Sen. Booker: There Are Now More Billionaires Than Black People In 2020 Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Sen. Booker: There Are Now More Billionaires Than Black People In 2020 Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  2. Sweet….Cory Booker just inferred that the whole democratic party is racist….

    Castro not pulling in all the hispanic constituents? Racist!
    AOC endorsing "old whitey" Sanders? Racist!
    All black women supporting Biden instead of Kamala? Racist!

    Everybody into the pool !!! The pool of "Racism"…lol.

  3. It shouldn't be a black or white issue. It's about who is most qualified to run the country. We can't base it on race!! We can't just elect a black or Hispanic president to be politically correct.

  4. Trump consistently talks of others in te exact same way as he behaves himself. " He's two faced > He's a nice guy". How more 'two faced ' can you get Donny? A complete contradiction in terms in full view of the rest of the world. WHAT A WALLY!

  5. Look man, don't blemish any candidates honorable loss by trying to spin to us that it's anyone's fault but theirs. She ran for president, she didn't get support for her platform, that's it. Stop polluting and inflaming this dull reality with more useless identity politic BS. It's annoying and dishonorable to Kamala's efforts.

  6. As an independent I think that there should be no advertising period during you parties stage of selection. We as the people should see the debates but overall advertising should be limited to the actual Race after the candidates have been chosen. And there should also be a time constraint on entering the arena. Seeing Billionaires dominating the political scene or entering when they feel like it is wrong period. This all reminds me of the Roman empire, the corruption the slow erosion between being a republic for the people to one of Authoritarianism and the eventual self-destruction of that empire.

  7. Party-line gerrymandering put the popular-vote loser into office. Now this panel suggests manipulating voter choice by race, financial fitness and vague PC criteria.
    Divide the country into districts based on proximity to the nearest city within its respective state. Do it once and never again. Reapportion representatives only at the time of the census.
    The minority is not completely disenfranchised so long as there is compromise and so long as the resulting laws are written narrowly and revisited to assure that they remain relevant.

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  9. Billionaires are a tiny minority, pay less in taxes and yet they have the most representation in government. Sounds like Great Britain circa 1776.


  11. So let me get this straight Sen. Booker is not getting the message, brother sometimes people just like what they like one thing is the what you think and what some people are telling you and the reality is the numbers, sometimes you just have to understand its not your time thats all nothing to do with race, stop making this look like you are the victim smdh you , should also drop and and support a strong candidate so you have a good chance in 2020 and stop been a shadow for others your numbers are bad , i know you probably a great person but its just not your time thats all CH knew this thats why she decided to hit the fence.

  12. There Are Now More Billionaires Than Native American People In 2020 Race
    There Are Now More Billionaires Than Asian People In 2020 Race
    There Are Now More Billionaires Than Atheist People In 2020 Race

    Sorry Cory, you're too biased to be president.

  13. While I agree with much of the discussion, at one point, I sensed a kind of code that suggests there's something somehow wrong about having competition in a primary, as if Democrats are supposed to "come together" before a nominee has been chosen. No, sorry, we all have different views on policies, and we're going to slug it out from here to June. THEN we'll come together and defeat what's left of Trump.

  14. I want Barron Trump put on extreme scrutiny from now on! Donald abused a Gold Star family for political gain. so why not? I say hit him where it hurts. F you Trump! And F your family too.
    Did I go too far? Has Donald gone too far?

  15. Booker is a corporate hack. Senator Biden did the same if not under his watch as vice President. And please don't tell me it was debunked, because it was not. I don't believe so many older blacks are so enamored with Biden. Apparently, they must not be aware of his horrible policies and voting records as it regards to blacks. Just like they thought Clinton was the 1st virtual black Pres until they start to inspect his policies.

  16. He is no Obama , he dosen't have a wife or children. She didnt have it either. She had a white husband and no kids of her own. Obama had the perfect image of black family. This is the truth rather you like it or not. A black face alone is not going to get it. Corey doesn't have a chance, he doesn't connect with the authenticity at all

  17. Booker brags about Newark and it is the nastiest place in the nation to raise a family. Newark was a stepping stone for Booker as is everyone and everything else.

