Starting an Online Business: Stop Wishing, Start Doing

– Pisses me off so much. Alright. I wish. You know what, I wish people
would stop saying I wish. I do not like that especially when it comes
to an online business. I’m able to design sites. I’m able to develop sites. I like to think I’m a decent writer and now I do these videos and when I tell people what I do, people like to say, oh,
I wish I knew how to code and it annoys me, it upsets
me because I think, okay, well, I wasn’t born with the knowledge of knowing how to code. I put in the work and people say, oh, you’re running your own business. I wish I could start my own business. You can start your own business. Oh, I wish I can design my own clothing. You can. There’s absolutely
nothing holding you back from doing almost anything that you want and that is the beauty of today’s world. You can pretty much do
anything that you want when you decide you’re gonna do it and you have so many resources out there teaching you how to do things. Oh, I wish I could start my own business. Okay, do it. You don’t have to go to a fancy lawyer and get all these papers drawn up. No, you have a simple idea that provides value to people
and you get it out there. You just do it and that’s why I don’t
like when people say I wish because wish, when you say that then I know what you’re gonna do. You’re just gonna sit there and just go about your normal routine until a year later you’re gonna say, oh, I wish I didn’t waste my
time and I wish I did this. Stop saying I wish. Start saying I’m going to. I don’t, oh, I wish I
could start a business. I am going to start a business. Not I wish I learned how to code. I am going to learn how to code. That’s what you’re gonna do. You’re not gonna be a wisher. You’re gonna be a going to doer. That doesn’t sound as cool as being a doer but we’re gonna say you’re
gonna be a going to doer and essentially that’s what
Dare To Conquer is all about, right, you find something and you say, let’s say you have your online business and you say, man, I really
wish I understood Pinterest. Well, you know what? You’re gonna take the time
to understand Pinterest. I really wish I understood
affiliate marketing. You’re gonna take the time to understand affiliate marketing. You’re not wishing anymore. Wishing doesn’t do anything. Wishing is pointless. You gotta start doing and I know one of the things
holding a lot of you back is you don’t even know where to start. Do what? You can’t even wish for something ’cause you don’t even what to wish for and that could be frustrating, right? It’d be a lot easier if
you could just follow along while somebody else did it. Hm. But you would need somebody dumb enough to say they’re gonna start
a business from scratch and they’re gonna show
you every step of the way what they do to build
a successful business and it’d be even crazier if they said they know that this business
is gonna be successful. You would have to find an idiot
to do something like that. Fine, fine. I’ll do you a solid. I will be your idiot. Yes. No, no, don’t thank me. Don’t thank me. I will be your idiot. I am going to start a
business from scratch and I am going to let you
follow me along my journey and I don’t mean my journey
as in oh, guess what, I started a website,
here’s a sentence about it. No, I’m gonna show you my thought process. I’m gonna dive deep into
explaining why I do what I do, I’m going to show you
the numbers, analytics, the money, everything, everything. No secrets when it comes to this business and the reason why I’m going to show you is because I want you to see
that you no longer have to wish about starting a business. You no longer have to wish oh,
I wish I knew how to do this, oh I wish. No because you’re actually
gonna see me do it and by seeing me do it, there should be nothing else to wish for. You know what people are gonna wish? People are gonna go, you know what, I wish I found you sooner,
Scrivs, I wish I did and I’m gonna say, you know what, you should have been looking for me. I’ve always been right here for ya but it doesn’t work that way. Anyways, so I think we’re gonna call this, we need something cocky, something bold because we don’t wish anymore. We’re going to doers, right? So let’s call this empire builder. Yeah, empire builder. Big grand empire builder. Kind of does that whole this guy’s really gonna
call this empire builder? This cocky, arrogant, son of a. Let me explain why I wanna
call it empire builder because I think when you decide that okay, you’re gonna enter this business world and you’re gonna create a business, I think that you’re creating an empire. I don’t want you to think the Roman Empire that grew grand and cocky and fell apart. When I think empire, I think more of something
that is long lasting. Oh, also, don’t think
about the Star Wars Empire ’cause that’s evil. Okay, maybe empire’s not,
no, I’m sticking with empire. It’s empire builder and
that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna build empires here. I think empire is a great term because when you think of an empire, you’re trying to build
something that lasts. It doesn’t mean you’re building something that is grandiose and conquers everything. It might just be your own little empire and the idea behind that empire is that you have your own tribe. In your tribe of people,
they follow what you do, they love what you do, when you create something for
them that has awesome value, they have no problem spending money on it. That is an empire and that
is what I am going to build and that is what I’m going to show you. Again, I’m gonna let
you follow me all along. No, you don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to really do anything. You just have to follow along. So okay, no more wishing. We’re go to doers. That’s a terrible term but I’m sticking with it in this video. I won’t use it again probably but I’m sticking with it in this video. We’re go to doers. We’re going to doers. Yeah, we’re going to doers and yeah, okay. So if you’re really
interested in following along then like this video,
subscribe, leave a comment and actually you know what,
in the comment section, let me know, let me know
what is holding you back from either starting a business or what is holding you back
from your, blah, blah, blah, let’s say this, what is
preventing your current business from growing the way you want it to grow? Alright? Check the description ’cause I’m gonna have more information. It’s all gonna be on a website because I think there has
to be one central cool place that you can follow along and that’s where I need to post my numbers and we’ll have some blog posts because there’s gonna be more information. Yeah, it’s just, it’s gonna be awesome. So okay, one more time. Subscribe, like, drop your comment letting me know what is
holding you back right now from starting an online business or what is holding your
current online business from ba ba ba ba boom, growing? See, some people are fancy
and they do the sound effects post production but I do ’em live. Ba ba ba ba boom. That’s my rising thing. Okay, anyways, so empire builder, yeah. I’m excited. Let’s get this.

