Selling my soul!

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Joey had said. Follow the trends and you will find the views. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, Joey was right. I’m going to have to follow the trends if I don’t want to move back into my mom’s basement. You know, slime videos do really well. Anthony: Slime? Joey Graceffa: Yeah, have you ever made slime? Well howdy there! Anthony Padilla here of… a.k.a… You want trends? Well, we got all the Greatest YouTube Trends here at… “Anthony’s Trend Emporium” We have all YouTube’s greatest trends including… Oh My God!!! WE HAVE SLIME!!! We’re gonna be looking at all these slimes!!! We got this one… OOOOOH…. Look at it. Okay, now let’s see what we got. *whispers* Look at this Listen. Did you hear that? Oh, get back here rascal! Comment below which color you want me to do next in five seconds. One… Two.. Let’s keep going… WOAH! It feels so good! Okay, now we’re gonna try a new color. Let’s try… Woah! They’re mixing it looks like an omelet of color! *Odd sounds* It looks like afterbirth! My God, it’s so cool! Woah! I’ve never seen colors before! *laughing* Oh, I need to go to the ER (Emergency Room) But that’s not all! You’v heard of… Hot knife videos? Well, just wait till you get a load of… *upbeat music* [Sunburst (NCS Release) – Tobu & Itro] F***! *Balloon pops* *Sound of ears ringing*
*Anthony moans in pain* I’m good now, I’m good now. Let’s just do the last funkin’ thing! Okay, this just looks like I’m cooking heroin doesn’t it? Cameraman: Yeah! And what if you’re an average looking white male, And how do you stand out from all of the “other”, average looking white males on YouTube. That’s right! We got… Oh God, this smells like disease! *wheezes* Oh God! I don’t know why I’m nervous. It’s Just Hair (x2) Alright, let’s do this. Here we go. Oh my God, it’s gonna look insane. Is it normal for it to start burning ’cause it is burning. Oh f***! Yeah, that’s pretty good. It’s gonna look so cool I’m gonna look like Justin Bieber! I’m gonna look like PewDiePie! This is gonna look amazing! Okay, time to wait! Aaahhh… It’s burning! Is this normal? Oh My God! Oh, my shoulders. No joke! It’s burning. Oh God, it feels like I have chlamydia again! You see it? It’s starting to turn a little bit lighter! Oh God! it has not stopped burning! I gotta say it’s looking pretty 5/5 Stars! I fell asleep for a second. Now I’m gonna rinse it out! New Channel, New Me Baby! My God this looks cra- It looks like I have no armpit hair! None… Some! Okay, well that’s me. *Anthony starts sobbing* It is time to admit becoming a trend whore may not be the right direction for me! I’ll see you Friday for the next step in my quest to become a YouTuber in 2017.

100 thoughts on “Selling my soul!

  1. I've officially sold my soul, hope you like it! See ya later bye guys press a like so I don't have to move back into my mom's basement <3

  2. When he was spitting out the slime it reminded me of the autistic kid in pre-school sitting in the corner eating crayons playdough and Legos

  3. fuck your email address and your shit that fuck you have a good ass hole bicth you dick wait there's more fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  4. he goes wild and crazy about slime then we got some calm music to distract us from what happened before lol

  5. I think he got brain damage after putting all that slime in his mouth

    P.s I'm not hating I love Anthony so ….. Yeah

  6. Omg, why would you eat slime! XD And your acting like such a baby! XD I love you Anthony! (Sorry of I spell your name wrong)

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