Santa Fe Opera selling costumes and props

THE SANTA FE OPERA HAS PUT ON A LOT OF PRODUCTIONS, MAKING MOST OF THEIR OWN PROPS AND COSTUMES. NOW YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE SOME OF THEM HOME. NEWS 13 )S REBECCA ATKINS GIVES YOU A LOOK AT THE COLLECTION. 25:16 “You just can )t keep it all… 25:19 AMONG RACKS OF COSTUMES.. 25:20 “and it )s amazing really, cause you )ll look at something and you )re like wow, that )s pretty.” 25:25 THIS ROOM IS FULL OF TREASURES… 19:24 “We have hats, this whole aisle is hats…. women )s hats, men )s hats, crowns.” 19:31 WHATEVER YOU FANCY, THE SANTA FE OPERA, LIKELY HAS IT. 12:10 “So we )re selling stuff to make room for other stuff.” 12:13 MISSY WEST IS THE COSTUME DIRECTOR AT THE OPERA HOUSE. 0:52-0:54 nats from an opera WITH HUNDREDS OF PRODUCTIONS IN THE BOOKS, SHE SAYS THEY HAVE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS UP FOR GRABS. 18:15 “We have disco armor, if anyone needs disco armor.” 18:18 FROM THE UNEXPECTED… 19:12 “We have creepy masks… creepy.” 19:18 TO THE SPOOKY… 20:02 “You )re always needing to have something, a wreath, you need a laurel wreath, or you need a little veil, don )t you? Doesn )t everyone? ” 20:12 AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. THERE )S NOTHING OFF THE TABLE. 7:13 “Somebody had to hide in there, so it had to be very sturdy on the bottom.” 7:17 AND THERE ARE ROWS OF PROPS, MOSTLY MADE ON SITE, READY FOR NEW HOMES. 25:48 “There are a couple of things that I think are special because of what they are.” 25:53 ALTHOUGH SOME ITEMS HAVE BEEN HARD TO PART WITH, THE STAFF IS EXCITED FOR WHAT )S IN STORE FOR THEIR HANDMADE WORK. 2:20 “I like that it )s gonna go somewhere that somebody appreciates it.” 2:23 REBECCA ATKINS… 8:38 “That )s a great piece, I love that.” 8:40 KRQE, NEWS 13. THE SANTA FE OPERA DECIDED TO HOLD THE SALE CLOSER TO HALLOWEEN, FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR COSTUMES AND PROPS. THE SALE IS THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM TEN TO FOUR. CREATIVITY IS IN BLOOM

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