STOP SELLING MUSIC! Damian Keyes Book Review

Hey guys David here today is a really
really exciting day welcome to my brand new series ‘In The Industry’ today we’re
gonna be talking about Damian Keyes new book STOP SELLING MUSIC I’m gonna
review it talk about it and you’re gonna get all the insights and all the value
as to why you should buy this book coming right up okay guys so before we get into it let
me tell you a little story and a little bit of background into how I know Damian
how this book reviews come about and a little bit of what you’re gonna get in
this series so day one I go back five six years maybe now we’ve known each
other quite a while and basically first introduced when he was just setting up
he did a talk down in Chichester I went to so that’s when we first met he
gave me loads of advice on my music and what I should be doing and then we’ve stayed in touch he then played at my mates wedding in his band
which was really really cool and then I went traveling and we met up in New York
he was in New York at the same time as me so that was really cool and then I
recently got him a gig in front of 1,500 business owners at the Business
Excellence for so Damian & I have known each other for quite a while and it was
a huge huge privilege to be able to get a first look into this book I’ve read it
in a weekend I could not put it down and it’s it’s so so good so we’re gonna dive
into that real soon so what you’re gonna get in this series ‘In The Industry’ for
me is all about giving you guys advice value tips tricks of the trade basically
I’m gonna be interviewing different creators guys who are working in the
industry and musicians people friends that I know all that kind of stuff
you’re also gonna get advice from me songwriting advice how to make money and
music how I’ve done it to the certain success that I’ve had so that’s a little
bit about what you’re going to get in this series I’m really excited about
what’s coming up it’s gonna be good so why don’t we now dive into the book and
what you’re gonna get before we also get started make sure you hit this like
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mention this is Damo’s second book so his first book was ‘The Rule Breakers Guide
To Social Media’ which is also awesome I’ll put links to both of them in the
description so make sure you and check them out give them a buy Amazon easy so in Damo’s book there’s ten parts ten parts of the book now what makes
clear is try and see it as a kind of like a rules manual you don’t need to
kind of read it from start to finish like a novel you can pick it up when
there’s something you’ve got a question about gone to that specific point and
review it learn about it read it you know and they’re in really small chunks
of information so it’s bite size which is really useful so part one is all
about practicing he talks about recording yourself when you practice in
so you can watch yourself back which is a really useful tool seeking out
self-improvement now this is massive this is speaking to the right people to
review you and being open to that feedback he talks about what to practice
not just practicing the songs that you know but really practicing the parts in
that song that you need to and smashing through them rather than spending half
an hour playing the songs that you know over and over but you also makes clear
in this chapter that you need to practice what you love so don’t ever
lose the love and the creativity in the art of making music and playing the
songs that you really like so keep doing that but also practice the stuff that
you need to practice part two he talks about songwriting now this is where I
was like yes get in there and talks about top-line melodies auto-tune which
in fact he says just use it don’t be afraid using it everybody’s using it
right now let’s be clear not to the extent it doesn’t sound like you but to
use it as a tool to help you no singer is perfect no singer is gonna hit the
note on the head every single time because sometimes going into a recording
environment it’s quite nerve-wracking you’re gonna mess up times I do like I’m
not a perfect singer I mess up on my tracks auto-tune is a useful tool to be
able to fix that he talked about lyrics and the subject
matter and that is so important what matters is how you convey your message
to your audience in the song tell the story with the lyrics don’t be all
haphazard with you know emotions or you know stuff that just doesn’t make sense
because you listen there isn’t gonna be able to follow it and the last bit of
song line he talks about having lessons songwriting lessons why is that a bad thing why do people see getting advice having a coach someone
to train you things like that has like a negative thing I know showing your
weaknesses is daunting but actually if you put it into perspective when you lay
your weaknesses out and you improve them they’re gonna turn into strengths so
surely it’s a good thing part three talks about rehearsing rehearsing with
the band rehearsing by yourself and what that looks like planning your rehearsal
breaking songs down so they’re tight rehearsing for the show which is massive
I tell people this all the time when I’m preparing for a gig I’m not just
practicing the songs I’m gonna play I’m practicing for the show what I’m not
gonna say what description am I gonna talk about the song in between songs
when am I gonna take a drink of water etc things like that you do need to plan
that out cuz then it gives you a good space when you’re on stage in front of
those people nothing’s gonna surprise you you’re
ready for it the marketing opportunity of when you’re rehearsing with your band
everything you can take from that content wise to put on your socials to
use to promote the band if you’re going on tour why not film the rehearsal do a
little video of the new song that you’re honking to release you’re gonna be
playing at the show and then finally talks about your setlist and this is key
Damo’s played over 2,000 gigs like this mental but this is what it says the
opener your first two or three songs so these are got to be a strong star
usually your best couple of songs then you want to give the chance for your
front person in the band or me to have a little
chat with the audience that’s when you can change things up a bit then for my
speciality you’re gonna play a ballad so you know really strip it back chill it
down sing a love song he says in this paragraph if it was a boxing match now’s
the time to line up some combos and knock your audience away and then your
final songs the Encore this is where you put the audience to bed make sure the
audience don’t ever forget your performance with this song this is where
you pull out all the stops and go for it part 4 he talks about performing so you
know things like gig etiquette what time to turn up stage presence what to wear on
stage so many bands won’t have an image you know you need to have some color
some sort of style because that gives you your brand he also talks about how
to front a band so if you’re the frontman of your band you need to read
