the forest and
paper using warriors round uh… that was all over the black barbara i got the last three number of employees i don’t go on for a car over the top
five would vote for a number of them all-boys remove neighbor increases were
notified abdominal hand-in-hand around here they’re kind of
turned him down on peripheral fingerprint card funded remembering the
moon there’ve been repenting commando working then history he wanted to do remember growing remember grandparenting
on rebuilding my army doesn’t think he will need for me too
extreme implementing content broadcasting on that or pyramid builders remember conduct get
the owner’s name another you down with goncalo with that and then going on
there so great get along with how we have to make that
call until we know that all around the world problem or a group of propaganda
and on now we see the paper corroborate correct but what about the characters played by
our actors let’s get back to them the following team was written murders
record remembrance and of course worker campaign we’re
we’re we’re going on there because there would be returned bravado uncommon uh… act hotel closed up you can attend
the meeting up with the best vital people like that and republicans complicated generally are well with the big genuinely shortcut the
cosmetic not only he had been with the case binocular significant in the same place what would
you agree now what does the genuine he will not be
back in town and i think that unequally without them i went home and i started to the chinese
are from all right but then i figured if i a m gonna be a long weekend i don’t know much more important song so i think you know the will work and i ran into you want to call in a
good job and i borrow your car used to kill one of the people that would get so
you get indicating that was done that went back and let me come a long way in
hell i meant to the car yeah that’s right and i drove around town for a good place
to make i parked on seventy second street where
i could get away i walked around the corner of the
quickest or just want to pick it was in my copy berg yet it was all perfectly simple juhu want
left the compound wow it was a good pledging to clean up
the register mom hadn’t bothered or older sudden another court comes up from the
back with a gun sold to rebuild our breath away he dropped my picture on the ground for
the call to make a long story romantic on on wed
regarding again right around and i’d call you got a borrowed the go hike the
correct or not the kind of papa playing on human until i got away okay i
don’t think anybody make a license number that was when people look at me
because i came around the corner but i don’t think that was the number on a
compliment somebody good that’s what we’re talking about you know looking for me to have somebody did in
the cops go broke in the u don’t tell me what you call leads dole palomar led to the colorado
mike i looked up we don’t know what the so they don’t look like a stop in the
ranch at the problem but he made the problem just wanna coverage but the
ground mark municipal experiences i was in a bar and grill watching a
fight you didn’t tell me what you were going to do once in a couple phele showing you a long time from the meeting to plan b_ broken down combat how much to chip in terms of the system mobile problem how much you love a hundred and twelve dollars it was bad awakening in the envelope so
you gotta help me i hope your party we need to differ on the warm enough
people but i can’t i don’t have to go to a two
hundred at twelve oh i may have to look for it but there’s not a traveler
probably a kickback that we were different let’s look at the hoping that the room
go to sleep with the car park in new york and true buchanan approximately orthogonal four hundred downplaying taken care when you gone from if we procure and knowing
about the cause but why don’t you give me a camp but there was just one moment
i gotta work it out livejournal you probably know don’t cut the uh… it
before mister unrepentant voyages were one one one of the ruling now that i think you really think that
down and get the caramel with sufficient information was tackled
in the campaign is instructed his men on the next step in the investigation effective grampian jacobson person
quoted seven sixty one e seventy six three the address with the progress of puma
calmly and with me in the car is registered remember perot on there is no script record your honor on toilet repair kit let’s see what happens bubblegum aruba ammount well-founded song corporate broke new ground listening to
joseph mccarthy went down deal a lot more material this time around i mean i think that people have to go relaxing tonight with a monster revelations yes i have arranged in sir to support him lululu penalizing amount to a completed
mountain uchida curriculum accordingly emotion mcconnell well that uh… second avenue between
seventy seven seventy eight degrees wandering around four well i was in a bar on i was watching
fight everybody would be alitalia mariann couple of hours as the every once in
awhile in there or someone and one weather was like uh… give me a couple
of broaden com of the removal of the family of crime
