21 thoughts on “Star Trek II Wrath of Khan – Reliant Vs Enterprise; First Clash 1080p

  1. This, and Undiscovered Country is why I wanted to become a Submariner…. Oh, and Submarine films too i guess 😉

  2. They had a special showing of this in a movie theater a few months ago. It was fantastic to see on the big screen again. The best Trek movie ever made.

  3. GREAT scene from a great movie. Everything was on point from the music, the actors, the effects and the editing. So many cuts and they were perfect especially 1:38 to 2:45. Glorious. Loved the looks and sounds of Reliant firing its phasers, the phaser fire hitting the Enterprise's hull and the explosions and explosive sounds taken place in the Enterprise engine room.

  4. The music, the old school SFX were so much better back then. And the story? You watch Into Crapness and then this back to back and you see how much of an epic fail that film was.

  5. It's weird how the Reliant looks, but luckily the model builder put the warp nacelles on down instead of up like they were supposed to be, and gave us this iconic, and unique Starship.

  6. it was highly good when released but now? An all-time classic that needs to be registered with Congress' library….

  7. it was my 13 year old birthday – greatest movie ever – i walked out crying so hard that Spock died. I was quietly in my mind begging that Genesis would bring Spock back. Man this was an incredible theater experience.

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