Super Easy ILLAGER Battle and Epic Themed Build :: Minecraft 1.14 Building with BdoubleO

welcome back to build it with B double o its back if you're brand new here this is building with B double o welcome so glad to have you we're doing minecraft in kind of like a Bob Ross style where we do a lot of building some redstone from the time to time this is old a lot of this stuff that you see is old old old as I go as I've advanced through my career I've I progressed I've done a lot of cool things in this world tons of cool things but yet if you look back at the old stuff sometimes you think oh that's not so good but if you're brand new drop us up drop us up if you want to up your building game if you want to learn how to build from the best the best in the West give it a sub ring that Bell come on back for the next episode luckily for you today's gonna feel like episode number one because we're going out to a brand new area I've got made many areas maybe seven or eight different large kingdoms and areas that I've worked on tons of time and effort put into them but today brand new Japanese themed area and it's gonna be beautiful I'm super excited for it for those of you that have been around for a very long time you know that I've been gone for a very long time some of you may know the reason why some of you may not but January of last year we had our third daughter ivy and she passed away and we will talk about that more later I needed some time off after that and I am now getting to a point to where I'm just itching I'm craving to get back into this game in my downtime I've also been working on doing some outward stuff I've found success on YouTube my brother is extremely successful on YouTube my sister is even a full-time youtuber we've got we've figured something out you know so I've been working on some stuff to help share help you guys build your YouTube channels your twitch channels and stuff but that's taking a lot longer than I expected website development takes long long time so in the meantime while I'm waiting on that I want to get back into the game baby all that stuff will dig into later will dig into that a little deeper later but we're at our new area so timber stone is just over that way you can't really see it but I love this spot I came out here this is old terrain generation but it's beautiful I think it looks nice I've set up a little camp for myself also by the way comments are removed it's not my fault okay I didn't do that but they that YouTube saw that I did some videos with my daughter who's a miner and they said for thousands remove all the comments don't worry I'm working diligently to get that fixed so it'll be fixed soon don't worry but here we are I'm working on a setup I've got my setup here for the build I want to get my area prepped materials we're gonna need bone meal I put some snow and stuff down to just kind of make it look a little more like a pile of bone dust right bone meal I got a ton of that I've got a spawner in a swamp area and I just say fk'd there for a couple of hours and look it III it was kind of fun watching them all die watching all the skeletons died I watched a mill entire time but I got a nice haul out of this deal so that should keep me busy for a good while we're also surprise surprise you might never think that you'd use this block this acacia wood but we're gonna use it to the extreme we're gonna use it at such a high level we're gonna take some of this log and we're going to scrap it and and use the axe and boom boom now that's kind of nice for what we're going for okay so trust me on this it might not feel right it might not feel good but it's gonna be beautiful when it's done campfires by the way I love these things we do need to get some of that birch wood over there some of that birch is gonna be very important it's a nice birch trap doors birch doors are nice for this type of theme so we're gonna grab some of that and add that to our it's getting ah it's getting dark outside I got ghost Reapers but that's gonna be really nice edition it's a good perfect fit for our style that we're going for here the roof though I made an executive decision and a stupid decision and we're gonna need kind of an important difficult to get block for that we're also gonna need some of these guys because it's part of the crafting recipe as may so a couple years ago I was just on the overworld it just in the overworld and I started hearing all these weird sounds underground oh yeah and lo and behold right above me or right below me Willy spawned place unbelievable so this is nice this is my resource for all my prisoner II now III think it's pretty much cleared out I see some spongy's and here that old this is what I want the dark prismarine that's what we're here for actually this looks pretty wet in here still lights please this is pretty wet these sponges aren't doing much but this area's cleared out unfortunately here's the unfortunate part yeah I don't need this I need the dark I need the dark prism I mean where's that it may be up in here please aha I can make some out of you yeah that's right you die wait what kind of I got it I got looting on this I got to use this I can't oh yeah push me dead got him easy oh you're out you're out for a party welcome to the show haha yes dad got him okay these guys are a little hard to hit they're on the difficult side of heart hard to hit but shouldn't be a problem I just need to get to the right spot I don't want to deal with these guys listen don't touch me don't touch me I just need to find the right spot and clean up a bunch of that dark prismarine and we should be aha there's some right there there's a block well here we are we've got our collection of dark prism area and that was easy I've been playing this game for years so that that was simple got a little bloody along the way but hey no problem no problem it's easy I got a decent amount plus I had a bunch that