56 thoughts on “Starting an Online Business: Stop Wishing, Start Doing

  1. I know people are going to say money is holding them back but you don't need to start producing anything to start your business. You can start by getting a simple website up and testing the idea. Hit up forums/social media/blogs and see what people really like. Is your idea worth pursuing?

    If time is the reason then you need to look at how you spend your day. For 3 weeks journal everything that you do and you'll notice that there are periods of your day that are kind of wasted doing things that you can give up doing.

  2. It's called some day Island. I will do it some day. For me i would like to start a vlog, but again, too scared of all the abuse other people leave in the comments. Keep these videos coming, maybe i will get over my fear, and start vlogging. Thanks.

  3. What's holding me back is first deciding whether I am a succes or relationship and/or dating or life coach and then after finding the right answer knowing how to produce great program content that will really be great for my clients so that I can create meaningful change. Haha anyways very glad to see you on Youtube, Scrivs! You ROCK!

  4. I started a freelance writing business, which is currently (in my opinion) holding me back from starting a blogging business. I spend all my business hours writing for other people, leaving very little time to write for myself. And if I'm being honest, I often get tired of writing and being in front of a screen.

  5. I'm sticking with you Scrivs….I am…you've got something and you've caught my interest and I want to build an Empire! My own little empire!

  6. I need to get clear on what it is that my empire will be first, that's what's holding me back! But I'm in the right place!

  7. I started blogging (kicking and screaming, I might add) at the insistence of my daughter. I do say I wish…but it's usually "I wish I would have started my blog when my daughter first suggested it." What's holding me back is my fear of not being enough, but I am working on overcoming that. Scrivs, your emails are always inspiring (in a no-nonsense cocky sort of way) and I look forward to them. I am anxious to follow along this new venture.

  8. After watching this, I have no good excuse of what's holding me back. But I do think it's fear and lack of knowledge.

  9. Focus. I have way, way, way too many ideas and then I get into a tangle of excitement so nothing happens.
    No, something happens. I keep staying STUCK.