are normal royal anchor forty lolololol marlin mark your going on every corner thousand movement incurable three were arrested one of the rest of this error that at
two o’clock anything that usually with long hair don’t forget that right so you might interest you propose to
prove right now you know i a member of the modem arrived
in palo alto ca hospital okay we’re doing work on the incorporated the
detectives returned in a statement warp them up into the courtroom and in the lutheran community
involvement some of the economy armored car or on the work on the murder zimmerman different nimble clearly
outline of the term grand buffet dinner with andre only i’ll
be right back with mark on the rehab small businesses democratic government uh… there are a
local up on the floor model of the one horrible yellow margot perot vendor could we bring them in your pocket
tantamount along the dusty where everything no matter what others i have a strong economy or even from me riverboat because the majority of it theory that the fire and london world buckingham palace coaching paperback
okay a rather than i am a porno day very cooperative or whitewater but not a lot of planned
parenthood bowling alone without the sender’s rover kristian what do you recognize look for me were occurred dabble in the uh… removed apple what a liar on the racetrack to approve your bookmaker wellingborough therapeutic numbers ronald reagan on the other thing you’re
going to bring no i wasn’t there is nothing on because one of the fingerprints roads are slippery triggers appeal in their own tonight with the
windows monopoly analyze your program when they hear gerry at the beach c_i_a_ in this fellow’s name and address you’ve got a pretty good record an album than it was rejected the information
bureau and if he’s been in the other problems for anything no now that are coming on the right now well if i could probably go like that wide-eyed erica christine owens please
follow the rule yeah i don’t have to work went well i cry cause for concern
dot hopefully we can that would led light you will find yeah i was glad that
i was wondering uh… one-hour will you were at nine twenty biodegradable for a growing firm sacramento greenberg dot samantha seven i got there but ah… or about nine o’clock last summer new rotten carter and then the cuba is
with this but in time i want to go to bob and we were to read uh… coupon amount
of bible merman about ten o’clock and there really a couple of that’s me means by the bombing in perry you didn’t leave the premises are
remaining and die hard work did you see the whole find out what’s going on a wonderful romero alone low-income wonder what i did you
get to work ideas before you get the answer when you get a nigerian agreement on the
way you know limited nineteen fifty two unlocked donald vandermark one right now or are covered by the blast with or
without gramm-rudman reduced it does not mean the peripheral caroll uh… hello and welcome you know what well yeah remember there are more
technical word for these all along all curled much about others read a lot of
your as you know more about our whole
nicholas lives and who you are confident we have no money for them and i and i
told you run would pick you up at your house that would run about five
everything that you told me let me tell you i know that manages the removing the barbara
wimberly or graham in the economy that’s okay with me for interrupting
dieron fingerprint them and i don’t think that the northern if they don’t
come up with something different moriarity that everyone in the morning they’re effective agronomic women’s born
grow and recommended to get the bargained away regroup and clinton’s office ido power of the retiree why they call
’em widen the part of the bullpen every inch of the moran this is the fact that any independent jacob hanoi agar for more than an operating plan arvind organized right up there but eight years now radiator i write the downfall of all americans
martha what do you want you know if you look on the line character on the online yeah return on the image in the room
yeah yeah mineral nine the lower belly prohibiting nineteenth amendment camilo after nine o’clock or about nine
o’clock p with their online yeah i was there probably dollar fight like the fight is there about their portable and i
think anyway it will be working i a couple of proud of her herb cohen far over the last names comment by cos
he’s always with them what we need your commitment to me either goes around nine o’clock
hollywood boulevard are on ronnie were very kind of car could be
there at ten thirty brown with a very unlimited in retirement all to learn
about the going on information knowledge for better or not is there was
working on it i mean leaving americans about their baby following him all night marijuana and when you are and then i
remember it and i know i know it’s all very well republican minority report on
it dollop of rather than they were there or
bicameral in america who i think the far right and uh… i think uh… call but this was a temporary i think so uh… i carpool telephone i forgot about it billy wright manner suddenly jocam broke apart and i got a
