Studio Store Visualizer – Create a Virtual Retail Environment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see
how your packaging stacks up against the competition
before it’s produced? With Esko’s Studio Store Visualizer, you can place your packaging
right on the shelf in a retail store. Stop anywhere in the aisle
and pick up a package to examine more closely. Store Visualizer has two types
of retail stores. The first is the spherical store: using one of the supplied real stores, you can place your virtual product
in any empty space on the shelf. You can place your product
one at a time or add several all at once
with a click of the mouse. Store Visualizer’s real-time rendering
offers an unmatched level of reality. Shadows automatically appear, products can be randomly adjusted and materials, printing and finishing effects
are as real as it gets. The second type of store in Store Visualizer
is the virtual store. Here you build your own store. You pick a floor and a ceiling and
add aisles and shelves from the library of
retail hardware options. Add pegboards and hooks,
sloping shelves, end caps and refrigerators and freezers. Store Visualizer’s built-in physics engine
provides even more realism: move products around
to see how they interact or pick a product
from a sloping shelf to see how the others roll down
to fill the space. You can place displays or pallets
right on the floor or end cap. Add signs to the walls. Or dress up the shelves
with branded fronts and dividers. With Store Visualizer, you can present
a complete store concept quickly and visually. Thinking of adding brand extensions
to your product portfolio? Simply swap out the old with the new to see
how the entire brand will look to the consumer. Store Visualizer is fast
but it’s also accurate. The virtual packaging uses
the actual production data, not low resolution flat images. When the artwork changes,
so does the virtual package on the shelf. Store Visualizer can even help you make
a slick and professional pitch for your important stakeholders. Use high resolution images or movies
in your documents and presentations. Store Visualizer even has
a powerful movie script editor so you can create great movies
that set you apart from the competition. You can even create
a panoramic view of your store so anyone can view and
interact with your new store on their own,
on their own computer. No special software is required! With Studio Store Visualizer, you finally have a risk-free way
to test your best innovative packaging ideas in a retail store. And you get to see the visual impact
of your latest packaging in the place where
it really matters: the store shelf.

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