  10. 1. Focus with a clear path forward (a step-by-step plan from conception to completion, so that I am neither hiding in nor being paralyzed by obssessively trying to perfect every little, tiny, itty-bitty detail, nor getting distracted &/or overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I have conceived), and
    2. Confidence & courage (to take action on my plan & to lose the folks who undermine me in the guise of "just trying to be realistic!")

  11. I'm so glad I found "THE" idiot! LOL Time is my main issue……but as the saying goes, you make time for what you want. No more excuses…I'm ready to build my empire! #LetsGetIt

  12. For years and years I was saying 'I wish' but I didn't have any idea what to do. The endless possibilities of doing anything kept me from starting anything. Vlogs, blogs, design, animation, cooking, DIYs, fashion, lets plays, marketing, etsy, youtube, twitch. I always came back to the idea of online business. I didn't have any particular hobbies or desires. So an online business of what?? After 10 years of being stuck in my "9 to 5" one of my coworkers got me into crocheting. Random I know but at least I had a hobby finally to call my own and I can't help myself. I went from crocheting, to knitting, to spinning my own yarn like a crazy old grandma lady, only I'm 29 with no kids. Then I started thinking how can I make this profitable enough to quit my job and be my own boss, finally happy. Researched it like crazy and discovered that my one hobby of yarn realistically has no easy money in it, not a true living wage at least. Just hobby money. So instead of resigning myself to accounting for the rest of my life, I decided I needed to find a way out. My husband and I always wanted to travel so we bought a school bus to renovate into a tiny home. While he works on building our DIY RV, I've been downsizing our stuff, making us more efficient. Once complete we'll live in it full time and travel. With such low expenses we could basically pick up any job in any city. Live a little, work a little, then move on to the next town. Unfortunately my life took a turn. Now I'm off work for an undetermined amount of time due to medical issues. I'm scheduled for a life or death, major, all day, open surgery 10/19/18. Due to restrictions I can't do a whole lot of moving around. So I'm bored at home. Yet again I googled how to make knitting actually profit. Lo and behold I find which took me down the Scrivs rabbit hole. I signed up for the bbc bootcamp emails. Today was Day 5 and this video. I'm excited about this prospect all over again. I know I have the ideas. I know I have the drive. I know I can do it! What's holding me back now? Living through the surgery. I made a promise to myself that if I live through surgery I get to join bbc. I've never blogged before. I don't really write well. I don't understand analytics or SEO. Never owned a website or used wordpress, that ancient thing from the '90s. I just talk/type/text a lot and finally figured out my niche with Day 1 of bootcamp: homesteading. Other than that, perhaps a smidge of fear, I guess. Why haven't I started writing down any of my ideas? I have time now so why haven't I done all the research that I know I need to do? Instead I knit another hat, watch another youtube video, and if I have enough energy I clean out another box in the garage. I can hype myself up, get excited, and see it in my minds eye. I see myself succeeding. So why am I suddenly feeling anxious? I don't want to plateau. I want to let this wave of motivation play out. For as much as I've bettered my life so far, I really haven't worked on becoming efficient with my time. Today I'm going to start by wiping the dust off my bullet journal. I WISH the best to everyone building their empires!

  13. So many things hold me back but I am here with you Scrivs! I have made the decision to actually do something and have cleared the first hurdle – now I have encountered my second one! Getting bogged down in everything being perfect before I go public with an idea/publish anything!
    Great first video Scrivs – people can certainly relate to this and be inspired by it.

  14. Great first video Scrivs! Thank you for letting us in on your journey. I’m about halfway through the BBC now DTC course and I’m so excited to actually start and stop wishing! Keep up the good work

  15. Great video! I love that you are attacking limiting mindset/self talk. That is big. Holding me back-opportunity costs. I need to cull a few things out of my schedule to prioritize.

  16. Thank you so much for this. I've been wanting to blog for years to make an extra income for my family, but I have been afraid of failing, so I've told myself that it's not possible. This was just what I needed to hear to keep going and keep learning about the best niches, etc. You have inspired me.

  17. "start doing", great mantra! Loved the video and can't wait to see more. Yes, I've been known to say "I wish"… changing up to let's do this.

