Sci-Fi Short Film “Hyperlight” | Presented by DUST

Ada, where am I? Ada: You are in orbit of Q-465b. What about Philip? Ada: Philip’s cryopod has lost power. His oxygen level is critical. Plot a course to get me next to him. Ada: This will significantly reduce your power reserves. You may not have enough to return to Solis. Are you sure? Emiliana: Positive, do it. [pod engines fire up] [low fuel warning beeps] Decelerate. Deploy the left lateral connectors. Reverse engines. Get me to Solis. Ada: Power reserves depleted. Emiliana: Open doors to docking bay 2. Ada: Understood. But you won’t be able to correct your trajectory. Deploy top connectors. Magnetize. [alarm cycles] Ada, power up the medlab. Ada: Understood. Ada, what’s wrong with the med equipment? Ada: The medical equipment is functioning properly. Is Philip alive? Ada: Yes. Then why are the probes telling me he’s dead? Ada: I don’t know. Keep pumping O2 no matter what it says. Ada: Understood. Ada. What the fuck happened? Ada: I don’t know. Why did you eject our cryopods? Ada: I did not eject any of the cryopods on the ship. We landed with them. That means we should have been ejected. Ada: I cannot explain this discrepancy. [thud echoes aboard the ship] [whispers] Ada… Who else is on the ship? Ada: You and Philip Mayda are the only people on the ship. How many living beings are on the ship? Ada: Two. How many heat sources of approximately 37 degrees are on the ship? Ada: Three. [erie music builds] [music intensifies] [whispers] Ada, open control room door. [door chimes] [sighs] Ada. Identify the person in front of me. Ada: Emiliana Newton. Are you sure? Ada: Yes. Ada, identify the person I’m speaking with. Ada: Philip Mayda Identify the person on the med slab. Ada: Philip Mayda. Philip: Ada, how is that possible? Ada: I cannot explain this discrepancy. [sighs] You died. Philip: The hyperlight core gave out a few days ago. We came out of cryo and… we been trying to fix it… …since it happened. You went space walking… I accessed the core’s external sensors. We were operating under no sleep but… [external boom] …just two hours ago boom there was this explosion that surrounded the whole ship and y- She died in the rain of wreckage. Now you’re here. Alive. And- You look… just like her. Emeliana: Ada. What’s the current date and time? Ada: Earth date is March 22, 2103. The SUT is currently 954:34:54. Philip: What? Emiliana: T- Two hours ago was when were were schedule to exit hyperlight. Philip: Heading where? Did you activate your distress beacon? Philip: Of course I did, it’s protocol. That’s, that’s why we came here – to respond to a distress beacon. Philip: Christ! Emiliana: When… When our Solis arrived yours was already here. And we can’t be in the same place at the same… That’s why you, the um… The other you has no vitals because in this reality you’re already here. And I’m ok because I’m dead. Emiliana: I’m so sorry. Philip: Maybe uh… …you and he… …the other Phil worked but… Sorry. Listen, now that you’re uh, back… …here… …we need to, uh, work on the hyperlink core again. Emiliana: Ok. Philip: Alright I’m gonna go hack away at the CPU. I think the uh, next thing you were planning was uh… you were gonna go check out the shore controller. Ok. Ada: Emiliana… Are you feeling well? [ship rumbling in space] [connectors click] [display beeps to life] Philip on intercom: How’s it goin? It’s not communicating with anything on the ship. Yeah, I know. I’m gonna try some mods. Who knows if any of them work. Ada, where are my quanter tools? Ada: They’re still in docking bay two. Stay put. I’ll get ’em. [intense music builds] [door closes and locks] [warning alarm begins] Elimiana… The shore controller’s fried. We’re gonna be stuck here a long long time. No. Don’t do this. Emiliana: You can’t be in the same place at the same time. Philip: Don’t do this! Whatever she did… I’m sorry. Ada: Emiliana I can’t open the doors to docking bay to while Philip is inside. Ada, manual override, priority five. [override mechanism engaged] He’s gonna find out. [docking bay doors close] [docking bay locks and repressurizes] [alarm cycles] Philip: Hey. I missed you. What happened? [grunts] Tell me later. I have a headache. You ok? I’m ok. Totally fine. Thanks for taking care of me. Always.

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