call what i remember which was why right after by male female
voice you mean amina dadi harbor deliver mail
voice mail network unequal in under oath that he will leave
right away to a group of about uses there’s preggo belly we’re going to
write about anger but for eleven right at the bike
rodeo donate all line up with a friend you know when you make your he
identified arabic around when he wrote them that the philadelphia howell right away
i helped rebuild your you’ve been removed bar all night here dealers and you go home and think and i
think bill when lying about when i was there well rhode island top wind and you weren’t going to be a
lot uh… programming normally when you get a phone call in
and out the paperwork started well i work excited right now of course i wake up
call koro at that point please nightmares where work irreparably harmed a record group of
young men the looking beyond our control looked for what we want all the banker
everybody holder particularly given the whole of the list
of those who you will need to go into a somebody like yours maybe bill redeker
reports with waiting outside your area dialogue and going out with a big oregon reluctance throwaway thankful have been appropriate on your part or
not ivo andric phenomenally had become na na
you are wrong on that it was only because i was very powerful but the problem on you were there and
there’s no more than generally known around the world europe your does
everything and they probably won’t be left up in the back their control panel i have been
everything below your video or the headline abstract however robert
brown remember c grown-up department and now you
probably don’t play everything belong film and we’ll know whether previously at the
meeting a boy this is a felony gundogan anybody already well i got him and i a narrowing or if
you could check with uh… with the way and and with blood blood work in the
garage for a place that will have somebody technically awwwww something
here when we found that gun in your car and what we’re going to do it on the
stand up and down to the bullet that bureau to have a testimony amphitheater conforms with their bullet
that was shot and prevent man tonight so what does the whole hwy one hour
after you were arrested for eighteen ninety seven of the penal or what kind
of the new york bombing i wanna tell you right now you’re
permitted recalled somebody alright alright martinsville taking your mannequins periodically repair or broke women baby
and you all day walmart out of my brother baby anymore hi i want to pick a restaurant nobody’s
or another thing that rottweiler he rendered why don’t you come a long time
ago what reliable carolyn i’ve got a call call them white deceitful or doc both the what’s broken both protruding unruly replied that we
will not has learned that premeditated placed a
wreath at delhi uh… francisco own you know this requirement for
millions let’s put his name another surround checked out of the hearing him
again and then go ahead an article on the upper merion he said that the other
seniors michael milken barbara dot or more
primary warmer or so that they were very important to
remember themselves described as i can get there is no
theodore was excited or right your company he had no idea sorry anyway
uh… aloe vera carp term along along barclaycard in vietnam and what he was
going to do not need to bring our own community are right now and the recliner perez
balladares i don’t know where you’re probably is
around amalie traveler we’re going in on the
call i don’t know anything like it would be
glad to germany subways right here you’re going to go study with him guide
to arabic reportedly were brought up welfare most of the time receptors and
first be discreet in north philadelphia three ninety eight degrees one of our bazaar three-e_ zoe baird they operate okay is going to get my governor throwing
juneau dialect that in fact i think we’re going to put him in a bowl
downstairs in world war naku recruited papers ramona burglar out
there that i was glad heroes are able to make the final
resting the case neighborhood unitarian gives his instructions we’re going to
depend on her own remembered the number one laughable but the delivery and bangkok well onboard barbara wall and by men are higher than haha
sorry that you’re not talking donovan and i told them but now we’re went down room or you’re going to go in our
weather bachlorette you know at least now look at your own grizzly negatively arab will find our we’ll find out who
are available the memorable includes for the people who are long all blank ramalinga and mark and i are one other couple on the card armored car
apart uh… with them ballerina it up in jail and my wife
impoundment older how much of their vision fifteen dollars
per one hundred and uh… on alternate week on it all up and i don’t think my
money back if he kind of holograms putting up a hundred dollars on their
mobile number covered on clinton’s bumping corporal and you know what their needs and help
them all right back where the money this
morning my money on my math well women determined and valued of religion i’ll let the right know or did you get
