you’re making a living doing what you love? I hate you [Ian] SHUT UP! Why are there a bunch of kids clothes in the back? Oh uh, I’m gonna drop my old clothes off at the uh charity donation thing after the meeting if that’s cool with you Why are you so sweaty? [Ian] You know I always get nervous when we go to these videos sponsorship meetings Oh crap, no I can’t go in these sweaty clothes dude Anthony great to see you. [Anthony] Hi so butterfinger contacted us, and they want you- [Ian] hey guys uh sorry I was Oh, god, uh…
– Are you serious? Butterfinger contacted us, and they want you guys to make a video with their new product, Butterfingers Snackers. So do you guys have any ideas? Yeah. So we’re thinking that it starts with us sitting in a park Hey, you ever tried one of these? That’s pretty good. I like it It’s almost perfect. Almost, but Butterfinger wants you to add in a sommelier It’s gonna be a little hard finding a Somalian No, a sommelier. May I present to you the butterfinger snackers? it’s like someone took a butterfinger and happiness and shot it through a double rainbow We also need this to appeal to men. These are pretty good Aren’t they, hot girls? I don’t know. It’s not really us. It’ll be fine. It’s not funny though You want funny? All right. We’ll throw in a clown. Clowns are scary. No, everybody loves clowns. Clowns are pretty scary. I say there’s clowns So there’s going to be any clowns! Okay. So you’re sitting there and the clown is there [Ian] isn’t this supposed to be our video? Shut up! So the clown has a kazoo We need more sommelier. So as I was saying, it’s a flavor and consistency like no ordinary Butterfinger. Oh, we need girls for Anthony too And we need to show we’re eco-friendly. Anthony doesn’t look edgy enough. Ian doesn’t look hot enough. And they both need to be petting cute puppies. Blinged up puppies. perfect, so What do you guys think? I can’t believe we agreed to do that stupid video. I know, dude. Clowns are frickin scary [Anthony sighs] I hate clowns Fine, I don’t like you either! Unsubscribe Check out a bunch of rejected Pokemon by clicking the link in the description below also check out our second channel We have two weekly series: Ian is bored, and lunchtime with smosh check out both of them for ROFL Fests yeah, I just made that word up go there and You know subscribe? To our Second channel Cause uh, If you don’t, you’re a clown nobody likes clowns Cuz they’re scary

100 thoughts on “SELLING OUT?!

  1. I know guys how this foreshadowes Anthony's video
    But can you at least enjoy the fact that
    Ian and Anthony are still together….

  2. 2019 anyone?
    I reaaaalllly like this humor of the old smosh, hope anthony can make collab with Ian and only Ian.

  3. Damn…watching this in 2019 and realizing this foreshadowed what would happen between the new cast members (I don’t hate them) and Anthony leaving Smosh and Smosh having to find a new home…whoa πŸ‘€

  4. hey kids or adults if you subscribe do not watch this this is a bad show they say bad words that's not meant for kids or adults

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