Should the Government Break Up Tech Companies?

We have an enormous
degree of concentration in digital markets. Some of that concentration
actually helps consumers because they can use a whole
suite of Google products. They can find any one of
their friends on Facebook. But that concentration
also has a real downside. It can have a downside for
privacy, for choice, for quality, maybe even for the prices
that consumers have to pay explicitly and often implicitly. The question is what
can you do about that? I think if you just go and
break the tech companies up, you risk taking away a lot of
the benefits the consumers get from the scale that they’ve come to enjoy. So I wouldn’t do that. What I instead would do would
set up a regulatory process. A regulatory process would
say, if you’re really efficient delivering benefits for
consumers, that’s okay. If you’re trying to extend your monopoly into a new area, that’s not okay. You’re trying to profit
unfairly from your monopoly, that’s not okay and oh, by the way, we’re going to make it so
that data is more portable, standards are more open and
so that’ll give consumers more choices, make it
easier for new companies to enter and compete.

3 thoughts on “Should the Government Break Up Tech Companies?

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