this morning primary and worked as a parent and their
repair a year ago formal failed along though twelve years ago and cellphone while
i’ve had a good job of different recovered now right now and then borrow whom with martin that my corporate group near eight
hundred and i think very similar cover there who live here on early yep parenting was
meant for the required that the on won’t comment on what i want them here
now with work memorabilia one than ever before well that i have no parole bottom yeah i know i am not qualified as
an example right we’re going to my first of all how
moldovan that i’ve been down there stated no dot com i didn’t i didn’t know that that i
hadn’t been a long time and don’t give any of that was done at the club
eliminated where andrea koppel only one i would be shown so one of the show walia formulas what are you working homework on her your vehicle when this is all about how
long do you know they’re doing long andrea koppel who clearly had no meaning healer more
relevant well i don’t know what to what we what
will matter more clothes in the closet that power return money winner who are who are not war well don’t think my mom and dad yahoo require all over the world mononokai while um… you know i don’t
know i have been a lawyer camelot era all along detail are not that i looked at the
monument there at one eight hundred markers that battery commonly n while no
in leon removal from whether or not and i don’t know i don’t
know when i realized i don’t know your editor forty-eight yet i haven’t
forgotten what it is not what you make of the hill activated them costly and reported and we can’t find anything on in forty
eight hours we give you another forty years and we keep giving your forty
years until you get a ride hahahahahahahahaha when i picked them up
or second on the house while realizing that you are a lot going
on reminded gone beyond that my mom barbara
merino regard some one and that was cops and robbers with a real cops in north korea robbers directors and i’m sure you will agree
very good actors going for the most part were knowing where the backgrounds of
motivations of their characters sample that they were gone as per the record rally larry and craig jill and camera crews the work number for c_b_s_ radio worked up is grateful
to apparent van kampen and woodpeckers richard jacobson howard quentin jerry proprietor program i hope we did you’re listening to cops and robbers on
the c_b_s_ radio workshop cops and robbers was conceived and
directed by feminists lol collectively to america all names were fictitious examples of
our detectives to overthrow of members of the detective division police
department city of new york this is rob reynolds environmentalism
next week when the c_b_o_’s reveal worksop will present the legend of jimmy drawn unloaded forums that the music by
renewable the story of a job from berger who’s
those who thought of the devil the previous radio work drop is produced
in new york park while robert another brilliant counted by the new
york philharmonic symphony comes to you over most of these transitions on sunday as we go hand held a return to conduct
an exciting program be during the beethoven concerto number four and you
made your with the distinguished german gunners
william barr house as the lord ignoble five minutes of c_b_s_ news
we’ve although most of these things they can buy the deck cartoon show tonight the p_b_s_ radio worked up was
transcribed into the studio radio network this is the c_b_s_ radio workshop is this a warmer endl is the mood any all right sizzle in is that the standing had uh… backpack and uh… influenced adv israel step if you ain’t got allow design that field springfield the well bizarre holidays that he yuki god c_b_s_ radio a division of the columbia broadcasting
system and is still under the heading into the rescissions present for c_b_s_ radio workshop radios distinguishes dedicated to man’s
imagination the theaters alkaline does this all on the holo tonight’s transcribed an original story about it the legend of jimmy blue eyes by edmund brophy with original music
buyer a local starring william conrad as the narrator and jimmy dot as jimmy belies worn by
many fine historically over lukewarm as a legend of goldenthal hottelet kit tried furlough it wasn’t it come alive but veto streak with a hot
licks tickle benson the shuffling admitted he enabler budget liberalize came on the third
child of a hunger he played all they are on the streets is
saying tanase like is noteworthy loads come
here andy field van watch that can when i made a stand up on some of the love and care while
his face lit up like a county fair if i let the play of the players runaway
closely at that time and all the prayers he ever knew and uh… blue note trumpet i hear on the streets from the sun the
moon is bare feet deep to each party to whom this prep for the general swing and
uh… anna sawdust and spent a lifetime he stole a free lunch from bailouts
places plus a look back at the fairgrounds races he thought that that like a lot i can last lovers fortin man jim able as turned sixty he joined that panel of the sunken killed thursday night as special prizes
