47 thoughts on “Stock Market Training: How Much Money Do I Need To Trade Stocks / Options?

  1. Did i just watch a video that answered one of the first questions you ask yourself when thinking about investing..clearly and concisely..yes i did. Thank you.

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  3. Hi guys i was thinking about using 200-300$ to make 20$ per week. What do you think of its possible? Im still learning and researching.

  4. Hmmm. Say if I wanted to make less than $100 a day for example to make it simple, I wanted to make let's say, $2 a day, investing $200 would be easier to gain than investing $20? And how would I do this

  5. I made 3 trades in my life where I got 100% return. On average I make 5-20% return in a day . Problem is I trade with all of my money. Sometimes I get wipeout in minutes. Still trading and haven’t made any profits yet . Been trading since 2015 .

  6. Yeah but if you invest 1,000 and want to gain 100 per day 10% is pretty easy to get and maintain. And then well you’ll have about 3,000 in a month. And then you up it to maybe 2,000 and 200 a day. And so on

  7. Hi! Very Informative Video here! So this is where Math will come in handy one day (couldn't figure out the reasons back in high school). What is the math equation formula you're using here? Would like to know the "percentage" on trading with 500.00 Dollars and expecting 60.00 Dollars per day.

  8. How do you buy and when and where…from who? Probably need to watch more of your videos I'm sure you already explained

  9. Great video. I’m only 17 and have around £1000 saved up but I don’t want to jump in and lose it all as I’m not very aware of how to trade. Any advice?

  10. its not make any sense… you can take shoulder like 1:200 what most off use and you dont need any calculation about % because in trading you cant count by percentage how much you will earn… in market everything count by cents of shares what you buy you can by 100 shares with price 12.10$ and 100 shares with price 146.10$ for first option you need less money to put on market for trade in second you need much more money for trade but result gonna be the same if any share come up to 1 cent you will get 1$ on 100 shares so not make big difference about how much money you put in trading the all secret what you need to know is risk management… if you know how calculate all risks than trading will be more successful

  11. my parents finally . add the app 2018 I was looking there 425K in there and dad had me buy 22 stock at market price for 177 share and it was 4k or something I'm not Intrested I work in reselling. and I feel I'm more I get net savy an more informed on what's happening and math was my worst subject. fxxx I'm 31 is this good age

  12. my parents are old school Asian fresh off boat the both work jobs and we been doing stock for at least 20 years my parents are not Internet savy. and can read and write very little English

  13. Do you have exprience in Iraq?? I'm in Iraq too and don't know how to start. Can i learn stock exchange just on online way?? Is it enough to me?? I graguated from accounting universty I know some simple information about that but that is all academy not practical..

  14. If the stock price is really cheap that a billion people can buy, how many then the stock that a company can sell?

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