Tekashi69 BAN, Ninja caught selling underwear, Alinity facing 32 year prison. 📰 PEW NEWS📰

Ninja did an oopsie Alinity did an oopsie Tekashi69 did a big oopsie and Smosh oopsie My name is Gloria Borger, Oopsie Doopsie. lets bring on the news Pew News the most respected news source on Youtube. this just in everyone hates ninja now why? cause he’s basically Pewdiepie 2015 unfunny screaming loud obnoxious unselfaware coloured hair *chuckles* NO because ninja gets people banned that’s right everybody if ninya (swedish accent coming thorugh) doesnt like you on fortnite, he can get you banned. *snaps* like that, he is the Thanos of fortnite this all started because uh on uh reddit, a post said that This player is about to get banned because he emoted

100 thoughts on “Tekashi69 BAN, Ninja caught selling underwear, Alinity facing 32 year prison. 📰 PEW NEWS📰

  1. To be honest I hate it when lawyers defend the killers.I know it’s their job but like your defending a guy that has killed people and you want him to not get punished.

  2. i literally just tuned in to allinity's stream and she told a story about how her chat told her to name a teddy bear Cream pie and she said she later realized it was something gross and didnt know exactly what it was but it was gross…..yup shes a thot

  3. i was gonna play fortnite tomorrow and now i don’t wanna. 13 years old and getting banned by ninja. f&@k. that makes me sick. salt of the earth.

  4. Alinity facing 32 Years in prison and tekashi69 is banned on twitch?!?! What! And Ninja’s Underwear!?! Pewds…

  5. pewds its me from the future your a minecraft channel no0w but thats not it…. takashi 69 will be 69 years old when he comes out of jail…….. mind blown pews pls share this on youre channel bruv

  6. Ok I hate most people who are saying stuff about ninja since he doesn't know when someone is stream sniping or not considering he always gets stream sniped like once when he got stream sniped at his new years celebration event so uhh you guys who say stuff wanna shut up

  7. I dont understand who the hell ninja thinks he is somebody killing him and emoting isnt stream sniping its called
    BBBBBeINg a bEtTeR pLayEr

  8. ay ay idk how old this vid is and I'm not saying you're talking about this person but NF is real and is not all about money he says that in his music he has real problems and I would love to him him even more

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