  18. Booker says "there are more billionaires than black people"….well, there are more African American candidates than there are Japanese Americans, Italian Americans, German Americans, French Americans, Colombian Americans, Canadian Americans, Jewish Americans, Brazilian Americans etc……Why is it always a problem these days if there are more "anything" than people with black skin. BTW, candidates are always millionaires and become billionaires whether they win or not. Stop trying to trigger the people that hate anyone that has more than them. Grow up Corey and act like the rich, black man you are and not the jealous, finger pointing, hateful, melt down mess you are every time you open your mouth. Nobody likes to listen to a brat that never stops whining.

  19. Cory, it takes more than being black—as you well know. Kamala often blabbered after her answer was long since over. She lost her way.

  20. Our elections I agree should be a fair playing field you should cap how much money each person may spend. Also we should shorten the time on campaigning.

  21. Candidates blaming the party kind of like politicians blaming the voters. There is a candidate now that has the young African American vote, actually he has ALL young people, black, white, brown, green, yellow, purple and so forth. . There is a candidate now who is not a billionaire, but has millions and millions of doners. A candidate that has demonstrated honor and dignity for decades, and even now. Can you guess who that is? It’s not a trick question.

  22. All this is irrelevant if we can't impeach Trump for something. For god's sake cant we impeach him for having orange hair, surely that can be a crime.

  23. My "like" is for Senator Booker but he's probably too normal to be voted president. Obama always had a kind of rockstar quality. Sen Booker seems like a genuine, thoughtful, salt of the earth type person. Our culture seems addicted to a kind of theater he doesn't represent.

  24. Cory, the USA ran inteventions in elections for over 9 decades, why are you crying, USA has no values, your run is over, Now Russia and China, India, Mexico, stop mentioning <Hillary, she had to much baggage, man up and stop the bullshit, enjoy your weekend

  25. If Bernie were to win it would be the first time in history we can prove most Americans are not too stupid to vote correctly. Well at least those who are not already billionaires who have a much different agenda and "needs".

  26. Cory orrr… Uncle fester doing blackface?….  His deer in the headlite eyes really creep me out…. His pedophile creepy eyes,… Make sure you don't leave your daughter alone in the same room with him….. Well maybe the daughter might be ok…. But for sure don't leave your son alone with Cory backdoor booker. Trump nickname "Cory no girlfriend booker"

  27. why vote for a millionaire or billionaire????
    they dont care about the common person…….they only care about their money

  28. Puting a cap on political donations it won't stop millionaires from owning candidates that's what government is made out of money, money are favors and alliances, alliances and favors cust money!

  29. Cory please. No chance what so ever. Kamala had no chance either. One thing I look for in a leader is the ability to grasp reality. Woefully lacking on your part.

  30. So invite someone who can’t make the percentage required for debate but never mention the guy leading the poll. Bernie Sanders. MSNBC as corrupt as Fox.

  31. The President is representing the folks who brought him to the dance. And his rallies are attaboys to him. My point is; give the credit to the supporters of Trump.

  32. Senator Booker, blacks are not going to vote for Trump…the challenge is to get poor whites to vote for whoever. Trump is the poor white man's ego. Remember, Hillary is not in the room. Trump was not going to be re-elected from the moment of his inaugural. Your campaign did not go…maybe because you where the black candidate that 44 wasn't The RNC knows the outcome…why hold Primaries?

  33. So Cory Booker expected black voters to vote for him because he is black and not take into account your bad policies??? voters are flocking to Sanders because his policies resonate with them. It's pretty simple Booker. You ain't getting them votes with your centrist mumbo jumbo.

