Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

Hi, I’m Mike Essex, the Online Marketing Manager
here at Koozai. Today I’m going to talk to you about and
what that means for websites. Now today’s video came from a question that
Richard Shove asked at OMD, which is, “What is Schema, and how can it
help?”. Schema is a set of codes that you can add to your website to tag content.
So we’ve had this before with Meta tags and vCards and rich snippets,
and this is no different. The only element of this that’s changed is that
Google, Yahoo, and Bing have worked together to create this code so you
know that it’s going to be read the same way by all the search engines, which
is great because some of those other elements could be neglected by
some engines. If you added a lot of Meta tags to a page, it could count against
you, because of all the redundant code that some of the engines wouldn’t
use. You also know that Schema code is going to
be read by the three core search engines, which is fantastic. So you can tag
various types of content, such as events, organisations, people, places,
and reviews of products. There are loads more on
as well, so you can really take your pick. If you add these tags, it means that when
people search for those kinds of terms, you’re going to have a little bit of
extra information in the search engines, which can make a lot of difference.
The down side is that everything that you tag could appear in the
search engine results. Therefore, if you tag reviews, for example,
and someone leaves a one star negative review on one of your pages, people
aren’t then going to click through on that result to learn more. That’s
going to count against you. So even if you’ve got loads of positive reviews
on other pages and you tag a negative review, it’s going to count against
you. So just bear that in mind when you apply these tags. The other thing to do is to check your click-through
rate in Webmaster Tools for these kinds of terms. If you see
that less people are clicking, it could very well be that the
tag is working against you. Likewise in analytics, if you notice less
traffic for a term that you’ve maintained a ranking for, it could also be
the Schema tag is having a negative effect. So add a few of these tags
to your website and see what happens. Don’t go crazy. Don’t tag your entire
website in one go without analyzing it or tracking the results. After you’ve tagged your website, be sure
to let us know how you get on at Good or bad, we’d love to hear
your experiences. You can learn more information about Koozai on Twitter,
Facebook or YouTube.

5 thoughts on “ Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

  1. Hello guys. Nice article on . I have just one question: should i put on my homepage as well? My website has 3 types: BedandBreakfast, Places , Events and my homepage has all those 3 categories. Is it a good think if i put as well on my homepage?

  2. Thanks for the nice feedback. So long as you have the Schema tags in each of the three categories it would not be necessary on the Homepage. Instead add one tag to explain succinctly the purpose of the entire site in one go.

  3. Thanks a lot. Thanks God there' s a bunch of plugins for WordPress users. I was afraid that I'll have to do that in code 🙂

  4. Useful information about schema. WordPress plugin is awesome, many bloggers in need of such kind of SEO tools. Thanks for the explanation and video

  5. got the markup for one of my yt videos …posted it on my blogger blog and there is no thumbnail or video displaying on my post ??  where do we put the code so the video works ? 

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