Selling Everything to Travel the World | Meeting With a VaynerMedia Employee

♪ Me and Gary Vee up in the office ♪ – [Man] What’s cooking? – It’s my last week at VaynerMedia. – [Man] I’m aware. – It’s crazy, I know, I’ve
been here three years. – What are you doing? – So, I’m going through
a very big life change and I am leaving advertising, leaving New York City,
leaving the country. I’m just going to go
travel for like a year. – Good for you. – I wanted to do it for a
really really long time and– – The sooner the better
with shit like that. – I know, and I want to go into like the health and wellness, medicine world. – You look good. – Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been uh, I definitely feel better than I used to. That’s for sure. So, yeah, it’s a big career
change you can’t make overnight. So, I was like, well, I might as well take advantage of the
time and really like, get some clarity and think about things a little bit, because you can’t make big decisions like that when
you’re so in the thick of it. – In it. – You’re like, “I have no perspective, I can’t see anything”. – So right. – So yeah, I mean, I feel like there was so many factors that kind
of played a role and– – Of course. – But I don’t know, the
past couple of months like, all the cards kind of lined up perfectly and I was just like, “This is right.” – Good for you. – So, yeah. – Thank you for everything. – Thank you, I mean it’s
been an awesome three years. Like, I mean I told Shirley this and I’ll tell Claud this later, at the end of the day I really do. I leave with a lot of good vibes and I felt very, just
like loved and supported, and you don’t find that
at a lot of agencies, or a lot of places in general. Yeah, it’s been a great experience, I’m super grateful for
it, it’s weird to leave. – Is there anything I can help
with in this next chapter? – Probably, at some point for sure. – Yeah, don’t be shy. – No, I won’t, trust me, I won’t. – I believe you. – I’ll definitely like– – I know what makes you good. – If I can think about anything, I think I need to kind of figure out– – What? – That world I want to go into is so huge and it’s getting really cluttered, and it’s getting really,
just like inauthentic. – Can I give you a quick piece of advice? – Please. – Every world is like that. – Yeah. – Don’t let that cripple you. – Yeah. – And go narrow to what makes you pop. – Right. – Motivational speakers are
my most hated people, yet– – You mean by other people? – I hate them. – Oh. – Yet I get categorized in
that world all the time. – Right. – But I’m not crippled because I know that I’m not trying to do the wrong thing. – Right, or you’re not
trying to do whatever. – The wrong thing. – Yeah. – This is, forget about that. – Yeah. – If you don’t ever look
for the white space. It doesn’t exist. – Hm, yeah, just like make it be your own. – Do what the fuck you know. – What you’re good at. – Like if you know yoga. – Right. – Yoga’s plenty fucking
(mumbles), you know. – Yeah. – Be in the cream rises
to the top business. – Yeah. – Not in the I’m going to see something no one else sees business. – Right, and that’s not the way. I don’t want to look at this as like a business opportunity, of like, let me go travel the world and find these trendy things and bring them. Like that’s not what I, I truly want to find a way to like, help people who are chronically ill, and cannot feed… They don’t have the resources,
or something like that. I’m not sure exactly what it is but– – So, all the people that are doing the wrong thing, crowded, not authentic, it just has nothing to do with you. – Yeah, yeah. – I’m not crippled by other agencies sucking up, giving a fuck about people. – Yeah and if you were, you wouldn’t be where you are, because you can’t– – That’s the thing you need to do. – Yeah, that’s a good piece of advice. – It’s a really good
piece of advice, like– – Yeah. – What do you want to do? And do it. And literally eliminate every other– – That’s actually really simple when you think about it, like– – It’s super fucking simple. – We get so in our heads– – ‘Cause we get taught, we get taught. – Yeah. – We get taught, and I think in hindsight, my inability to learn that way– – Mhm. – Became my greatest strength. – Yeah, and I feel like, but once you learn that way, it’s very
hard to unlearn that. – It’s very hard, the same way
I can’t do the other thing, I can’t learn anything the normal way. – Yeah. – You know? – Yeah, well a lot of people are like “You know, what you’re
doing it’s kind of risky,” and I’m like, I don’t know– – Risky for what? – I just don’t believe
in this whole notion of like, okay you graduate, and you work then get married, have kids and– – You can pick up back from, come back and work here, you’re in the same spot. – Yeah, I also just don’t think– – I actually think it’s,
the other way is risky. – Me too, because I think it’s really easy to become complacent, and– – 100%! – I don’t know, I don’t think it’s deviating from a path because I don’t think that there is a path. – There’s way too much respect for anybody who thinks what
you’re doing is risky. – Yeah, I mean I’ve literally gotten that response from like one person but my family is like, “Yes, 100%, go” – That’s awesome. – And they’re so supportive. – And the person that’s,
you know, saying that, is you know, respects a certain narrative and that’s awesome too. – Right, and that’s great for them. – And may be great for them forever. – Right.
– May be. – Right, but yeah I’ve always been pushed and questioned a little bit, – Yeah. – So I knew that this was going to happen at some point, it was
just a matter of when. – Well, I’m happy to help when
you get through the process. – Thank you, yeah, I will definitely hit you up on that at some point, when I have kind of like, some clarity about life, and when I’m back. If I come back, who knows. – Okay. Where you going? – Well I was going to do South America, but I just changed to now I’m going to do Asia, because I want to spend some time in India and do, like Chinese, like ancient, Ayurvedic
medicine and study that, and probably spend some time in Indonesia too, and Napal, like farming. – That’s cool. – It just is a place that aligns more with like, my personal interests than other parts of the world, so… – I love it. – Yeah, so I’ll leave
for Vietnam in March. – Amazing. – Which is fine because– – What are you going to do in February? Just kinda– – I’m going home, to Oklahoma to just like, be with my parents. – That’s amazing. – I don’t ever see them
so, thank you so much. – Thank you for everything, really. – No really, you too. – I mean it, ping me if you need me. (smooth music)