dixie cared whether solvable ads played what is uh… nazi skinheads approx back roads in a timely manner a cold change great his fancy uh… he went first class he was obsessed agenda blue was love the belly of a
cadre long big alley he could written the deck with can
diseases cleaner koch gerlach abilities player met israelis were abetted i guess that that boris i don’t see no more money on the table
unfold enough floral and you do it adhesive that bill delightfully instead indiana wit me in the loop one although
it should be u_-boat playing on a number of a vote
for that and a little gradually money who says you can’t win it the litter king that’s tsd six king queen beds test sft kingstown me again stitched possible straight fit sps stooge it was unfinished act a problem won’t or there is a pretty beat up peace man she blows plan as we fifteen actual there it’s a go kenyon is can show biz window eleven killer and safe now an enormous scale right demanding you couldn’t conduct
advance and i know that old thing what she’s a saying in dream baby of quality of the whole night buddy bolden used to do contract out whatever and part st echoed down the river side but in an open line of uh… how will
stop all other reform school downright clampdown man isn’t so and i fell in line is that the other
hand at the end it’s it’s sweet jill i’m sure no fancy damien but i’m not getting banged natural music i’ll take his bad syllable one in naked
talk come body grovel have since i was born in do you think about unanimity at least love fast the finally another kitten candy towards saint louis in memphis a mistake
and if you stuck up in a my products to a problem on blood coming
up and summer’s games letters with and jim is lebanon it was then as for the it that most of the world is sweet geo blue with i’ve lived through it outlets joey had no created she’s uh…
infringement glass of beer with from is educated or test show does shows you will fall that gets so it fortunately he loaded up it will still cold in the
headed for the service housed appropriate double cross analysis kill hole in the fall let cost that leads at forty four bullets saying around his head jim killed a tourist guide stays it should discuss it got a slander kenny
lam walking the streets of the peds
mathematical city held its life and back it many said this house outlet philip popped the flowers cases such as on the
floor whispered nevermore he did with americans about five minutes them
you know looking place then got moved close feasible better
than that utilizing it is definitely the that in execute man the bag is pretty hit
with a little bit things clinton’s forgivable asean in need memos in the utilises says it is for you this is true that the florio but mild who loves him his email brought to trial fellow judges but unable to look not meeting with the book came in luck steel security granite he played a music rich uh… desert contract uh… he says is along with his wings at all it this time was then too pick up their own all that no was a man does son went down and started building
love financial press wolfgang prohibition anna district mcdade quick position but combat here but that is a good night hit the send the table clothes and
northern land or that said wally here in nineteen thirty five yesterday darkened videotape telegenic allies at the bricks he was a
master operates is topic alton sold in search of a note that was in there it played out as fast gala silversea he smiled played right along until asthma and ran back to his heartbeat you show me in on his final fair seeks
an open his name and i’ll show you a guy that most many he’s alone and crown st please scan is chile to his fellow man ali might wind up on also dr has grown fortune it’s not an issue uh… breaking actor here dot people at a time vehicle transactions plastering his maybe not inquiry be
restored teller mod squad anal as extension of the brain i try to one diamond mambo sales but they wouldn’t bring it up it through he killed a quarrel ravaged a if no please she meatball u_p_c_ strategy this result tonight and that’s it she goes to pot black jungles gene it’s contrary devils through businessman imaginative tell me why two miles north of nowhere one man sounds someplace to bear little
usually molehunt norwood jules no uh… man in that she cleans and they uh… balloon which faiths fail fetuses school means this year’s you need to do that all the you know me man in magic him on monday in just the complying with heavy well done not company as p some walls is desert he jaw you lie which i’ve got the price will in the darkness i’m desperate do you leave desperate level with me hiding his union as ever you’ve got to see night forbes he he fewer asking one thing com despite and as you can can you believe i’ll have it looks like the devils i setting you lied he have to buy what’s the asking for a price right makeout he’s been he keeps anything keep life digit devil man will cut a deal be m_g_m_ salamander magic dances too too soon one of the keno my darling the the war he came in the flame of smoke and funded that almost all of the telusu is slower cad system smoking was is honestly these fish in the world he’s still directed a man of both anna’s
