13 thoughts on “Stock Market Crash Warning Signs

  1. So since I have plenty of cash stocked in hand and not in the bank, you recommend buying property and items after the crash with my cash in hand? I am considering going to Colombia for a good several months while everything pans out here in america, You recommend I get everything paid off for at least a year or so there among buying what I need there? I am sure it will be safer in the north part of colombia where the military is. What do you think?

  2. Hey Peter. I hope all is well. I've been liquidating my positions from my riskier holdings and I've been adding to my more secure assets. I was curious to your Jan 31 stock pick and wanted to know your opinion on the outlook of their prospects? Thanks again for all that you do.

  3. Aside from investing in health care and precious metal companies, what other things can you do to reduce the systematic risk of your portfolio?

  4. Hi Peter! Thanks for yet another great video!
    Only recently I watched Mike Maloney's 'the everything bubble' which I also found an eye opener, on goldsilver.com I guess you mentioned this site some time ago, too, if I'm not mistaken… So thanks for the help!
    And have a nice summer! Best regards, Norbert

  5. So peter, would right now be an opportune time to buy a car with the deals and excessive inventory? As long as the vehicle is in one's price range?

  6. If you want to get through the next collapse, you need to buy gold, silver, bitcoin, and ethereum. We will see parity with gold, bitcoin, and the stock market. The stock market will fall to 10,000, gold will go to 10000, and bitcoin will go to 10000. Silver will return to the historic gold/silver ratio of 10:1 and will be 1000, and ethereum will be in the 2000 range. The petrol dollar is over and the trillions of dollars residing off shore will come home and hyper inflation will start.

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