Stephen Merchant On The David Brent Movie | Good Morning Britain

no one's buying box sets anymore it's all about they're watching it on their phone you know while they're skateboarding to work on their hoverboard I don't know what the young people are doing the film of the office right it's not film of the office no it's Ricky doing a film about David Brent ah and he goes on isn't he go on tall I think he's were making it as a musician or trying to make his music okay but you're not involved with that I'm not involved its etiology he's sir no it's just that he's it you know he's you know he's obviously revived the character a couple of years ago different things and um and I've been doing stuff you know in my own groove and we sort of kind of we kind of got out of sync in terms of our schedules really you know I'm doing stuff in America and just playing other things tell us about this play because you're no stranger to the stage I mean as a comedian you obviously done lots of stage what but it's very different isn't it actually learning lines as Lenny Henry yeah people are obsessed with learning lines my father as soon as I make sure I was gonna do a placing you're never here on the line Steve you'll never remember the lines nothing hoses words of encouragement but I yeah I am but he's always he's always been kind of in a tall group people talk about sort of keeping you down to earth my father's always been that I'm gonna do a show for the BBC oh it's very hard to be a success in TV honesty are you sure you want to do that you know every step of the way I'm gonna do stand-up stick you know you're not a funny man your father feels he's been proved wrong by your well when he when he he had a little spot in the office and so whenever he gets recognized in the street which is very very occasionally but he does then he did exactly we supported him right so is he know he has been supportive I'm Oh mocking me he's doing sports how do you learn your lines doesn't because just takes forever two months it took me to learn them almost every day going through them running through them with friends and stuff yeah but don't worry they're just so great the lines are in danger always that's sorted yeah can you remember my name it's over your head your name oh yeah can you remember my name I met my number Oh

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