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China Nashville heavy-duty truck group Company Limited CNH TC is the largest manufacturing and exporting base of China’s heavy duty trucks and has the largest market share in China for several consecutive years in 2009 that had sent it into the world front rank by producing and selling 125,000 vehicles cien HTC has six modern whole vehicle production lines with world-level and a hundred and fifty thousand vehicles yearly production capacity see on HTC has fully product series and rich kinds and it is the enterprise which has the most complete heavy duty truck models in China modern production equipment is the base of product quality since 2001 cien HTC invested nearly ten billion RMB to carry on largely technical innovations so the equipment of the enterprise is fully increased and has the capacity of producing and Quality Assurance has reached the world levels production line of cat called national number one is composed by largely automatic pressing line robot digital welding line totally closed automatic cap primer electro coding line and robot top coding line and the quality of truck body has reached the world level the truck assembly line has commonly equipped with equipments of vehicle assembly debugging and online inspecting with automation find precise and high efficiency cien HTC has complete and strong supporting systems and its key opponents these such as a cab engine axle gearbox and others all made by herself to establish the largest supporting system the higher-self mate rate is the solid support that the finest quality of the whole vehicle the engine of Sein htc was gradually developed based on the digesting absorbing of world advanced technologies and by a large great deal of self innovation technical promoting and continuously modification its emission has met the standards of national three and four and has ten liters and twelve liter displacement engines its power covering range is from 260 to 460 horsepower based upon absorbing of the world advanced technologies of Axel and after continuously innovation the products of jeanette axle company of the CNH TC has reached the world advanced level modern equipment and refined managing methods enable the axle company which has only 2,000 employees to produce 500 thousand pieces in each year the gearbox of CN htc includes series of ten gears shifts twelve ships and sixteen shifts and others and firstly realizes series production of manual automatic gearbox in China launching AMT gearbox is suitable for the International developing tendency of heavy-duty truck and it will save over five percent fuel than the common one the casting and foraging center of CN htc adopted national first level modern equipment supports high quality key rough casting products such as engines cylinder blocks cylinder heads crankshaft front axles axle housings gearbox cases and others cien HTC has totally carried out lean management which means operation main point is standardized working division is specialisation management is normalization and training is systematization and this greatly increases the quality of employee team and enterprise integrated management leader the R&D center of C n HTC is the developing core of C n HTC products and only national engineering research center for heavy-duty truck of China state-level R&D center national a class Research Institute as well as the inspection center of diesel engines for heavy-duty trucks produced by China seein HTC is the number-one automaker with the most patents for many consecutive years in China so far it has declared 1279 patents to the authority among them there are 1060 items which have been authorized therefore it is proved as an innovation enterprise by the state SIA HTC has one of the totally special Road testing places for heavy-duty trucks during the developing stage each new product must be strictly tested see on HTC has six completely computer testing lines of whole vehicle performance and quality with world level the quantity producing vehicle all practices 100% testing the development of Seon HTC attracts the world’s site and nearly ten world-famous supporting manufacturers enters into genetic on July 15 2009 C n HTC has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the German ma n company this activity injects new energy into c n HTC for its rapidly and well constantly developing thus cm HTC has established the sales and service network which covers China and will help her enter into the world market different vehicles made by CN htc spread all over the world such as mine areas working sites oil fields ports African hot deserts cold North Pole thin air world ridges and zigzag mountain roads to support the economic development on the PRC 60th anniversary military parades h o wo trucks paulo trucks traveled across tenement square with marshall posture to receive the inspection of the state leader and national people the development of CN h TC has been paid more attention by the state and it also bears the greater mission it’s large-scale complete variety precision technique high quality and sufficient stamina all agglomerate a vigorously developing energy cien HTC with great mind and mission of promoting national heavy-duty trucks walks into the globe with big strides so a giant of modern and internationalizing heavy-duty trucks is coming to us DG Sano truck

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