Selling On Amazon FBA Australia Building a Business and Brand with Alex Ryan

hey guys Alex Ryan here welcome back to
another video today’s video is all about building a business on Amazon so why
build a business on Amazon so stay with me we’ll be back in a second hey guys
welcome back it’s good to have you here in the studio now quick question we get
this question a lot actually people say you know Alex I don’t know
what product to sell on Amazon you know I don’t know how to go about selling
this particular product you know I’m in a baby product I’m in a pet product I
mean I’m selling you know a portable fan that plugs into your iphone how do you
go about doing that let me tell you guys your focus should not be on how to sell
a product it should be how to sell a brand every product that you bring out
should actually have nine nine times out of ten should actually have your brand
your logo on it you need to be building and thinking of this as building a
business this is a business it isn’t just selling a product on Amazon you are
selling your brand your business on Amazon alright so that comes down to
logos packaging if you want to put customized packaging if you want to put
your logo on your product you know what sometimes I might only be an extra five
cents to put your logo on it I would personally rather add my logo to a
product than sell somebody else’s product most of my students end up going
down the Avenue of branding their products with their own business names
their own logo names alright and I encourage you to do the exact same thing
building a business on Amazon is essentially building equity I want you
to think of it like that because that’s essentially what you are you’re building
up sales you’re building equity you’re building you know you’ve got it you
found a great supply maybe in China and there’s this applying a fantastic
product like that is a business it isn’t just you just flipping something on
Amazon for profit that is a business and some people actually do buy those
businesses there’s actually a market out there to buy to buy businesses alike
Amazon Amazon businesses that are already doing money and this is exactly
what we train you to do on how to build a business on Amazon so maybe one day if
you want you don’t have to but you are set it up you set up in a way where it
is sellable where you actually have equity in that business and people are
attracted to buying that so maybe you want to do that and the
quad refers to quite a few of our students come in with the sole intention
of building out a pet Ranger they have a pet product two or three pet products
they have a pet brand then they sell up then a set up they get that going three
months and then set up a home where’s Brad I start selling kitchen appliances
if you know three products and start selling kitchen appliances then I set up
baby pet toys do a few of those and maybe baby products right they do a few
of those and then six months a year maybe two years maybe three or four
years right when they built up enough sort of equity got some good sales
coming in you know they come in with this intention of selling that business
that might be something that you want to do either way the process is very
relatively simple when you it’s kind of similar if you want to set up a cash
flow you can do that if you want to set up selling later on you can do that as
well right but we show you how to do that so I want you to see this as not
just cash flow but also this is building equity in a business all right which is
kind of like an investment you know if you’re selling stuff like on shares
you’re doing share trading or anything guess what you sell your shares right
that’s you get your money that’s it right but whereas this is actually
generating cash flow at the same time as building up your equity in the business
so to keep that in mind guys if you want to find out more information or if you
want to join one of our free online trainings hit me up on my website the
link is below if you’re ready to take some action you can give us a call in
the office zero to eight thousand three seven five three four if you’re based in
New Zealand go to our website below if you have a New Zealand number as well we
have a bit of a New Zealand her over there that’ll help our clients I would
love to see you meet a person shake your hand and say hey I want you to walk up
to me say Alex I I bought your program or I followed your advice so I saw you
on YouTube and I actually listed something on Amazon I would love for you
to do that and that’s exactly what I do four times a year I actually run these
events and live events in Australia usually on the Gold Coast and I have a
lot of people coming up to me with products actual product in their hand
saying we got this in this product is ours we you know we’ve we’ve found this
product we did the research is doing X amount a number on Amazon Australia and
Amazon you ever say we brought this in because of you and it’s really because
of the training that we deliver so guys have a fantastic day I wish
the best on your Amazon journey don’t forget hit us up join our free online
trainings if you’re ready to take some action and you’re ready to learn and
work with me one on one give us a call at the office zero to eight thousand and
three seventy five three four my name’s Alex Ryan and see you later bye bye for

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