I had collected that I was working on in a different area so we got a decent amount here so let's lay it out let's lay out our color palette a little bit here let's put our armor back on so you can see I just was wanting to show you the blood but color pep color palette pretty simple it's just this baby Plus this baby Plus this baby now those colors altogether end up looking really really nice I think so let's lay out a small scale just a small scale model of what I'm going for we'll just go three tall and five wide five wide will give us a good idea of what this is gonna look like so if you think about I got a lot of inspiration from oh what was the name of that show or that video game shakir oh that's it Shakira a lot of really cool art style in that game and not necessarily I mean those games are pretty difficult so not necessarily my sort of style but the visuals were beautiful in that so I've got a lot of inspiration from that and watching mill we play that so I am gonna try to replicate a little bit of that here today now you might be asking yourself where is the update to the Beatles resource pack let me just tell you I love the textures in the game right now I love what Jabba yappa I love what he's doing it's so good he's done such a good job I want to go from scratch you can see I've done some of the I've put some of the grass in that I usually use the chests that I've changed there's a couple of small things but I want to work with his stuff I want to work with what he has what he is done and I want to kind of go from there and I want to see okay what don't I like cuz I like a lot of it I really do like a good majority of it so I've like if we just start over we just start from scratch and we see how it goes maybe we can come up with something that's really good I think we can use a lot of the textures that he has my other resource pack really started to get a extreme and out of hand I love it I think it looks beautiful I mean that not so great that was a new attempt at a resource resource but I mean I think this looks great I really really do like it the gravel and the coarse dirt and the grass everything's kind of darkened the logs I love them I think they're beautiful I think this all looks really really nice but I think it's best to just try try it from scratch try from scratch and and start adding you know when and if we feel like it's necessary getting dark out so but let me know in the comments section let me know not never mind out in the comments section I'm gonna put a poll up top do you want me to switch to the resource pack right now or do you want to just kind of build from scratch and we kind of do it as a community by the way if you want to communicate please follow me on Instagram or Twitter Instagram is at B double O insta I'm a primarily using that as a way to kind of help people with their YouTube channels and stuff but also can be a good way for us to stay in touch but and also be double o100 on Twitter as well are good ways to reach me now this is an important part to this structure to these rooms these rooms are very important the way they're they're laid out the little fling flang up on the top you see we're just half step half slab now we are doing a double overhang we're coming out twice away from the house that's okay that's cool that's what we want we want kind of a wide overhang but then a fling up now fling up on the end like that starts to give it this nice starts to really pull in that look that we're going for so there you have it now it looks a little stretched right it looks a little stretch because we're doing it on a small scale but that's kind of the flavor and the style that we're gonna go for there's no detail there's nothing super exciting but this is our base this is what the base of the air is gonna look like it's something that we're gonna refer back to to make sure that we're staying on this theme you're never gonna believe who just showed up this guy hey buddy hi welcome you got any good trades no garbage I don't need any of that well but free llamas out of the deal is nice oh hi okay we got we're gonna deal with these guys later the villagers funny enough when I came over to this area I had an illegitimate egde of him he was just wandering around back and forth back and forth doing his thing III did not kill him because if I did what would happen what happens if you kill him I don't know I didn't want to start a raid and get all those Brahma Bulls coming after me so I just let them be and then he's gone he'd be spawned he thought that was it didn't you huh that's not it there's more okay I got a whole lot more it looks a whole lot nicer but we got a little bit of a problem and I'm hiding behind the tent because I was just wrapping up and I was gonna go put a few torches under there but we've got some visitors so great this is great I'm so glad hopefully they don't attack me right maybe I just show you the building from back here should I fight them I'm already bloodied here's the front facade of the build this is what it looks like obviously when we saw this not too impressive but once you get it on a bigger scale like this it starts to look really nice basically you tear this so the room the whole concept is exactly the same except for the windows excuse me guys excuse me move out the way for the windows we use the birch trapdoors which is really nice every once in a while use some acacia trapdoors to bring that red oranjee color back in and then you just step it in a couple blocks for the next level and then the same for the next level now this level I did out of wood to throw it off make it a little different it just adds more character more dimension more excitement to the whole build I've got a whole lot more sides to do and to work on here but let's see if we can't get a little closer was the next thing I was gonna say but as soon as I got this close they they turned around they turned