Selling Your Home In Vancouver, B.C Canada (2019) | Top 10 Tips!

Hi. I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters
Realty and in today’s video I’m going to share with you The Top 10 Things That
You Need To Sell Your Home In Vancouver In 2019! Now the things I’m about to
share with you apply in any market so no matter where you live you’ll be able to
execute on the things that I’m about to share with you. And, if you are planning
on selling your home soon, you’re going to want to check out my other video,
“Selling Your Home In 2019? Why You Should Market Your Home Like It’s an HGTV show!” And if you stick around I’m gonna share with you a ninja tip that will skyrocket
the marketing of your home. As always if you enjoy the content here, please
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video out. I want you to be able to stay up to date on all the latest tips and
insights in the Vancouver real estate market so that you can become an expert too. Okay, let’s dive into it. Step number 1. Clarify your goals. You need to know
exactly why you’re selling and what your next steps are. In any market, it’s never
a good idea to simply list your home for sale and see what happens. You’re not in
it to win it and most likely you’re going to list your home too high, above
market value, it’s not going to sell. And, the impression that’s going to be left
in most buyers minds is, “what’s wrong with this property?” In today’s market, you
need to be clear about what your goals are. Are you selling because you need to upsize and move to a larger home? Are you selling because you’d like to move to another area or out of the city altogether? Both of which, by the way, offer a seller terrific opportunities in
today’s market. Are you selling because you need to relocate for work? Or, are you
selling because you’re downsizing from a larger home to a condo or townhouse?Once you’re clear about your need to sell and where you’d like to move to, you can then
confidently move to the next step. Number 2. Find a great realtor that you can connect with. It’s important to find an agent who’s not only proficient at their
job but whom you feel is also aligned with your values and goals. If you have
any hesitation or simply feel like you don’t connect, move on. It amazes me how many people stick with an agent that they don’t like simply because they
don’t understand that the option to move on exists. You may have seen ads in print, radio, or, television right now telling
you to “Take ownership of home ownership.” and “To find a great realtor.” A good agent,
and there are many out there, should take the time to understand your needs and
goals so that they can advise you accordingly. Number 3. Have a realistic expectation of the market value of your home. You’re hiring a real
estate agent to provide you with knowledge and insight into the market
conditions surrounding your home and to come up with a list price that’s going
to net you the most money on the sale of your home so pay attention to that
advice. You see the market data does not change. Yes, it can be interpreted
differently by different people but, the good ones will always give you the
straight goods upfront. I personally strive to give homeowners a
range of no more than $30,000 so that they have the most accurate range of
what their home should be listed for. The idea that a homeowner should list high to account for negotiation is, in my opinion, not a great one. Ask any seller of a
detached home in Metro Vancouver who’s had their home on the market now for 6
to 12 months and who may be on their 2nd, 3rd, perhaps even their 4th
price reduction, exactly how that strategy is working out for them. The
optics of a price reduction from a buyer’s perspective are never good. The
first question that will invariably cross their minds is, “What’s wrong with
this property?” And the second, “I smell blood in the water. I wonder how much they’ll reduce it by next time?” Buyers these days are incredibly savvy and do a ton of research online. In stable or buyer’s markets they have the advantage
of time on their side coupled with a greater supply of homes to choose from.
