Teaching A NOOB How To Trade And About RARE ITEMS In Fortnite Save The World

so I'm pretty sure yeah these are all God rolls okay and all ones that I'll for durability what can it like what can you offer me how can I see I've got like see how's it going guys welcome back to another video so today what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be teaching a noob how to trade in fortnight I say noob he's power level 60 but he's never traded in his life on fortnight save the world it's crazy I have no idea how his power level 60 but he's literally never true never traded his name is seven we don't know who 7 is go and check him out his link will be in the description make sure you let him know I sent you basically what we're gonna be doing in this video is I'm gonna be I'm gonna be showing him some rare items and then we go on to trade at the very end if you are new to the channel don't get to subscribe and turn those post applications and if we could smash six thousand likes on this video that would be absolutely in the sale anyway without further ado let's get straight into today's video I hope you enjoy where do I put my arms I'll show you the things I've gotten and you can really you can just you can just just put it here okay cool so I like these 106 things drop all of it and have a look at materials I've got things like I've got a bit of malachite I've got some Sun beam I think some beam crystals about bright or see where wonderful for them and I've got some like obsidian so it's not I don't know how good that is I've been told that door like he just like I did just got a mate no no no no no no come on D me I'm swaggin I I just literally just kicked you like that's that's the thing you need to be careful there's so many there's so many people out there like literally like I don't know you could just you just have to make sure you're the host a voice you know I'm literally like I'm dying inside like I thought you illiterate and that was always that's do you wanna stuff I've actually got you better be quick way I don't know so people been saying people people said could what was a disposal yeah yeah why a spawn but no people said to me in the comments and we're like oh play with down and other people like God don't do it he's a scammer I wasn't yeah buddy once got me and I got a dude I thought you would literally about a dude like mr. Pike May if you don't know me like like I don't know this is probably like one of the rarest things in the game so there's no I'm pretty sure right so this I'll show you some I need to learn this is this is a 6-3 this is six time okay so a stack of record spectrum in a powder yeah this looks like this you can't actually get this in the game yet I don't up to nice I don't even know how people I bet but so is there is the normal shield portions or is that just yes yeah no that's just it it's just used to craft stuff I'll I'm sure what it is for two minutes anything you said rainbow I don't guessing you guys it don't have roots all wins like but you know what are you soon this is honey oh oh yeah I've heard about honey yes free pretty useless but it's still rare like you can't actually you can't use it for anything you know but that's pretty cool in school materials I can write this is spectra light whoa like some like ancient ceramic alien artifact or something what yes it all these items should be coming with the next zone apart from the honey I don't think y'all would be able to get that back so that's the spectra lights fairly rare but it's not as rare as the moon glow yeah I mean compared to my stuff like the literally the best thing I have is probably like let's see what is it like I say the Sun beam stuff like that's probably it so what does that compared to everything else oh you'd have to this what's he doing sorry sorry dad you want to come back maybe why do you like maybe he's nervous right now honey you missed the vendor set this anywhere Oh what an Exim Bank no I just wanna you met you didn't get the best thing what do i what was the best thing the Moonglow all right you cannot you have to try it you have to give us something for that how about scammer gets scammed boyss I've seen these vids are you gonna give us nothing we didn't have to be exponential are you gonna trade we'll try it what for that begins boys yeah teach me how this works tell me i so i'll trade you this here is one Moonglow right here okay yeah is that good yeah this is a really rare oh she can't be compliance through the window no obviously you could you just okay that's cool I didn't know you could do that okay I was wondering I was like why don't people just reach through the window and nab things that's what yeah yeah you just need to make sure you yeah that was remover would you would you want backup your stuff for that I would want all of it by hand you're inveterate yeah yeah and my inventory yes tonight seventy honey and one special eye or it was wears I've got oh yes one Spectre right I see that what's the honey that i-79 honey yeah and it is 200 spectral men up the middle product keep it honey yeah right okay what else is it what does it spec true was it special but not us and I'm special minute model I mean yeah the shield pop oh yeah yeah and a portion okay just take all this stuff up yeah well you can is this actually a good trainer might getting ripped here like what is that I could train for that thing over there um well is it is it is it it'd be I don't know I'd suppose I I don't really know how much it's worth like that's why I'm planning on doing can I can I leave this game with the least one weapon like storm defense or a mission you wanna trade okay let's go just get my arms but I'll trade you will give you one spatula okay I'll give you is there a scam involved you like it's not a scone in fact hold on I'll give you I'll give you nine percent any technical parts no no man I ain't got my check and give like that I mean I'll do I'll try my best honey okay done have have a little bit I'll give you a shot give me about war okay how about yes yeah dude this guy's like dozen of something insane he's cooking up all this buzz cut that generosities because I that's my folk but I'm never gonna be able to get it to never learn and tell you for like forever I've got it this is what I'm willing to serve you yeah I've got nine Vincent mechanical parts mm-hmm one spatula or ten honey yeah I'm pretty sure yeah these are all God rolls okay and all ones that y'all for durability what can it like what can you offer me for that okay I see I've got like see I mean so I'm screwing down I've got things like I mean I can't give anything you've already gave me back and give you like I've got like okay I'll drop some of this I got like three cameras you're gonna be kind to me that I'm gonna drop you all my materials right this takes ages to get right takes me here just to get materials and then I'll drop you like if I didn't need materials like be like I think these are pretty what's this but maybe like 100 and 100 for this is the best trip ever I mean I want it I want it like I don't know he's know you're never gonna I know you know but then again come on you know you Corey father I come on yeah whatever yeah actually I know I'm gonna give you I can give you something what can I give you um I'll give you some bright core I'll give you one of them right before like so you Robin is of like one quarter of all that whatever I'm robbing you yeah okay okay so you know let's do this to do uh I'll just say one last goodbye I guess I love you for this done appreciated if I call it okay so yeah all right this is for that this is friendship guys right yeah this is this is a true friendship I used to donate to you when you had like barely any Serbs but I'm taking that would pop up it's just a little bit spare on the floor you dropped em up all right well I'm feeling a bit like how about a bit hot like a bit hot sweaty that was this is probably the most intense video I've ever met I'm not even kidding like I mean I was robbing your items and I mean you feel like you care more for us off but I mean I feel like we've became closer friends done I really do you just stole half my inventory literally ten Rafal and/or house of water how much would you for piles of wood mm stone and a thousand metal I hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you did don't forget to drop a like subscribe and tell on those person applications if you are new to the channel and also don't forget to check 7 out his link will be in the description and let him know that I sent you anyway that's been it for me thanks for watching and say kiddies

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  1. I can't understand man. For example what should sb offer for 82 fire grave? Idk the VALUES.CAN SOMEBODY HELPP

  2. Today me and my friend was trading side of the game and when the game ended all my guns were gone I feel very upset how to fix that myself

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