100 thoughts on “Selling Everything to Travel the World | Meeting With a VaynerMedia Employee

  1. I love that Gary didn't say why are you leaving? you got it made here. thank you for being honest and caring to your employees.

  2. When you are in India, do get in touch. I know a few people up in the Himalayan mountains who practice ancient medicine and serve remote villages doing that. There is an Australian nurse there too who takes deep interest in hygiene and community healing. And good luck with the travels!

  3. This is so amazing. Very few work places are this supportive of someone leaving. Usually, that person would get swept under the rug and forgotten.

  4. loveeeee, travelling the world is also something i really want to do, just working odd jobs and saving up. Also love the garyvee boss and employee relationship

  5. Let's just appreciate that the first thing he says after a long time employee says they're leaving is, good for you 👏

  6. She's not really speaking the truth…she don't want to be in there…period..let her go…she's checked out….simple

  7. Amazing life choice!! I should have done that in my 20’s and 30’s for sure!! I highly encourage ALL young people watching this video to take the message to heart. “Self discovery is found when you seek it!!” ~Chef

  8. HI GUYS.
    SO, I relate to her thought process.
    Gary! I wanted to reach out using your connect to offer help to this former employee.
    Listen, I’m currently living in India I’ve been for years. I have some connections this side or I can maybe help along her way this side of the world. If she would like to reach out as she wants to begin in India? Please feel free to let me know, or have her contact me. I’d be glad to help out. B.

  9. *Sends Much /LOVE* so bro can I support that vacancy in any way… currently in CitrusHeights, California…I do Services such as Creative Video Content & Media For Taekwondo Schools On a Global scale.

  10. You're such a legend Gary! What I love is you always put others first and see outside the box. Class peice of advice. We live this life once bro! #400millionto1

  11. I'm going to move from Europe to the US in 2 months and I feel so fucking compelled to do it, don't know exactly what i'll do after traveling there but all I know is that I want the most to be able to work everywhere and see as much as I can of this world. I'll be documenting it. I truly feel and embody that I have one life to live 😊

  12. I need to learn how to adjust my energy, got so much respect for how you are so high energy with lots of people but when your with one, all the attention is on them and it's intimate as fuck.. thanks for teaching me everything my parents aren't.

  13. Thank you so much for your content Gary. Thanks to your advice I've grown my following and I got a gig with a major music label artist. 🙂

  14. This clip has So much humility … Perspective and understanding ..You gotta Venture out if it not travel then it comes from within… …and become self aware

  15. And 99.99999% of the bosses wouldn't even give two craps, or care to support her in this endeavor.  That is what makes Gary the top of his heap.