So, do your homework and pay attention to the homework that the agent you’re
interviewing has done for you. Number 4. Okay, so you’ve chosen a REALTOR® that you can connect with and have come up with a list price. Now it’s time to channel Marie Kondo and figure out what sparks joy in your home and what doesn’t. Yes, it’s time to de-clutter and prepare your home for
the photos video and open houses that are coming up. Presentation of a home is
so important and should not be overlooked. If you don’t have the time or
perhaps even the desire to de-clutter and stage your home, consider hiring professional to do it for you. I guarantee that the money you
spend will be recouped many times over on the sale of your home because it
showed really well. Buyers want to enter a home and a space that’s warm welcoming and inviting. Not one that’s filled with junk and personal memorabilia. Look you
know you’re going to be moving soon anyway, so why not get a head start on
things and pack up everything that you don’t need while your home is on the
market. A great agent can offer you tips both in de-cluttering and on how to stage
your home or even recommend a professional for you should you decide
to go that route. Number 5. Now that your home is showing beautifully, you
need to have it professionally photographed, have a floor plan created,
as well as a professional video showcasing your home, surrounding
neighborhood, and the amenities. Here’s a pro tip for you. These are definitely
questions you want to be asking the agents during the interview process
almost 100% of buyers these days start their search online and if
there are no photos or floor plan they won’t be able to visualize themselves
and their furniture in your space. Poor quality photos, taken with cellphone, just won’t cut it. People are buying lifestyles these days
and if your home doesn’t have a video showcasing its features as well as that
of the surrounding neighborhood and amenities, you’re missing out on a ton of
potential buyers. Check out some of these examples for inspiration. Hey! It’s Craig Veroni with Remax masters Realty here. Remember that home in the Mount Pleasant area I told you was coming soon? Well, it is here. So, are you looking for a
2-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit? Are you looking for a home with 900 sq/ft
of living space? How about home that’s situated on a gorgeous tree-lined Street
that’s transformed in the springtime by these gorgeous cherry blossom trees? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me introduce you to
unit 203 at 550 east 7th Avenue. Come inside and take a look with me. Step number 6 is to pre-market your home. One week before your listing goes live on
the MLS, you should be pre-marketing your property. To do this, create a coming soon
teaser video of your home and put that in a Facebook dark-post. A
coming soon video is a teaser and creates excitement about your home
that’s about to be listed. A Facebook dark-post is an ad run on Facebook but
targeting only those people who may be interested in your home. The ad is run
for approximately 1 week at a cost of about $10 a day. Number 7.
Okay, now that your home is live on the MLS, you need to create another Facebook dark-post targeting those same people as before to let them know that your
home is now on the market. Again, this ad is run for approximately 1 week at
a cost of $10 a day. By executing steps seven and eight correctly, your home should be viewed by anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 people within that first week. That is a lot of eyeballs and potential buyers who may not have even been aware that your home is on a market Number 8 is to make sure that all the documentation, that any agent or buyer may need for your home, is
in digital form and can be sent to that person in an instant. This means that
your title, property disclosure statement, floor plan, feature sheets, photos, videos,
strata property information, if it’s a condo or townhouse, are all in one
convenient folder that can be sent to the person in an instant. I told you if
you stuck around I’m gonna tell you about a ninja pro tip and here it is.
Have a title review done for your home. Now, you’re probably asking what is a
title review. Every home has a title. And, on title are the financial and
non-financial charges. The problem is the title simply lists the charges, or
easements, or rights of way, but gives no explanation of what they are. Getting a
title review done by a lawyer breaks down each of those charges in detail and
lets a person know exactly what they are. Having this piece of information in that
folder will make any buyer and their agents extremely happy. Number 9. Hold an agents open house. Every area has a designated day of the
week for agents open houses. Hold an agents open house on that day for your
area and invite agents to come preview the home for their clients or perhaps
even bring their clients with them for a sneak peek ahead of the general public.
And, if any of those agents or their clients request any of the documentation
on that day, they can have it in the time it takes for you to enter their email
address. Finally, step number 10 is to have an
amazing open house or better yet, back-to-back open houses on the Saturday and Sunday of that 1st week your home is on the market. Now, if you remember in steps 6 and 7, I told you to pre-market your home for a week, run a
Facebook dark-post then when you’re listing goes live, run another ad for
that week. Well, if you followed those steps, those first 2 open houses should be
packed! And, isn’t that the whole point? To get as many eyeballs on your property as possible and build so much excitement that people absolutely have to come down and see it in person? it’s also important to have food and refreshments at the open houses to further create that warm welcoming feeling in the home. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’m the homeowner.” “I don’t want to be doing all these things.”
and you’re absolutely right which is why the agent that you hire to sell your
home should be doing all these things for you and if you’re thinking well I’m
not sure if I know an agent who does all of this. You’re in luck because you’re
watching a video of an agent who does and if I’m not your cup of tea I can
recommend a number of agents in your area who do as well. If you or someone
you know is thinking of selling your home in the near future and would like to
discuss things in greater detail, you can call me at 778-996-1922 or simply email me at [email protected] and I’d
be happy to assist you. Thanks very much for watching I hope you have a fantastic day. And, if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel hit the thumbs
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and insights into the Vancouver real estate market so that you can become an
expert too. Have a great day and remember, this is where you Live. Love. Own Vancouver!

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