  18. Great video Scrivs. Looking forward to seeing the next one. The thing holding me back is thinking of the idea and sticking with it.

  19. Lack of time to devote to blogging/vlogging. I am IT professional and have 1.5 year old twins. My day goes by ..9-5 in office and then my family.
    I did start to create a website and even bought a domain name. But it was hard to get things going in very little time I had at the end of the day. Plus main reason was I never had plan what steps to follow- started creating website, got domain name.. what’s next? Creating content? What other things I need to do in parallel- advertising my blog ? But I haven’t got it ready yet.. it’s overwhelming to float across and focus to create a plan. I feel lost. Then I give up. But the thought of picking it up again keep bothering me everyday. Where do I start?
    PS: thanks for your emails coz that got me started, but somehow I lost track.

  20. I keep going in circles and not finishing because I get distracted by the next business idea. I quit my job, so I am looking for "right now" money, but I love putting websites together and blogging which isn't right now money. I have also been standing in my own way because of fear if failure, but I feel like have just about hit rock bottom; time to follow a proven plan.

  21. Scrivs you are so awesome! Really enjoyed this video! I do have a blog and I'd say my "I wish" is that I wish I had more time/energy in a day to continue learning and growing my blog! I have a physically demanding job and I hate that it drains me so much but I'm trying so hard to push through it! Your emails (and now your videos) areso inspiring and they can be the perfect kick in the butt I need! Thanks and keep up the amaing work!

  22. okay, so what's holding me back, excuses, really not enough time- I need to make time. Knowledge I need to listen, read and learn. Confidence that someone is going to want what I can do. That I can run a business for myself. Having always worked for others this is a huge hurdle I need to haul myself over. Lets do this.

  23. I am working hard to replace "I wish" with "I will". Bad habits can take such a long time to change! What is holding me back? I think I have done a lot of stuff "out of order" and so I have no idea what to do because I have almost 90 blog posts to fix and I am not even sure what needs fixing. Yup, a mess. Thanks Scrivs!!

  24. This idiot is very much looking forward to that idiot (Scrivs) showing us this! Agree too – I don't hear lots of 'I wish' but it's more or less the same thing – complaining about their current lot in life but not actually doing anything about it. So they stay stuck in the status quo and keep complaining (my ultimate bugbear)… not sure what's holding me back, but once I figure it out, will post it 😉

  25. So in your email you said you needed to work on finding your voice! No more work needed! Truly enjoy your emails (and quick responses) and enjoyed this video even more! Laughed outright a few times! Thanks for your honesty! Now, what's holding me back? Fear of the work involved and finding out if it's really worth it all.

  26. God I love how nuts you are, it makes me feel normal. Whats holding me back? I'm not holding back, I'm just trying to learn and perfect 50 new things at once and my brain isn't liking it. haha

  27. I just started this whole realization that I DONT have to wish. I'm sure I'll use blogging to discuss my journey in some way to others (for the purpose of serving as a trailblazer) but I got pregnant at a young age, so I've done what was necessary to just get by.. It wasn't until recently that I stepped back to create space to think about what i WANT in life, and obviously corporate America doesn't give a flying fudge about if my desires align with my pay and perks. I've always known I've had these awesome skills within me but have experienced deep frustration of not knowing how to start. THANK YOU SCRIVS for being transparent and blunt to help people like me have a shot at a REAL LIFE using tangible methods. I'm seriously just starting my journey as taking this blogging and everything intertwined to it seriously. However, I'm discovering I've been on this path all along, I just couldn't pinpoint what life was setting me up for. It's cool to look back and connect the dots! Anyway, I know you requested comments on what we need more of as your readers and I just want to say so far you've been MEGA helpful. I started the 12-day blogger bootcamp and am currently on day 9. I will certainly provide feedback along my journey. Thank you again for being my "idiot." It is GREATLY appreciated, especially since you speak my language. <3

  28. I like how you edited this video, it's really becoming. I also like how you don't edit out "mistakes" and make a small joke out of them. 🙂

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