Selling A 1.9 MILLION Tuscan Villa In 3 Steps! Ep 3 (HOW TO SELL VILLAS)

welcome back to selling million-dollar
listings this is episode 3 alright so in this episode you guys know I’m
always trying to help out and help sell your homes and lightning speed so I
found I suspect this stranger like the Walker Texas Ranger song all right Terry
McLaughlin I hope I said that right ok let’s go ahead and give them a light so
we’re gonna open this one up and see what’s so great about this estate ok is
1.9 alright let’s open it up see what we can use to sell this from the aerial
view the drone footage looks pretty good for a Google Maps I don’t know which one
you think your own the Google Maps either way alright so these are all the
features so I’m gonna link to this so just in case you’re an investor watching
this right now you’re welcome Terry you guys can go to
the site right here and check out all the amenities and their features and was
there and probably set up a tour or something like that alright so it looks
pretty good from what I can see so we’re gonna close this out now so how will we
go about selling this million dollar listing this Tuscan villa or mr. Terry
so I’m gonna show you guys we always start with our defensive strategy then
we work our way to our offensive strategy just like martial arts or
sports okay so what I went and did was I looked at
the major cities near Windermere Florida because Windermere Florida that’s where
the listing is located so the closest major city just the case we run out of
people to market to in Windermere since it’s a smaller town is only ten miles
away which is Orlando so pay attention guys pay attention you’re gonna see
exactly what I’m doing okay so what do we want to do a listing like this you
don’t want to just go off the fly you actually want to walk people through
either virtually or in person so what I would have him do is throw an open house
okay so you want to show up number one defensive strategy is Google
you want to show up at the top of Google or Orlando house don’t worry if you’re
doing paid advertisement we can get you free Google advertisement but you want
to show up here permanently just in case you have future open houses and
everything so people that are looking for an open house are actually looking
to buy right okay so now we have two areas we have Windermere and we have
Orlando so we’re gonna focus on those areas so we’re going to do it
organically and we’re gonna do it with page search alright so how do we know
people are actually searching for an open house in Orlando let’s come over
here to Google Keyword planner as you can see when you look at open houses in
Orlando is over 100 between a hundred and the thousand searches per month and
when I looked earlier it was people searching and kissing me an area and
everything okay so people are looking so you think they’ll have a problem coming
ten miles over no they won’t all right so then after I
scope that out what did I do I wanted to check out what are the
richest neighborhoods in Orlando why am I doing this and then I’m gonna show you the amount of people that are searching
for all of these let’s see if it has a suggestion that main people
are searching alright richest neighbors so they’re over here
searching it on Google best neighborhoods richest neighborhoods
wealthiest zip codes take a look we’ll be wealthier ZIP codes in Orlando who
would search something like that not a penny pincher only a person that
has it would search wealthiest zip codes in Orlando blat best places to live in
Orlando so these are titles that we’re gonna use for our articles ok so I know
it might sound all articles this gonna take me forever no no no no no no no no
no no is literally just already created for you ok syndicated okay so basically
well we’ll then to do with these now we know the well dear zip codes at Target
which gives us this right here this is Orlando this is the ringless voicemail
system right here I call it the ringless voicemail system because you can send
out a voicemail without ever ringing their phone ok so they get a
notification that they have a voicemail they get a notification that they have a
voicemail and their phone never rings so they check the voicemail it lets them
know what you want them to know we record a thirty to sixty second message
inviting them out to either the open house to watch a virtual tour or just
flat-out to make us our offer for this lovely tuscan villa right so this
reaches in 10 minutes what would take you guys all week to do as far as
follow-up in cold calling and leaving voicemails and all of that prospect and
driving for dollars and all of that I have a guy that I can give these
wealthiest zip codes to any ZIP code in the world and he can’t access every
mobile number in that area it doesn’t matter what carrier it is so then we can
market to those zip codes we can market to those areas letting them know just
ten miles over is a nice beautiful tuscan villa and the open house is
coming up so instead of going out on a date why don’t you take your wife out to
see this lovely okay alright so now that we have reached
out to the local community via voicemail blasts the last step so let’s recap we
found the richest areas and we did SEO we ranked at the top of Google for
luxury real estate mansions for sale estates for sale and richest
neighborhoods so what we’re going to do lastly is we’re gonna take this and
we’re gonna put it into Facebook Ads okay so oh I know you’re like oh I
already don’t Facebook Ads and it gets me penny pictures it doesn’t give me
people that are actually qualified that actually want to buy and stuff well
you’re not doing it right let me show you exactly how you’re gonna do it okay