this book and then he also talks about his only experience of when it all went
wrong so I’m just gonna read you this very quick and once ran out on stage in
front of 40,000 people at festival when it had been raining and the stage was
wet when I came to my spot the top half of my body stopped my legs kept sliding
and I hit the floor heavier than the entire lineup of Download Festival as I
fell I heard the crowd roar WAHEY while I was embarrassed I laughed it off got up
and started playing now what a hero imagine imagine that happening you are
you just feel awful worst thing ever 40,000 people laughing at you
cuz you’ve slipped over onstage as you’re coming out to play your first song part 5 it talks about touring now I’m gonna do a video on touring because I
think there’s some advice for my experience that I can add to you but
this book is incredible incredible if you want to be a touring musician full
time and that’s your dream and that’s what you want to go after then this is
so good rule one of touring bring some earplugs there’s gonna be someone in the
band or on the tour bus that snores so that’s a great tip
about how to maximize the time on the road a lot of time when you’re touring
you sat in the car you sat on the bus or in the van or whatever maybe on the
train for some of you so utilizing that time to the best of your ability part
six is gear now gear isn’t everything some people are absolute gear nerds
which is great for them but a 3,000 pound guitar isn’t gonna make you the
best guitarist in the world so if you can do the same job with a £120 guitar consider your options part seven is marketing now there’s so many bands and artists that aren’t doing
this right and a lot of what I want to give off on this channel is help for
that part eight he talks about money which I find really interesting because
there’s a there’s a fine line in the music industry with money from what you
should do for free and what you should do and expect to be paid for a great
little one-liner in this book is use the power of free to increase your worth as
a musician music lessons educating people is a good way to generate some
generate some money but also a covers band now a covers band is great because
you can play weddings you play functions events all that kind of stuff and people
love them because they’re singing all the songs they know all of their
favorite songs and you get paid to do it and finally he talks about stop
selling music now this is the key part of the book because that’s the book
title in short the negatives are trying to sell music outweigh the positives so
you’ve got to look at it like this if you’re telling your audience to buy your
tracks on iTunes and stream them for free on Spotify you’re confusing them be
clear with your message instead of trying to achieve goals in four
different areas give them one thing to focus on like
right now like subscribe on this video and the problem is people aren’t buying
music so stop trying to sell it to them now he’s not saying you shouldn’t sell
CDs or vinyls or whatever at your shows because that can be classified as
merchandise same with your t-shirts or hats or
whatever but ultimately you’re better off getting your music out there for
people to listen to and monetize in your brand part 9 is life lessons now I love
this chapter there’s so much value in it there’s literally someone value in it
now a lot of this chapter is all about Damian’s experience which is so good
that’s why like that’s why he is a music industry expert because of his
experience because of what he’s done and and his background
Damian talks about his experiences when he was 19 and performed at Hyde Park to
then the next day performing in front of four people you’re gonna have highs and
lows like with any normal job you’re gonna have a good day and you’re also
going bad that he also talks about finding the positives in every situation,
he talks about the art of control, not being a dick because there’s so many dicks in the music industry he also says taking constructive criticism is okay I think this is massive it’s really really important to
know that you want to be able to take on criticism like that my dad used to
criticize me all the time but in a good way
when I was performing at an early age he would recommend things suggest this oh
why don’t you try that that’s really important that’s gonna help develop you
and make you better and a great one-liner in this book is ‘haters gonna hate, creators gonna create’ part 10 the final part in the book is self
management now the first bit in this is is is so important something you really
need to define before you do anything else what do you want? set yourself some
clear goals and clear targets and really what you want to achieve is gonna help
you in the long run I think this quote is great you don’t learn songs until you
can play them you learn them until you can’t play them wrong and I think the
most important bit about this book is the fact that Damo clearly sets out a
way you can achieve what you want in the music industry the control factor we’re
living in a time right now where you are in control of everything you do you are
in control what you post out online how you post it
how you come across your image everything like that how you want people
to see your music so ultimately it’s down to you if you set a clear plan and
a clear goal you can easily achieve it lastly in the book he gives you another
30-day challenge now you had a 30-day challenge and the rule breakers guide to
social media which I thought was great I can’t express how much values in this
book for £10 you’re getting thousands of pounds worth of value and each day has
something different for you to do which I think is great because it keeps things
fresh it gives you motivation it works out what you can and can’t do and advice
throughout the whole process so there you go I think it was an incredible read
it’s definitely worth the money it’s to me if you don’t know Damian go and check
him out but it’s a no brainer of a buy if you’re in the music industry and you
haven’t got this book yet go and get it like I don’t understand why I haven’t
got it yet it’s been out for over a week it’s very much a rules manual pick it up
when you need some information about certain topic and then put it down again
I obviously read the whole thing from back to front cos I knew I was doing
this video morning to bring as much value to the table as I could but Damo
great job thanks for sending me this copy it’s gonna really help me but it’s
also gonna help so many of you out there so guys if you’ve liked this video
please give it a thumbs up make sure you hit that subscribe button smash it if
you’re feeling good and leave a comment below I’d love to hear what you think
about the book if you’re gonna buy it what your thoughts are that would be
really cool and yeah see you in a week this is incredible really really incredible you you just need to go buy
it I don’t know why you haven’t brought yet also make sure you hit that subscribe and yeah see you on the other side well not the other side really take it easy

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