Sumter building to attract new industry, officials say

I'm in sumter where state county and city officials are joining forces to bring new industry to the area a new spec building is a part of their vision for growth think of it like a house you could build your house from scratch or purchase it already made in this case they're preparing to build the building in advance with hopes that the ease of access will entice new businesses to open up into space we've had buildings developed in this manner in the past and they've all been occupied and put people to work and created some new tax revenue for the community this will be the fifth building of its kind in the county according to Shweta leur it will be 50,000 square feet expandable and located in the Black River industrial park we should be breaking ground in the next two to three weeks we anticipate that a development end-user could come in and retrofit the facility in a matter of a couple months and have their product to market within six months time Shui ler says a business that moves into the new space will likely be in the advanced manufacturing arena but they're really early in the process and overall just excited for the possibility of growth first Street Squad Sumpter I'm Caitlin Hagwood

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