  16. Best of lucks for Andrea! I did something similar 6 years ago. People said it was risky (stupid). I already had a house and all the material things that come with it. But I didn't listen to anyone, but myself. I sold everything and I've been traveling around the world. Then I became a travel blogger, which is what I currently do.

    Six years later, I don't regret a single bit that I did it. Like Gary mentioned, worst case scenario, you go back to the same spot you were. Which for Andrea, working at VaynerM it's a GREAT spot to be on. Thanks as usual for the great content GV!

  17. All the best to Andrea for the coming adventures! And much respect to Gary for the amazing advice to her and the outlook on what she has planned!

  18. she tells @garyvee that shes leaving and he responds with – " is there anything i can help with in this next chapter?" – "its better that you do this now than later" – the only risk you face is not doing it – if it doesn't work out you can always come back here" … man this guy is a legend – if more people were treated in the workplace like this things would change so much companies would be so much more profitable and people in general would be so much happier

  19. I've been watching your videos consistently for the past 2 weeks. I've learned more from listening to you than any book I've ever read. Thanks for all the knowledge. Good vibes. ✌🏼

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  22. Everyone thought I was batshit crazy for going to Thailand by myself after a series of unfortunate events occurred in quick succession In my life. Best fucking idea I’ve ever had to fulfill this long-time dream. I applaud her desire to help people and I sincerely appreciate you being supportive of her following what the fuck she thinks is right to do for her gain clarity about life and LIVE IT. You’re such an a badass guiding light.

  23. YES. I'm 23 and quitting my first corporate job after college was the best decision i've ever made. i traveled the world and not only explored, but was able to find myself and now i know what i truly want to do. love this.

  24. I left college immediately after graduating and started traveling. I started a digital agency along the way! Best decision I ever made 🙌🏼

  25. 3:27 – 3:56 Ive watched this several times and I still don't understand, like I know it's just do what you want to do. But what is it that we get taught?What way are we learning? Trying to wrap my head around that but can't seem to. Anybody that understood please share some light! I'd appreciate it!

  26. Ive been travelling around for the past year and am continuing to do so this year into next. Sometimes it feels like putting the focus away from my career to do this is the wrong thing to be doing, but then I remember I have so much damn time to move up in my career, and that traveling may not directly help my career now but in the future it will. Ive been an Animator for the past 4 years. Learning and seeing new things are never a a bad thing in the creative industry. Just like you always say Gary, Patience and focus on the long term.

  27. Mann her life changing travel plans really reminds me of my own plans of disconnecting to the world for year as well… This may be a sign.

  28. As my plans to travel started to manifest (i.e. buying plane tickets) I started to see some content from Gary saying 20 year olds like me should go travel. I had already moved back in with my Dad and was working as many hours as I could for 6 months to try to save money. The entire time most of my family was telling me I shouldn't do it and that school is a safer option. I think I would've gone anyway but it made it much easier to have someone I consider a mentor pushing me to follow my gut.

  29. I'm amazed at how supportive Gary V was. Told her to go do it and that there was always a spot for her at Vayner if she wanted it she she got back. Did I hear that right? Yeah I did… amazing.

  30. The whole "I don't believe in this whole graduate, get a job thing…" thing is a smoke screen for "I don't know what to do with myself, I 'm lost and lack direction, possibly have fomo from all the IG influencers I follow."
    Having travelled a bunch and met a lot of people who are/have travelled, it's almost always the case that person is just putting off making a decision.
    But I guess you can't know that until you go through it.

  31. I was watching Warren Buffett’s HBO documentary and he said

    “the chains of habit are too light to feel until they are too heavy to be broken.”

    I don’t remember if that was his quote or if he was quoting someone else. However, it is TRUTH!

    Good luck to her!

  32. Feels like caring has become a lost art from the people at the top. Still people like GV around to combat it

  33. GV needs to start another branch of Vayner that teaches companies upper management how to be real fuking leaders.

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  35. I don't know what exactly it is, But the way Gary treated her is not even like an employee. This video struck me as I see the deeper caring Gary side. I just love it. And sure would replicate the respect you've done here. Thank you for being here to inspire me and everyone here in this era.

  36. If your single you can travel and live anywhere you want, if you can make it in the city you live now then you can make it someplace else.

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