Ten 4 Tech: Starboard: Import/Export & Screen Capture

hey everyone and welcome to ten 4 tech
doit’s web show that takes up to ten minutes to dive into bite-sized portions of technology my name is Topez Mitchell, and today I am going to show you
how to import and export documents or your starboard software version nine point
three one to import a document you want to start off by going to file open you document box will appear in you’ll
click a document that you would like to import into your starboard depending on how big your document is, it
might take a while once your document is imported a page size box will appear if you want to zoom in or zoom out of the document click ok once you’re
finished and this will allow you to do whatever you want to do such as highlighting you can draw on it and do whatever you need
to do on this document once you are finished and you would like to
export it you go to file save as go to your second drop down box and as you
can see you have a variety of different files that you can save it in htm, jpg, pdf and powerpoint i already have some slides that i’ve done previously i’m
gonna show you how it does when you save it to powerpoint you
go back to file save as in the second drop down box click power point once its saved you go to powerpoint on your desktop and when you scroll down you should see the document that you just saved on your starboard as you can see these are all the tabs that i’ve previously worked on the next thing i want to show you about
the starboard is a cool thing called screen recording this will let you basically record anything that you do on your
whiteboard by going to screen record you want to find the menu bar and locate the
tool box with the wrench poking out once you click that when you go down half way through the
screen you will see something that says screen recorder once you click that a box will appear it has 3 buttons on this box, a record button a pause button and a settings button when you click on the settings button a box will appear if you have a new device or a new headset
that is not already installed on your computer you might want to contact the doit’s helpdesk
so that they can help you install it when its not installed this box will be unchecked not allowing you to
add audio to your video once it’s installed you clan click the enable audio button and find whatever device your using once you finish you click ok when you wanna start recording you just click the record button and you can do anything on this board and it will record it another cool thing is that you can also go to
the internet and it will also record the internet whatever you
want to do it’ll record it as you can see we have uncp up when you’re finished recording you just hit
the stop button once you hit stop a box will appear asking you to save it once you’re finished click save if you want to open it, just go back to your documents and you can open it up again this is a cool thing to use if you have a
student that’s not in class that needs to see what happened or a good study guide for them to use just
in case they forgot something that happened in class as you can see it records your audio and your video so everything i did you see on this
recording thanks again for joining us today on ten for tech, my name is Topez Mitchell and remember it’s really not that hard!!

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