Stephen A. Smith recaps day one of 2019 NBA free agency | SportsCenter

24 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith recaps day one of 2019 NBA free agency | SportsCenter

  1. I hate to tell everybody but Kevin Durant won't be playing till 2020 until they start the next season after the next one coming up. So Brooklyn ain't winning nothing this year.

  2. Stevan a smith is a fucking racist liberal cunt who doesn’t know his ass from the hole in his head fuck Steven a smith. What a bitch. Fuck you

  3. Kd is perfect in NY, his character and love for basketball and love for people in general fits so well in NY

  4. lol didnt knicks fans boo kristaps when he was drafted? the same people who booed damion jones or whatever because he wasnt josh allen. the same new york fans who booed and cursed and said john tavares wasnt worthy nor wanted or appreciated after he left that cesspool? yall are pieces of shit who got karma. Dont try and act like new york aint just a big machine and you guys are just the cogs spinning in it lol. best known thing about ny is boxing pizza and baseball

  5. What would happen if Stephen A. Smith finds out that the New York Knicks may sign free agents Carmelo Anthony, Josh Smith and Al Jefferson. Atleast they get free agents.

  6. Brooklyn still isn't better then Milwaukee, Philly, Boston and Kawhi Raptors, and when y'all get KD back in 2021 y'all still won't be better then Philly and Atlanta is on a rise.

  7. The Knicks did the right thing they asked for the medical report and no response i would not give him 164 million dollars either.. let that be somebody else's headache.. at least we can move on with what we got in the present moment without worrying about whether Durant can come back healthy or not.. it is what it is.

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