around on Obito's they looking at old betta hey hi I'm doing it eat it they're all coming they're all coming hey hey they're all coming hi this is a great bow though I got him boys we did it and girls we did it we got him that's what I'm talking about this was easy for me it is it simple I have no problem destroying these guys bring it on Swan more I'm glad they spawned was there a banner guy around here somewhere though I swear I saw one but looks like he's scared looks like he run is scared anyway that's perfect we're gonna head off to another area now we're gonna head off to and one of the last areas I was working on before I break the area of Ivy rose beautiful area we got a lot more to do here this is not nearly completed several hours in now but we've got a lot more work to do this is gonna be a beautiful sprawling filled with villagers landscape well maybe they're not kind of survive very well with those guys spawn and often well here we are here we are I'm curious I'm wanting to check this place out because I did it all in my old resource pack and I want to see how it looks in just kind of vanilla hello get me out the boat but also I want to thank you guys again I want to really thank you guys for the support the support on this episode and for the support that you've given us and my family and all throughout the last year year and a half it's been unbelievable you over times like this when you take some time off you start to think that people gonna forget about you and you guys have really proved me wrong in a lot of ways and I just I love you guys I really really do and and I appreciate you so much for sticking with us through this time losing your daughter is something that's never gonna get easy it's never gonna get easy and it's never gonna feel good I'll never feel good about it but it's it's a matter of finding ways to to live with it and and to continue moving on you know I still have a family to provide for and I've got you guys who are a second family to me I've always said that and I feel like this is this is our bonding time together we haven't had that and so long I'm kind of stumbling over my words here because this I'm distracted but at the same time it's a very serious topic but anyway just know that I love you guys and I appreciate you and know that I'm working I'm working hard and trying my best to this is empty to get back in a good groove my goal I've already got a solid month worth of videos pre-planned now the goal is to never stop to keep going keep going keep going but this is cool this looks good I'm excited about this area I like it a lot I think we've got a weird contrast over here these two areas aren't working too well together so I've got to figure out something for the backside of this for sure and then figure out how to transition over into this area and have this blend in it's cool this is cool it looks cool and stuff that kind of looks funny but this doesn't match so I'm gonna think about that a little bit I've already got it I've already got it so one of the best things you can do is lock down a style figure out a style and then just google it just get on the get Google it Google the style look at real life examples and and see what comes up sandstone now we want the smooth which i think i think is a fern i isn't it smooth stands sandstone oh it's just cooking it it's just cooking it it's just doing it okay go ahead just do it that's great thank you so I need I guess more regular sandstone for sure but that's that that's that's what we're gonna go with thank goodness we have that that sandstone this white is just too brilliant too bright it's very nice it's very nice but not for this area we need more brownish a Tuscan styles more Browns and reds so that's gonna hit us better oh I got daylight sensors on all those those could look better I feel like but yeah let's get some of this wood I said wood I meant sandstone let's get some of this sandstone we got 31 let's just replace some of these pillars down here something that we need to have involved in this area that we haven't had in this area is not only pillars anybody in heat no not only these pillars but we need arches as well arches have been missing now let's try with a little cat stone and see what that looks like this is the smooth the smooth stuff I think that looks really really nice but can we even though we're on a weird angle here can we pop in an arch on this let's try now that looks nicer obviously if they were spread farther apart we could get a little more of an arch like here we here a little more of an arch if we cap that off with some stand sandstone on top that could look a lot nicer too I got to put that down for a second and I got to tell you something a big secret if you have a youtube channel if you have a twitch channel go give me a follow over on be double-o insta this week I'm going to be giving away six months of coaching YouTube or twitch coaching meeting once a month I'm gonna be giving another one away I gave two away a couple months ago and it's been working out really nice I'm gonna be doing it again so head over to insta be watching the stories for when I do that and I'll tell you how you can apply for it but ladies and gentlemen as the night sets on us that's gonna do it for this episode I want to thank you again so much for all your love and support don't leave a comment because it's not gonna work but leave your comment over on Twitch or Twitter or Instagram I am gonna stream again probably once a week so we're gonna get that cracking and rolling it but at least leave a light how about that leave your old boy a like on it I appreciate it very much love you guys to death and we'll see you all in the next episode you want to know a secret the video on the left is my most viewed video I've ever uploaded whoops there's my phone going off and the video on the right is a video that YouTube has picked specifically just for you