all right and then Facebook just changed the targeting put restrictions on it and
you hey if you’re doing a housing and you they limited the restrictions of how
you do the housing and everything so now you have to actually choose you know it
pretty much sucks it’s a headache well let’s change all of that
we’re just gonna leave that this is just an example I’m gonna show you the
targeting this is the ad right here for the open house and then we have one for
just flat out buyers you don’t have to do it open house if you don’t want to
you can use our one that we use for virtual tours but open houses just
hands-on it’s just more respectable when somebody is about to pay you seven or
eight figures for a house so you might want to be a little bit more personal
with them but who am I to judge I’m just gonna show you how to get them there you
have to close the deal right all right so this is our open house ad right here
and we’re getting conversions conversions not just leads people to
actually show up for less than sixty two cents apiece okay now put that in your
pipe and no let’s keep going alrighty guys so I’m just showing you guys a
million dollar mint two million dollar listing mint or showing you how you will
sell your property you don’t have to use me you can take this and use it I own
and try all right so we’re not gonna target everyone in this
location we’re gonna target everyone who live in this location sometimes you know
remote buyers and investors will come in but we don’t want to rely on sometimes
we want people that actually buying up the Monopoly board in the area okay so
now we can target windmere with her mirror Laura okay so what is that going
to give us all right they gave was 1.9 1.9 all right so let’s lesson that and
bring it up to around the age of 35 okay all right they got their lives together
by that point answer English us now this is where you want to be
strategic and what you can do is you can do multiple campaign campaigns all you
have to do is duplicate this same ad keep the head exactly the same just
coming here and change the detail targeting so what I like to do when I’m
selling high-end real estate deals is our target certain type of business
owners that I know can afford it you can literally put small business owners in
there small business owners behavior
boom so now we’re targeting 24,000 people that can actually afford this
should have credit enough to be able to get the bank loan if they need one and
all of that okay so no tire kickers here alright so I told you it’s gonna be
quick so I’m gonna show you another way so we got small business owners you can
target investors you seventy thousand in this area that’s
interested in investing see is not complicated the message the offer is was
difficult that’s why this ad is so profitable because however we positioned
our offer for them to come and check out the property okay alright so that’s what
you should want to know there’s targeting part is easy anybody can do
this okay all right the cake is in the offer okay so we did the small business
owner we did the investor and last but not least we’re gonna come right here to
browse now this is how you make sure look financial
income household in the top 5% of zip codes
boom they give us 17,000 people to show this property to who Terry’s property to
that can actually afford it without complaints without meaning approval
without whining about the price or trying to lowball or anything like that
7,000 people in the area okay and keep in mind we’re still in windmill
Florida that’s a small tiny town so remember how far is our land Oh only 10
miles away let’s changed it okay we’re gonna put
our land on and Laura
all right so now it went to 16,000 so you can duplicate that ad target wind
mirror for one and call out hey wind mirror Windermere investors hey
when a mere small business owners hey when a mirror top 5% no I’m joking you
can’t call them out you can’t say it’s a 5% okay but you can literally call the
the specific demographics out via their targeting and everything like this so
only those people that can afford are going to be able to see the ad is not
just gonna target in blanking Orlando or Windermere okay so this is how you would
sale that listing and lightning speed and only deal with the leaves that
actually can afford it and I would just put together a virtual tour if you don’t
want to put together an open house okay put together a virtual tour if you don’t
want to put together an open house the rest of this stuff down here it doesn’t
matter this you can just leave all of this the same if you have an Instagram
account that you want to put in are on blah blah blah all right I would
recommend between 20 well let’s start off at 20 and if you have a low budget
you know after you get a few leaves coming in just to show Facebook that
you’re serious you want to keep it at 20 for about a couple days and then you can
lower it down to 10 just to make sure that they are showing your ads okay so
you can lower down to ten dollars a day and you can get at least three to twelve
leads per day okay all right so this this is what you want to be doing this
is how you sell these million dollar listings this has been episode three of
you enjoyed it and you learn things from it I want you to like and make sure you
subscribe I’ll just watch this stuff make sure you subscribe click the
notification bill so that you can get notified when I do the next episode
Jessica you never know when you get your next listing and as hard as hell to sell
I want you to have all the information that you need in order to be able to
sell these listings these million-dollar listings okay all right I’ll talk to you
guys in the next episode you

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