Selling Products On Amazon – You Can Work From Anywhere!

hey guys Alex Ryan here and my wife in
the background is there so where are we today and where are we working with our
office today I love working from beautiful places getting so you guys can
do this as well it’s just a matter of making sure that you have a business
where you can basically work from a laptop and be able to be portable and a
lot of businesses out there just are not like that
you know you either have to be somewhere you have to be located somewhere office
jobs or and location where as Amazon you don’t need to really have a location and
do you actually need to go down the post office every day and actually post stuff
off Sarah thing is you can go on holiday you can be on that cruise ship over
there and you can basically have Amazon send the goods down for you to your
customers right because that’s the thing where I found my other business I was
going down the post office every day like a sand of a big sack on his back
with products and I couldn’t go anywhere I was walked down to location where you
kind of want to be having a laptop and being able to work from essentially
anywhere in the and last year actually ran my business
so far from Jamaica from the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands and that’s
something you guys might want to do as well be able to go out there and
basically run your business from anywhere and let me just show you this
view it’s actually quite incredible this is actually one of my my favorite places
to hang out is that incredible beautiful this is actually one of my favorite
offices I call my office my office on the got about 20 of them located around
the city but this inspires me tami down here every every day or every
two days inspires me to get more done to actually get more accomplished and to
find new products and be able to sustain this this business and so ya get
inspired guys get something up and running start looking for some product
ideas I would love to see you out of one of our free trainings we do a lot of
them online and I’d love to help you if you’re looking for product ideas you’re
definitely gonna get product ideas there right and also if you’re looking for
some steps involved to launching something on Amazon make sure you attend
as well bye bye for now have a fantastic day bye for now

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