Stand by Me | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows – The Royal Wedding – BBC

36 thoughts on “Stand by Me | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows – The Royal Wedding – BBC

  1. dont forget that their ancestors massacared a ton of people i dont get why people are so much interested in their marriage

  2. Bonjour, altesse royale prince Harry et Meghan bienvenue en FRANCE soyez heureux éternellement et pour la vie avec mes meilleures pensées et prières agréable journée à vous deux longue vie à la reine Elizabeth 2 des Hautes-Alpes française Jacques Noël FRANCESCHINI ancien réserviste de l'armée de Mer française et souverainiste français Corsica l' an 2019 🇫🇷🇪🇺⚓️💌💒👍

  3. BEAUTY BEAUTY COMMENT ABOUT MEGHAN Meghan allegedly dumped her first husband unceremoniously and then returned wedding rings, etc. via FedEx. She then announced that she felt “liberated.” Why hasn’t first hubby spoken up? Is he still too hurt or has he been paid off? Shortly thereafter, Meghan Shacked up with a celebrity chef (reported by Quora contributors). Meghan states that she is a feminist but disrobed for money. She opened suitcases for money. She would certainly marry for money. Meghan came into her second marriage with a respectable $5 million. She has spent that amount 10 times over. Meghan pretends to be a humanitarian but blows $100,000. in taxpayer money on a single outfit. Entitled? You be the judge. Diana auctioned her dresses off and gave the money to charity. Meghan cares about the environment. That’s why she blissfully flew in a private jet paid for by the other fake humanitarian: Gold-digger Amal Clooney. Think of the fuel burned — the carbon footprint. Meghan is a racist. She would not welcome her mom’s black family to her wedding. They were interviewed by Channel 5 in Boston on a news magazine called Chronicle. They were lovely people and pained that Doria had to attend the grand event alone. Meghan straightens her hair which is a bit disingenuous for a “proud, confident bi-racial woman.” Will she do this to her child? Rachel Meghan has separated Harry from his army buddies. Who is more noble than a man who would die for his country? Meghan depicts Thomas as a truly evil man. Why did Saint Doria entrust custody of her daughter to such a “monster?” Why is Thomas with Rachel Megs in most of the pictures, instead of Mom? Why would Meghan wear a dress slit up to her groin, while pregnant, on royal business? Bring on the Kardashian’s! Why did Meghan upstage Eugenie by announcing her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding after forcing a postponement to Eugenie’s wedding so she could close the deal with Harry immediately? Why does Meghan pretend that she cares about other people while treating her staff and Mom’s side of the family like trash? She also exploits the British people, who are forced to live modestly in many circumstances, by ordering up the highest-priced designers and sticking them with the tab. How dare she bring Catherine to tears during wedding rehearsal and then show up for the wedding looking like she had not combed her hair and wearing an ill-fitting dress? Meghan Rachel has been such a disaster that the Royals are now paying a reported $one million a year to a PR company to try to rehabilitate her image. Guess what? The taxpayers will foot the bill. Is this audacious or is it me? Some ask why the Queen approved Megs: a) She wanted to create a progressive image for the monarchy, by inviting a minority member into the fold. b) She did not want to repeat the mistake she made by separating Charles the Tampon and Camilla. c) She felt guilty for mistreating Harry’s beautiful mother. d) She’s dying anyway so she doesn’t have to put up with her for long. e) The classy women who loved Harry had declined the lifestyle and he was lonely. Meghan would thrive in the fishbowl as long as she could primp and pose all day. Such a feminist intellectual! Note to Self: The Queen did insist on a pre-nup even as Harry proclaimed: “Meghan gets what Meghan wants!” Poor Harry. Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener. The U.S. has Trump and the U.K. has Markle. It is my sincere prayer that people have the clarity and wisdom to face the truth and not see what they want to see. I am not suggesting that Markle has the same power that Trump has just that she has fooled the downtrodden into believing she truly cares (as Trump has done) while both she and Trump care only about their images and elite lifestyles. If they truly cared about human suffering, they could not possibly live life to enrich themselves at every opportunity. Both change partners like socks and have great difficulty with the truth. I am sad for Harry, as I believe Diana would have been, and hope he finds his way. He is better than this.

  4. Kate does not look at them at all and hides underneath her big hat. You can tell the royals aren’t happy. But these two are clearly in love. ❤️❤️

  5. If I were one of those people in attendance, they would have kicked me out because I definitely would have given a standing ovation and be the only person who clapped after the nice performance by the choir. Absolutely amazing.

  6. and now parents from reallife doll Darren called Archie! they will divorce its a matter of time, shame on them!!

  7. The preacher oh Lord I'm black n I feel like myself have been sold out since finding out he had slept with lots of black women

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