Shopping Dick's Sporting Goods in America

hey guys today we are here at dick's sporting goods store and I want to take you inside show you around a little bit about some of the sporting goods that you can buy here in the United States Dick's is one of the biggest sporting goods stores we have here and so I think that you're going to enjoy seeing what we've got in here let's go check it out take a quick scan of the store lots of clothing outdoor equipment alright guys this here is the baseball section you've got all your baseball uniforms pants accessories and things like that such as baseball bats and baseball helmets here yes it's good we've got our bats here ready for baseball let's see what else we can find these are baseball gloves so a baseball player I'm just going to take a glove like this it's going to put it on his hand like this it's going to go on down further but this one's too small for me and then he will use this to catch that ball because it is going way fast and if you don't use a glove like this it is going to be extremely painful here are the baseballs just in case you don't know what a baseball looks like that's a baseball oh here's one out of the package it should get a good look at that this right here is other types of baseball equipment this here would be for the catcher right so he doesn't get smacked in the face with the baseball and different types of protection down here as well for the catcher Jules will demonstrate the proper baseball stance for you this right here is the soccer section and then so you've got shin guards soccer cleats let's come around over here and you've got this is football let's look over here we've got the soccer balls I know that many of you guys like soccer so you got your small soccer balls here size three size four down here to size five right of various styles of soccer balls volleyball equipment and lacrosse equipment right here we've got a lot of different type of camping equipment flashlights lanterns these are propane bottles for cooking with and then over here are different types of camping accessories sleeping bags for camping and tents for sleeping in wonder if anybody's in here these right here are special ones for little cats and dogs right here these are cat and dog tents I'm just joking these are just display models but I always thought when I was a kid that they were for cats or dogs kayaks and other boating accessories Wow look at all the fishing poles and fishing accessories more fishing accessories all different types of fishing poles for different types of fishing here's many different types of fishing reels and a whole bunch of different types of kayaks and plastic boats here we've got all different types of rifles that you can purchase here Wow shotguns deer rifles different hunting rifles different types of scopes you can purchase right here is all the ammunition that you need for your guns so if you need your handgun ammunition rifle ammunition shotgun ammunition here's other gun and hunting accessories here you've got the archery equipment all right like these bows here and these are for children to study and learn how to shoot archery with practice with four children is your arrows and different other archery accessories including targets of various size and quality over here are your gun safes and right here are a lot of different types of knives and different types of tools we even have machetes in America and now we're passing the shoe section and the many different types of clothing section clothing sections are broken down by the type of sports whether it's running hiking baseball soccer football different things like that and a boatload of shoes this right here is the bicycle section lots of different mountain bikes I like this one here's 500 these are all fairly top-quality mountain bikes this is not an inexpensive store this is a high quality store and then you have also over here you've got different types of fitness equipment and tennis equipment women's clothing this guys right here is the golf pro shop everything golf feel like golf you can come here get your clothes get your clubs balls and all that kind of stuff alright guys so that is Dick's Sporting Goods here in the United States if you ever here in the United States and you're looking for some good sporting equipment come to Dick's they've got good stuff and a lot of variety alright thanks for coming here and hanging out with us and let me show you around big Sporting Goods talk to you later bye

47 thoughts on “Shopping Dick's Sporting Goods in America

  1. the lady messa has won three consecutive straight wins over a five run streak of home games and is a doll

  2. Woow…! Me and my daughters would love to find our selves in a sporting store with such a great assortment of products. This would be a heaven for us 😂. We enjoyed your video. Thanks. Greetings from Serbia.

  3. Dick's Sporting Goods has come out as firmly anti-gun. They won't sell AR15s anymore, and they've now hired lobbyists to press congress for more gun control and bans. If you believe in protecting yourself and your family, avoid shopping at Dicks.

  4. I just realized that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse, Dick's sporting goods is the best place to be.

  5. This was a video, a man was recording this video in a Dicks Sporting Goods, he used English to communicate. I think he’s name is captain obvious.

  6. That baseball glove fit you perfectly, and we had a pretty good idea what a baseball glove was for before you told us…

  7. Thanks you because
    I never heard of dick sport before right
    One of my friend in class has a water bottle with a misting spray and
    I was interested with his bottle
    And I said where did he buy it and he said dick sport I was like what

  8. they have too high of prices , sometimes its the vendors that set very high prices, you can find the same exact item else where for alot less money .

  9. That was not the proper baseball stance. Next time please don't say how to do stuff I play travel ball and you are saying the opposite of what we learn

  10. um riding java I go to that dicks sporting goods sometimes isn't in York  pennslivennia and sorry for typo :/


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