41 thoughts on “Super Easy ILLAGER Battle and Epic Themed Build :: Minecraft 1.14 Building with BdoubleO

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    Though I haven’t been a subscriber of yours in the past, I’ve heard of you and am glad to see you back.

  2. Man, I have to say that building series are actually few and far between and I like yours, cos of your personality and skill as well. Happy its back man.

  3. Okay, I gotta say. I really love the sporadic cutaways to you to explain something. It's a nice a touch. And the bloodied up skin was a really cute touch. Good to see this show again

  4. Oh god, the memories…! Just like Bob Ross; He seems to randomly scrub his brush onto the canvas and you are wondering what the hell is he doing and suddenly there you go: A MOUNTAIN!

    And Bdubs was exactly like that in this episode. I thought the dark prismarine was a bad choice. Turns out, it wasn't!

  5. I just now found out your back and it makes me so happy. I’m only a few minutes in and this video is so well edited and entertaining. We’ve all missed you Bdubs!!!

  6. My man! I'm glad you were able to take the time off you needed for you and your family. Happy to see you back also!

  7. Been watching for like 8 years and the sounds that come out of Bdub's mouth during combat still crack me up to this day.

  8. Hey Bdubs, been a subscriber for close to 7ish years I think. I always check back time and time again to see what you’re up to. This series was my favorite on youtube and Im glad you’re still putting it on. Ill always support you bro

  9. Ah, I am so late to watch this video!
    I love the new editing style, BDubs <3 The third person view and transitions are great.
    As for the illagers around the area I thought they would look like Jiang Shi, Chinese jumping zombies ^^

  10. Glade to see a video from you, I came back to minecraft from watching your older series recently in the last 3 months

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  13. Comments are back on new uploads but it appears the old uploads will forever be comment free.

    But anyway, nice to see you're finally feeling good enough to make videos again. I imagine settling on naming the Roman-Tuscan style area after your daughter so soon after her passing might have inadvertently kept the wounds raw. It wasn't your intentions but the heart does what it will. Your family looks happy and healthy in your vlogs, I mean Eden was just a tiny little whippersnapper and now she's getting bigger.

    If you're doing a Japanese-style remember that they have specific types of buildings. You have the tall pagodas, small pavilions and Shinto/Buddhist temples. Most normal houses and shops were only a single story in height. Taller structures were for inns or the homes of nobility.

    I'm still playing around in the last download you released. I forgot to turn on cheats when I first made it so I can't do any Forge related stuff. Maybe next time when you reach episode 500? But I had fun working on the jungle place to turn the facades into buildings. The trick was to make them tall and thin. Towers connected by walkways in the sky and so on.

  14. I’ve actually watched this and the other building w bdubs video because I actually don’t believe that my favorite YouTubed has come back. Welcome back brother!!

  15. Another comment, but I don’t even watch Minecraft anymore, I will happily watch everything you produce, I love all your stuff Bdubs, I’ve watched you since attack of the Bteam through flyboys the modded battle royals and all of it, you’re a great person and I’m happy you’re doing better!

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    All the best wishes bud!!!

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