Sponsored: From E-Commerce To Healthcare, No Industry Is Now Untouched By #AI

imagine a world where doctors can diagnose diseases a child might face even before she is born your bank can prevent fraud in real time ensuring zero loss you can click a picture of something you like and buy it instantly these aren't stories from the distant future around the world AI is making the impossible possible from e-commerce to healthcare no industry today is untouched by AI AI algorithms allow doctors to scan through one point four billion radiology scans each year leading to more accurate diagnosis a financial corporation with over 110 million credit cards in operation relies on machine learning to detect fraud in real-time the potential of AI is immense it cannot just transform business but also help solve real-world challenges the government's ambitious strategy sounds in on five sectors that can benefit the most from AI these are healthcare agriculture education smart cities and smart mobility Indian businesses are already harnessing AI to find unique solutions for the national education a net tech startup uses AI to craft tailor-made learning experiences for Indian competitive exams inclusivity an AI powered smartphone solution helps the visually challenged experience the world around them agriculture an AI start-up helps farmers increase productivity by using advanced IOT and machine learning technologies as artificial intelligence continues to evolve it's going to have a revolutionary impact on the way India works lives and grows prepare to be transformed by AI the future is here

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