The Black Powder Merchant | Critical Role | Ep 23

you come to the door and it's a very very simple kind of slovenly kept house the wood itself is a little warped from the weather hasn't kept well and there's kind of a musty smell of mildew from the outside of the building but it you see a slight glow between the cracks apparently there is some sort of interior light how it charming uh my name is a personal friendship signed by Musa Kowalski the role of the third haha thank you I was sent to you I was sent here in terms to hopefully negotiate the purchase of some black powder I was hurt I've heard that your door slams open at this point mid you see from around the corner a very live crooked looking man quite elderly but very spry for his size you'd see his his arms and legs are very lanky almost spider like in the way they move and and shift as he peeks out and you can see he has spectacles of two different sizes and thickness around each eye is hairs kind of frazzled in gray white as yet oh you need black powder coming honey he runs back into the Hubbell place I generally answer this as you step inside the scent hits you immediately and you realize this place is probably filled with black powder and the last thing anyone wants is to set off any sort of flame this would be a very bad idea as you look around your eyes adjust to the low light interior you realize it's it's it's low lit because there are two very very faintly set magical torch sconces on each side that are very very low light kind of like these but even smaller um and you can see in the room there there was a small Forge that's kind of disused to the far end I would hope so there are a large large large number of crates and barrels that all seem to be containing various parts of discarded gravel basically whatever is kind of shoved off of any mining expedition goes to him and he just stumbles through it and kind of separates in different pieces and there's barrels full of sulfur there's barrels full of what looks like broken canonic so are broken quartz and they're all been separated and you can see now this is kind of OCD collection and there is indeed in the far end what looks to be a barrel that contains a large amount of black powder that it's just everywhere is like this very fine coat of powder that it's compass in this entire room and as he turns around you can see now his hands himself are black encoded any goes so you came looking for what how do you know asked about the black powder but I think knew it had a purpose yes you wish to buy it how much you want speak up speak up I haven't all day how much how much fro for a barrel or hogsheads were awesome in peril the peril Aranui four thousand six hundred and twenty three gold pieces for the barrel however you can see now this little jewel pulling down his shiny head like sores if I can see this riddle myself yes indeed yeah hi hoghead wait oh oh he turns around and I struggle through a bunch of pieces of burlap and sack and pulls out what looks to be an actual dried and a hollowed-out hog said to fear this compares a dog's head with you this really oscul 426 those pieces morning oh yes yes yes how about 400 even and you can direct me to some more as well oh are you walking oh I thought you might have a friend take a persuasion roll all right nice and he slipped writing to mercy no that's ah yeah I love I love Percy 25 25 sure you have a friend you must you seem you seem so amiable find it for Heinrich I send you distinction yes you take my said sir you have a deal door it goes around and just jams them out head into the bed like powder picks it up yeah this suit kind of settles against you and thirsty you guys is you now find yourself partially covered in the slowly dissipating cloud of black powdery but coffin stink Bodleian pushed away 400 gold you'll pay I gently put the first out in front of me he with a whisk it's already put away into a side pouch and here the clinging of kind of haphazard coins in his far pocket yeah okay hey deception this right he grabs your arm and drags you out on his hovel he points across the way with this kind of shaking crooked finger tempting yeah in the rich building I tell him kill him each other some of you he'll give you all thank you for all of your help you've been so kind ah I imagine you want more powder come back I might do fast good good goodbye and pushes you out take both you either arms and pushes you out slams door behind and you're left kind of standing there half covered in black and soot and black powder in the center of the thoroughfare midday kind of stunned by the whole encounter okay come on man that's a crazy price very good okay I'm going to walk over to Samson's place and an X Enix become very excited at the prospect of a new I'm six point two six points amazing wealth you from the Russian judge

41 thoughts on “The Black Powder Merchant | Critical Role | Ep 23

  1. This character makes me think that one of thesr days someone should take over for Mr. Mercer's DM duties so that he can actually play. Hr's obviously itching for it.

  2. You could see that Orion had problems there already.. I mean if you could be this emotionless when encountering Victor, there must be something wrong

  3. Imagine for a moment if Caleb ever once set foot in there
    edit: the fact that TIBS was potentially so close

  4. Supposedly Matt did not plan out Victor, and made him up on the spot. And with one word "Yes" the entire cast is in stitches.

  5. Everytime I come back and watch this, I have to rewind it 7 times to see everyone's initial reaction to Victor's voice.

  6. I haven’t decided whether my favorite thing about this scene is Taliesin doing Percy’s frantic cries as Victor guides him around, or Sam being so distracted laughing that he’s basically rendering Scanlan (arguably the mouthiest member of the group and I TOTALLY FORGOT HE WAS THERE) absolutely speechless.

  7. The best part here is you can Watch this scene 3 or 4 times and still discover stuff, Matt's voice and facial expressions, Taliesin total immersion, Travis and Liam going nuts…. It's so perfect.

  8. I didn't really know that Sam and Liam were best buds when I first watched this episode. I didn't really notice their bromance at the upper screen through all this xD

  9. I really hoped this… kobold…, ya lets go with that, would come by during the Vecna fight. Imagine mid battle this little crazy gunpowder nutt runs up and just mini nukes vecna with a homemade kegbomb. I know it would be of tone but it would have been glorious.

  10. ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha that voice is funniest one Matt even since you started talking like that i laughed every time you did that voice!

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  12. Returning to this classic moment, I can't help but think Matt looks a lot younger compared to later episodes. Almost like he went through a teenager look in the beginning of CR, and his appearance matured as the campaign went on

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