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OFFICER: Got this vehicle, which
the registration is coming back expired almost a year ago. It’s also got a
busted tail light. So I’m going to conduct
a traffic stop on it. [ENGINE REVS, SIRENS WAILING] 133. [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Yeah. We’re going 20 miles an hour. He’s not stopping and we’re
northbound on University. Headquarters, can you run
this black male real quick and make sure he doesn’t
have any NCIC warrants? DISPATCH (OVER RADIO): 10-4. OFFICER: We kind of backed off. All we had was traffic
offenses on this. Right now, we’re running
the registered owner to see what kind of– if he has any
outstanding warrants. If we do, we may
re-engage with him. We’re heading into
St. Martin Parish. OFFICER (OVER RADIO):
I-10 is a– unit, I-10 is up ahead of us. I think he’s trying to
set up spike stripes. OFFICER: The trooper
is behind him. Troopers– the supervisor
with the troopers trying to stop him. We just exited off the
Breaux Bridge exit. [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Yeah. I don’t think it’s going
to last too much longer. He just picked out a dead
end road on a trailer park. [SIRENS WAILING] Coming up behind you. Coming up behind you. OFFICER: We need help. Turn around. OFFICER: Turn around! OFFICER: Now back up! Back up! Back up! Hands in the air, back up. Back up. Back up. Take a step to the left. Take a step to the left. Back up. Back up. Back up. OFFICER: Yeah. I got it. You want to kill your
siren and give me a hand? There you go. You good. 133, we got the
driver in custody. [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] SUSPECT: I got scared, man. OFFICER: All right. SUSPECT: I mean, I left– OFFICER: I was
the one that tried to stop you back in Lafayette. SUSPECT: Yeah. I mean, I just left from
out the parking lot. OFFICER: It was just
a traffic stop, man. SUSPECT: I mean, but I didn’t
know what was going on. I mean, you jumped behind me. And I know I didn’t do anything. I had my seat belt on when
I left the parking lot. And I– OFFICER: For one, you
got a busted tail light. And your license plate
light don’t work. SUSPECT: Man. OFFICER: You didn’t know
you had a busted tail light? SUSPECT: No, it’s
my girlfriend’s car. OFFICER: OK. You know, when you
drive a vehicle, you’re responsible for
what’s up with that car. You know that, right? SUSPECT: Yeah, I know. OFFICER: OK. Where’s your driver’s license? SUSPECT: I don’t
have it with me. OFFICER: Do you have
a driver’s license? SUSPECT: Yeah, it’s, uh– OFFICER: Is it valid? SUSPECT: 70-77– OFFICER: Is it valid? Or suspended? SUSPECT: I think it is. OFFICER: You think it is. So you don’t– so you’re– SUSPECT: I’m not sure. OFFICER: So you’re
saying you know you weren’t doing anything wrong. But you’re telling
me you don’t even know if you have a
valid driver’s license. SUSPECT: No, but I’m saying, I
mean, I had some flags on it. So I don’t know like if– OFFICER: That’s what I’m saying. SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: You sitting
there– you’re sitting there telling me you
ain’t doing nothing wrong. But you just admitted
to me you don’t even know if you supposed to be
driving in the first place. All right. In Lafayette, I’m going to
write you some traffic offenses and resisting, and the state
police, whatever charges they put on you. OFFICER: I’m having a
tough time believing you don’t got any heroin on you. Can you take your
shoes off for me? How about your socks? You can relax. Just flip your socks
inside out for me. Put your hands behind your back.

39 thoughts on “Slow Rollin’ Home, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

  1. This cop is a dick. The suspect did run but was cooperative and answered all the officers questions to the best of his ability. That cop needs to check his ego.

  2. I never would have realized how hard it is to be a lawful citizen, a contributor rather than an leech on society. I MUST be racist….

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