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hello and welcome to my channel I’m Ukgamer808 and today we are looking at how to make money farming simulator 19
and we are at Sussex farms FS 19 now this is a playlist I’m currently doing
with all the different ways of making money at Sussex farm so the next one I’m
showing you now if you haven’t seen any of the other ones in this playlist
because there’s quite a few to see and there’s one essential one which you’ve
got to see make sure you take the time and do an hour look at those and maybe
hit that subscribe if you enjoy the content anyway let’s look on the map and
I’ll show you where we are so we are just there and all of them are
disappeared let’s get that back on we are at the garden centre which is just
over yonder straight there no here you can sell pallets straight in there no
the GaN centre has got a a sell station anyway so you can sell all the other
different commodities and if we go into the prices and you go down to the gun
centre in there we go we can we’ve got it does all the main commodities
basically and then nothing else is on there listed it’s just up to sugarcane
now on FS 17 we used to be able to do this and we can do it now on 19 so I
bought some pallets of these are the items we can sell pig food fertilizer
seeds sorry seeds fertilizer and then a lime you can
also sell it’s got to be pilots pallets of potatoes and sugar beet but I haven’t
managed to sell any yet but I have enjoyed the palette so try doing others
and it wasn’t having it so we bought leaves from the shop and
we’re gonna see how much we make on each one of these so let’s crack dog the first one is the lime and the lime
cost us four hundred and fifty pounds so let’s get that one off right so as long
as we get over four hundred and fifty pounds and you see this when it just a
lot of time if you reverse the truck and it just Falls straight through the bed
of the truck so you don’t have to bother unloading are just doing this so we can
see how much we’re making on each one specifically and we made eight hundred
and forty one pounds so we just made just under 400 400 pains so it’s not a
huge amount of money but it’s lying right let’s go on to the next one so
this is the solid fertilizer and this Kostis nineteen hundred and twenty
pounds to buy and we made three thousand to zoom that in three thousand six
hundred and eighty one so you’re talking what fifty sixteen hundred quid
seventeen hundred quid on that one so there’s another one that’s not too bad I
suppose if you want to make a little bit of money especially with seasons coming
up because there’s gonna be times you need to be doing something because
you’ll haven’t got you well you won’t be able to do a lot on the farm and that
these are essential ways have it making that extra bit of money so we come onto
the seed bag and this cost us nine hundred pounds and that’s twelve hundred
and full team so yeah you’re gonna make a few hundred quid on that then the pig
food now if you do in pigs this isn’t the way to buy pig food I’m just showing
you this is an example anyway you just don’t do use big boy pig food like this
is too expensive right so this was a thousand panes and you can’t just drop it down just
leave it there either sort itself out and that with 2548 so quite good profit
on that not too bad whatsoever so that’s one of
the ways extra ways you can make money but you can go further on that because
Wow let me go and get a truck all right so I have a hundred and thirty thousand
liters of Lima and we’re at Sisson farm F has nineteen limes free so everything
we make off this it’s going to be profit as long as I can tip it out I haven’t
tried this yet so hopefully this will work yeah we might struggle here oh no I got
a trigger and that gave us 25 grand which as you can see you don’t have to
just drop drop pallets in you can come in and drop a full load in there so
that’s pretty good money with that especially when we’re getting the free
line anyway now I don’t think that bat trail is gonna be able tip no it’s not
and I’ve still got this other truck in the way right so we can sow lime Sussex
farm no problem so that’s a cheap cheap easy money you just go and get a couple
of trailer loads drop it in it will take the lot and you’re gonna make 25 grand
for 60,000 liters pretty good profit so where are you gonna buy fertilizer
cheaper and sort seeds well you can use the alien Jim Tech ones which I’ve got
these installed they are a mod go under miscellaneous and we scroll all the way
over now we have got the edge fill in silos but it’s not as cheap as alien
Jim’s ones alien Jim ones the ones you want at these two we’ve got the MFC dirt
and the fertilizer he’s he’d hurt and these can be used on any farm so
basically we look buy one and I’ve just bought this bit of land just to make it
a little bit easier spin that around and we’ll leave that one there and then we
will buy a fertilizer hat now I know it costs to buy these but you saving money
on your first initial purchase lettuce 2700 that’s all it is there only a few
slots as well and we’ve filled this up with seed it
does lime all seeds so we don’t need to buy line because we can get it free so
six farms for FS 19 it’s all free but seeds we can have some seeds oh it
started in stop then and there it is it cost us forty two thousand seven hundred
and thirteen pounds to buy which you think what that’s a bit of money that
will bring it down to here and that took ages as well we’re tip that off hopefully I won’t
take it so long to empty it might be danger the truck you never know and we may well we didn’t make we got
72,000 pounds for that so that’s pretty good return on your investment and it’s
the same for fertilizer as well you can do the same with fertilizer now pig food
one does the best thing for buying and selling pig food is the pig food
solos so let’s go into the shop and let me show you that one because this is
another mod now if you haven’t anything to do with pigs or your gonna buy in
sell pig food you need to use these silos which they’re all different colors
and we’re just have that one they are 75 grand but they’re gonna save you money
because they’re a lot cheaper when you’re buying your pig food and
especially you’ve got somewhere you can sell pig food if we can get that
triggered right put that there if you got somewhere you can sell pig
food then you can generate money you basically sell your pig food to your
buyer and the money you make off that buys you your pig food so you don’t it
doesn’t cost you any money because pigs are an absolute drain on any farm and
you sell them for a ground and that that there’s take thousands in food they
really will you don’t want to ever give you of pigs any of you commodities
especially your high ranking stuff like your soybeans and sunflowers and all
that malarkey you just want to use this mod to give them pig food so we’ll let
that fill up and I’ll show you how much it costs for buying it from here whereas
the other one would have cost us sixty thousand pounds because there’s sixty
thousand liters now hopefully is cost as less and it as
it’s forty one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine so if you bought that in
pallets it would have been a thousand and if you bought it from the edge grown
grain so low it would have cost you I think it would have been over 60
thousand I’m sure it’s quite expensive by and picked through from from there
but you want to always do it from that one so that one cost us forty one days
and all over it was drop that off a hundred and fifty two thousand pounds
now settings are on normal so that’s a serious way to make some money some
people say it’s cheating but if it’s in the game is in the game you just use it
simple as that isn’t it why don’t well that’s it for how to make
money farming simulator 19 I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and he’s showing
you how to make money at the garden centre and hopefully you’ll be–you’ll
well you’ll be able to make loads of different different ways of making money
on Sussex farms FS 19 it’s awesome and I’m gonna get this truck stuck that way
definitely anyhow I hope you’ve enjoyed this
episode and if you did then always appreciate you smash that like button
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enjoy what you like what you see in thanks for watching and I will see you
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