  34. Here's why republicans are looking at authoritarian & totalitarian models: 1/2 of our voting population has a double digit IQ and such a crappy education that they couldn't find America, the Ukraine, Russia, or Saudi Arabia on the map. YouTube, "Miss Teen USA – South Carolina. Clearly, she sounds like the nitwits who support Trump. YouTube 'The Cognitive Decline of Donald Trump." Listening to Trump talk it sounds like he has the vocabulary of a 5th Grader. YouTube, "You Don't Know What a 5th Grader Knows." Next, watch Emma Vigeland interview Trump supporters on RHQ. It's obvious to me that 1/2 of Americas are so stupid and uninformed that they could vote for a 2020 Trump: a man who has a double digit IQ due to cognitive decline. We're headed away from the freedom of a democratic republic and towards blind obedience to a king because too many Americans are too much like Miss Teen South Carolina 2007.


  36. President Donald Trump wants to believe that NATO should be run like any protection racket, or pyramid scam on earth .

  37. Ironically, Trump expresses a sense of nobility in shaking down alliances for "money owed" for services rendered. Considering the fact he defaulted on all his major business ventures. Did he learn his exchange skills from the collection agencies going after him for falling short on his commitments? Does his behaviour indicate he thinks it is his turn to shake someone down just because he is king president? To my eyes, this just proves his level of business expertise and where he applies his silver-spooned acumen. His astonishing skill of insisting that his failure-free persona remain while defaulting on debtees and that he alone suffers no consequence of shame in business dealings and alliances that go awry. Of course, they deserve their "come uppins" for not being him.
    Does he know how screwed we are if other countries pull a Trump on us? Oh, wait! Did someone hear Putin whisper "who's yer daddy" in the president's ear?
    Someone, please pass the popcorn.

  38. The common cause is more left. Dems need to quit pandering to the moderate, because the moderate is just Republican light. They don't want Universal healthcare. They don't want to have free college, or debt relief for student loans. That is not unifying. That's segregating by financial status. It's lack of compassion, and that status belongs to the Republican party. They're okay with taking food off the table for those that are suffering. We, the People are not the 2%. We need someone to fight for US. Left is now center.

  39. VT 9:55 YES Seen. Booker.
    We need to change the system.
    I say Flat Rate campaining.
    I do so as
    I bought it for 99¢ to launch flat rate concept for #Avitarkets
    Y'all spending millions to get millions to donate millions so that your candidates can spend millions to campain.
    I say that's nuts.
    One platform $12.99 per monthly subscription. Duh?

  40. Sen. Booker is going to get Trump Re elected.
    Bloomberg will split the ticket as almost half the country will never vote for a Jewish person. Most if the is won't vote for a Catholic either.
    The ONLY way to break this cycle is by allowing POOR PEOPLE to run for any election to increase our political DNA.
    Flat Rate campaining.
    I'm just one
    I'm just say'n ™

  41. Booker is whining because he is not winning?
    Maybe he should create policies people want.
    Biden won't win either.
    Bernie is being ignored by MSNBC even though he is more popular than Booker or Biden.

  42. I like you Corey, but you have no path to the White House either. If you are not securing the Black Veil, and me and you are not offering black people what they need. You can't win the black vote just by being black. Wake up it's about

  43. People of Color: Tulsi & Andrew Yang exist outside the “white” world of DC. Bernie is no millionaire. None of these candidates are even discussed. Feh

  44. Trump looks at NATO like one of his country clubs….have you paid enough to be a part of MY club. I say MY because he treats running this country like him 'OWNING' this country.

  45. Cory is very articulate and I could actually support him. It's a shame he can't see the fact that the whole reason Trump will be elected again or at least a large part of it, is the Sham peachment. Cory said nothing about that.

  46. I know Sen Booker isn't talking about me, but I'm a white woman and I'm missing Sen Harris' voice in just least the last few days. Her energy is missing and it is obvious.

  47. There are two billionaires and two Black men (Patrick & Booker). Kamala was a failure because she never addressed her problematic career choices: Kevin Cooper DNA test, Mnuchin non prosecution, suing to keep inmates in prison longer, advocating arresting parents of truant kids. She ignored these same questions during her senate race. Thankfully, the Nation finally rejected her.

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