Polybagging media items to send to
Amazon is a complete waste of your time. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, it’s
your boy Reezy Resells here to talk to you about a quick tip. Should you polybag books before
sending them in to Amazon FBA? Nope, you should not. That is a
complete waste of your time. I have talked to people that have told
me they polybag every book they send in and I’m not talking like a couple
books a week or a hundred a month. I’m talking about people that
send hundreds of books in a month and have been doing so for over a year. And they are saying they polybag
every book that they send in and you should too. Well
I’m here to tell you that that is a complete waste of your time.
Don’t polybag any of your books. We sold over 65,000 books
last year on Amazon and we didn’t polybag a single one
of them and neither should you. There’s no reason to polybag a book.
Your customer does not expect it, it’s just it’s just a waste of your
time, a waste of your expenses, it’s just totally not needed. Now there is one situation
where I would say you can or should possibly polybag a book
or shrink-wrap it or whatever. Now, this is when you have a
book that is in new condition. I don’t sell a lot of
books in new condition because I come across most of
my books in secondhand stores or via bulk buys etc. When you come across a book
that’s in new condition and you’re going to sell
it in new condition. Especially if it’s worth
a good amount of money, sometimes it just pays off to put it
in a polybag. That way just to keep it pristine so that it doesn’t show
up at the warehouse and get nicked or get extra dusty while
it waits around to sell. That way, when your customer
gets their $50 plus new item, it’s sealed in the bag in
they’re just extra stoked. But even then, it’s not necessary. It’s
just like an added thing we like to do to make sure our new items are just
impeccable but you don’t need to do it. We didn’t used to do it. I know
tons of people don’t do it. So generally polybag waste a
time, complete waste of time. Especially, also to consider the fact
that if the polybag is over 5 inches, you have to put a suffocation
warning on the bag. And that’s just another thing to do,
whether you’re printing them out yourself or you ordered suffocation
labels or you got bags with suffocation warning printed on them or whatever. That’s just cost, time,
headache, don’t do it. Yeah so just don’t
polybag your books guys. It’s a waste of time and don’t polybag
your CDs either, for that matter. I sell a lot of like new CDs that I
refurbished using my Eco Pro 2 cleaner and at first we were sealing them
polybagging them and we sell them on like new condition but I just
realised that that extra 10 seconds it takes to bag the CD
is totally not worth it. I could get you know more CDs done
in less time if I don’t bag them and the bagging is not
giving me anything. I’m not gaining anything from
bagging it so waste of time. Polybagging media items to send to
Amazon is a complete waste of your time. Don’t do it. Save your time for
finding more profitable items. If you guys like this
video, give me a thumbs up or leave some comments down below and let me know your
thoughts on this matter. Until then, I’ll see you guys
in the next video, peace.

17 thoughts on “SHOULD YOU POLY BAG BOOKS? – Amazon FBA Selling Tips & Tricks – SELLER TUTORIALS

  1. watching this as I poly bagged a book, lol.

    I only poly bag very good, like new, or new books which is like 1% of the books I send int.

  2. When you got back that truckload of books awhile back, were any of them damaged or have bent pages? I've heard they throw around inventory pretty carelessly.

  3. As always you're right on. In fact for some unknown reason, 3 months ago amazon was sending back every one of my shrink-wrapped books! No explanation. No response to my emails. But they sent back about 90 pristine shrink-wrapped books. Still don't understand.
    I took the wrappers off and sold most of them on FBA.
    Quick question please. In another video you had mentioned that you never buy bulk books. Here you mentioned that you but bulk books. Can you explain and expand on this and are these bulk sources becoming more important than your own scouting efforts???
    Thanks a million

  4. I think it depends on a few matters. For instance : I am from Belgium and my main market is Belgium and The Netherlands (Dutch language) We sell to BOL marketplace which is the Amazon of Belgium and The Netherlands. If we don't polybag our "new books", we will get negative feedback and will lose sales. We polybag even if a "new book" is only $12 worth. That's because our customers want a new book poly bagged. It's just the mentality of the customers in the main part of Europe. Even my "new books" are polybagged when send to FBA in Europe. And to be honest : if I purchase a new book which is not polybagged and which I will receive with dust, I willnot accept that book and have it send back. Again, it's our mentality.

  5. We have 1 person doing only polybags on new books. We send about 800 new books per month as we only started on 1/1/2016. I also follow a lot of forums on the bookselling business and always notice a big difference between USA and Europe when it comes to customers and sales. By the way : love your vids 🙂

  6. thanks for the heads up, I'm just about to send my first 200 cd's into amazon, these cd's are mostly scratch free so just need new cases. The other 200 hundred are worth sending in but need buffed out, not sure I'm ready to put a grand into an Ecopro just yet. It doesn't seem worth while to send them in listed as good or acceptable so maybe I'll sit on them and do some boxes of books. Anyway, thanks for posting your videos, I've learned a lot from them.

  7. When a book sells for let's say $14 used and $80 new it's difficult to not poly bag it. However, with the amount of books you sell I really need to take into consideration your valued point. I definitely will not be bagging as many books as I have been. Thanks for the video! -Steven

  8. How do you keep your cd's/DVDs from falling out of its case?Tape? Sometimes it just takes a simple bump/knock to make the case open and cd fall out. Love you videos I wish you tube had a feature that said example: "you have watched 100 of Reezy Resales 1465 videos"

  9. You don't poly bag cuz you still be selling those Campbell Bio 8th editions! I only sell good ish and bag up EVERTHING SON!

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