S. Korea’s exports fall 14.7% y/y in October amid slowing global trade

now South Korea’s exports fell in
October for the eleventh month in a row amid glowing slowing rather global trade
data released by the trade ministry showed on Friday that the country’s
outbound shipments slumped nearly fifteen percent on-year to some 46
billion US dollars in October other than the base effect the ministry attributed
the fall to the impacts of the ongoing traits about between the US and China
semiconductor and petroleum exports declined but vessels computers and bio
health products they rebounded imports they also dropped around fifteen percent
over the same period to some 41 billion dollars

One thought on “S. Korea’s exports fall 14.7% y/y in October amid slowing global trade

  1. Global exports will collapse within the next decade, as the 4th industrial additive manufacturing revolution replaces slave labor and manufacturing then relocates geographically close consumers. Every suburb will be a major manufacturing hub. The Cloud driven Industry 4.0, the digital 4th industrial revolution is going distributed. Within a decade all will unravel and exporting nations using cheap labor will have the most to loose during that global industrial transition. Product design / manufacturing cycles will become so short, that shipping products half way around the world will be too slow and wont compete with industry 4.0 technologies that can deliver the latest product iterations in short order and time. When product design cycles fall under 60 days all will begin to unravel for exports, as the shipping wont be able to deliver products to overseas consumers in a timely manner and the products will be near outdated by the time they hit foreign shores. As we approach the singularity and by the time it becomes 30 days to reiterate product designs, it's all over. JIT ( Just in time ) Additive manufacturing will be close to markets with no shipping, minimal freight and warehousing. We are talking a new breed of multi purpose fully configurable and highly adaptable generic in purpose 3D printing / digital additive manufacturing technologies, that will stamp out products, like they stamp out Integrated circuits. The only involvement for humans will be in design of products and maintenance of the manufacturing infrastructure and even that will eventually be taken over by robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence). With dramatically less export income, recession will hit the biggest exporters of today.

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