Tendenci | Membership Module Training Series | Video 6 – Import and Export Members

>>Sarah: In this video as part of the Membership
module series, I’m going to show you some of the places that as a site
admin you will want to go to manage your members and the membership profiles
and accounts. If you have a lot of members already that you want to import from
your old site into Tendenci you can use our batch membership import and you come up
to the admin bar under people, drop down to members… and this will take you to the
membership tabs and when you mouse over the membership tab you will see here an import
and export feature. The import feature allows you to batch import your members from a CSV file
and the export feature allows you to export your site’s members into a CSV file that you can
then use for other tools outside. By clicking on the import you will see that it’s tied to a certain
application so you will need to have already created a membership application that we’ve
shown earlier. Then you can choose the file and what needs to be in your CSV file, you need to
have a user name field, you need to have an email field, membership type that matches the membership
types on your site, first name and last name. Those are required fields. You can then add additional
fields based on what information you have on your members and our site will import those as well, these
are just the required ones. So to batch import we would choose the file from our drive, where the
CSV file is… And then we would click to import, it would
come over here and as you can see there’s a number of fields we didn’t have listed. So we just want to
look for first name here and last name. This allows you to map the fields that are in your spreadsheet into the
system. Again you can add all of these, others if you wanted, to your spreadsheet. And then we click submit. This
allows you to preview the import and then you would click here, Import Now, if everything looked correct. Depending on
how large your membership import file is, it can take several minutes and so it will tell you here, it’s processing
the membership import. So we will take a brief pause and once the import is done I’ll show you what that looks like.
When the membership import is finished, you will see a notice that tells you how many imports were attempted, how many
were added, and how many were skipped. In this case all five of our member examples were imported correctly. However every now
and then maybe something has a special field and the system had trouble reading it correctly. You will be able to see which ones
were skipped and that way you’ll be able to go back and either manually add them or try again for the one’s that were missed.
We can go back to the membership search page and now when we click to see professional members on the right hand side
we can see our new examples have been added here, each with their own membership number and the details. So that’s how you
batch import your members. To export your members from a Tendenci site you would go
back through the admin navigation menu to members
and you would come down to memberships to click on export. You can export your members
based on their application type. To protect the
export process your site’s password is required. It’s the same password that you log in to
your Tendenci site as an admin and once you export
as you see here we will get an export file and it will have the different information
that you specified in your application fields as exportable
which you can customize. So that’s how easy it is to export your memberships.

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