teddy was great kirit cool it states that speak that facial if you put the air at first aid is the situation mister just call me
race and the very democratic check also is being a take the form and what is your prevalent in april was and what is your what he’s done well wilkins to that it is set below the radar is being made delay secret love insert liberty below w_ ray turned that silva home that being the giving will uh… it’s walked on the
b_-twenty never touched him on the street you are a broad smile upon his bears guy
that never never know it was it london old says number-one tomorrow
anyway lately time what name internal all price to pay bartlett so it does come down for the
long run in chicago town even the world’s top complicated twenty
years whispering that has pulled out a new orleans doug
cold that morning from the jeans that that only him hotlist hill the contents hot here candidates you cannot manage like you came back k dot k the cash here and he laughed off estimate realized only off most of the federation of india that
said jimmy’s alone i know uh… global fortunes birth came on ever read the jordan was game ph was under the dates of us out of the
game asaro sign on the outside well it’s not it shows uti let’s meet
hit nightingale song dead wrong brought federal it layla but at least that taking secondhand tree c jill took a stage with a massive pride and cut is trumpet open wide cash don pizza and that happened in china him last note from from you and i’ll set up experience out by the area around it his little chat with me lending credited to your boy had not yet here that i had date dot bad dot but now hint at this stage struck a stance bowl sort of catholic
journalists chains here he warmed up list strongmen they’ve filled his role in ever uses hole then quickly led letter with its is gold planted sleep-wake dead razor slashes when will whiskey bottle pressured culminate a minor-league from the following week okay here and this cable many p uh… optional because another salarpuria matter it’s one stage oldham educator wouldn’t true wouldn’t dedicated and here’s a guy that fix-it men with
greater left but said and patch so outside of the tropics crackin okay ko is saying is true is it only ban on match leeches with me nancy’s is pan it’s given lives and time again but it’s
very hard and sold green clear winner prolonged except frozen ground again gender split to see them i’ve met goldstone is invasion cop itself floats dania from atlanta sent a readiness by patents on the first
time in the senate in using like a and land belonging heartbreak room left on the slant of front line up the honor that’s uh… of chemical let’s get some was that blew
up have million stuffed and and at never never know clifton came out of that as a indicated that uh… bro at lead with the principal a some on display in all that enabler france but it’ll only sailing and company put the command was then reached that
before the last note it’s indians of healing his trumpet crack no matter where o’quinn pop music close
if you’re not hip as padding hindi film the whole level favors too and blue restorative available as game on earth but rather
the hunger despite his milk with all the time of
year any play all day around the streets of
san so come along for a dusty monopolistic
prevention pizza chapel in at issue install a bill that says no his alleged hottelet kit and fair who hit techno that wasn’t it pack tonight hands but from hollywood the c_b_s_ radio workshop has presented
a alexander giving black an original story about a by having
broken with original music by renewable and
starring william conrad has narrated with all the time anytime adapted and directed by incentives demigod apart initialized appeared by
arrangement with walt disney producer of the bombing motion picture in
technicolor song of the south starring unbelievers benefit son of the south will be released
nationally easter week also featured in the kashmiri rival and
georgellis senate race and bordman jack miles and tony bennett featured in the all-star band where tom
peterson trombone seven o’clock on planet seven wise runs
that robert gallo mary green drinks the workshop is produced in hollywood
bilingual this is a woman and along the is the move name god’s will loses the woman and the wall then isn’t moving and and and wall and and nanay yeah there’s a row step if you leave that allow this time val that you love spin bill the god that i’ll visit our holiday that any and he that made well the

14 thoughts on “Report on ESP / Cops and Robbers / The Legend of Jimmy Blue Eyes

  1. I've gotta say I disagree on scientific grounds on making composites as sometimes the individual cases can be better understood by rational analysis. Also it later came out that animal instincts can often be explained by biological triggers in the environment, including electromagnetic sensitivity, so you can rule the "instinct" card out.

  2. the filmed short of "the legend of jimmy blue eyes" used to be shown during rain delays in Yankee games during the '60s. btw, the man pictured is a different jimmy blue eyes, unrelated to the story.

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