The Fastest Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Website

– It’s easy to do SEO
when you got a old site that already has a ton of back links. It’s easy to spend money
on paid advertising when you’re already rich and
you’re an established company. But what happens when
you’re a new website? How can you get that traffic? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to break down the fastest ways to bring traffic to a brand new site. (light music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe, and if you’re on YouTube,
click that alert notification. That way when I create live videos, whether it’s on Facebook,
YouTube, LinkedIn, you’ll all get notified. How many of you have a new website? I’m curious, because if
you have a new website, I want to see if you
implement these tactics. And don’t just tell me if
you have a new website. List out the URL. I’m going to see if you
implement these tactics so we can see your traffic change once you implement them one by one, because I bet you it will work. And if you use these tactics
and you don’t see a gain, you can hit me up personally and I will personally
help you out for free. That’s how confident I am
that these tactics will work. The first method I have for you is to partner with other content creators. Have you thought about
co-hosting blog content? So all the things where I’ll go and I’ll create content with other people and we’ll do it on a similar topic. So for example, we may do a
joint webinar, joint podcast. We may even do roundup posts. We may even do interviews
with other people. By partnering with other content creators, you’ll find that they’ll
promote the content and you’ll promote the content as well. But you may be like, Neil, I don’t have any traffic to my site. That’s okay. That’s why I also gave you options to interview people and do roundup posts, because people are always
flattered to be interviewed. People are always flattered to be included in a roundup post. And you know what, when you
include X person in these posts, what are they going to do
when it gets published? They’re going to share it. When they share it on
their favorite social site, what happens, you get more traffic. And yeah, you may find
that all of the experts may not share the
content, but if you email asking them to, a large portion will. I’m talking about 30%, 40% plus. I found that when people interview me and they ask me to share the content, almost always I share it. Giveaways, contests, or promotions. Look, reach out to other
websites in your niche, offer them something that’s valuable to their audience, and
they’ll spread the word. When they do, you’ll get extra traffic. Giveaways have been so effective. You guys are all familiar
with the guy named Tai Lopez. Here in my garage is
this Lamborghini, right? He’s famous or known for that video as well as a lot of other things. What does Tai do that’s
extremely effective and smart? He does a ton of giveaways. He’s given away money,
he’s given away cars, he’s given away shoes, he gives away whatever he wants to give
away that he can think of. And it’s super effective,
because when you do giveaways, people love it, they spread the word, you get a ton of traffic,
you get a ton of followers, a ton of engagement, and you can keep leveraging that audience
to keep coming back. When you get those people
during those giveaways, make sure you collect their email address, because by collecting their email address and then you release blog posts
or new features or content, you can always email them to
get them back to your site. Method number three, push notifications. It’s the simplest way to keep
getting more and more traffic. Just think of it this way. Look, someone comes to your site,
are they going to come back? Chances are no. If you’re not sure about this,
check out Google Analytics. There’s a cohort report in there, it shows you how often people come back. You’re lucky if three months down the road even 1% of your audience comes back. By doing those push notifications with one click, someone’s
subscribed to your site, they don’t have to put
in an email or anything, they don’t have to give you any of their personal information, and then any time you
release more content, any new features, promotions,
you can message them all out and quickly get them back to your site. And you can use Subscribers
to do this, The fourth thing you want to do, paid ads. And you may not have a
big budget, that’s okay. Did you know in many cases Google AdWords will give you $50 or $100 in free adspend? Don’t believe me, google for it. You’ll find a ton of offers
and coupons like that. You can use it to get started, it’ll give you a quick boost in traffic. Yes, those visitors may
not convert into customers because you may not have enough time to run the optimal campaigns,
but it’s a great start. Just try that out, you’ll
get a quick boost of traffic. And you know what? If you get some sales, you can keep doing more and more of it over time. The fifth strategy I have
for you is guest posting. Hit up some of the most popular guest contributors on other blogs. For example, if my friend
Jason always blogs on Forbes, I’ll hit him up, assuming
he’s not a friend, but let’s say this random guy named Jason, I would hit him up being like, “Jason, “I’m a huge fan of your work,
love what you’re doing.” And then I would give him feedback and build that connection with him. By continually giving Jason feedback or other guest contributors feedback, teaching them how they can improve and even giving them topic suggestions, you’ll build up that rapport with them, and then eventually, after
a few weeks to a month, asking them to introduce you
to the editor of that site and say, “Hey, I want to
follow in your footsteps “and also write on Forbes
or Huffington Post” or whatever it may be, you’ll get a intro from a editor who already writes, which means technically you’ll get a intro from a author who writes to a editor and what you’ll find is that editor is more likely to respond and accept you because someone who already
writes for them recommended you. Then when you write for them,
if you link out to your site, make sure you no follow the link. You don’t want to use that
as a link building tactic. But when you link out to your
site and you no follow it, you’re not manipulating search engines, and at the same time, you’ll
get referral traffic from it. And the last method I have for you, comment on other blogs in your industry. Now, when you comment on these blogs, I’m not just saying leave
stuff like, “Nice content!” “Good job!” I’m talking about
leaving detailed comments that provide readers with feedback. Now when you leave a comment,
right, and people are getting all this advice and feedback from you, when you leave that
comment, you’ll find that it’s asking for your name
and URL and a comment. You already know what to
do in the comment box. Your name is your name. Your URL should be your website URL. Then, eventually, as
people like your comments, they will click on those comments, people will go to your site, and you’ll be getting more visitors. You know about a site called Mashable? Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, that’s what he did when
he first started off, that’s how he grew that
site in popularity. If you want more traffic to your site, you need help with your marketing, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. And if you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “The Fastest Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Website

  1. Yes definitely will try most of them. Thanks Neil! My new blog is four months old with 16 posts and just got about 100 visitors last month.

    I wish to increase to 5000 visitors in next three months. Hopefully your tactics will help 🙂

  2. Great video, Neil …if are some people with new websites I can help them with my experience in web design field

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to use them.

    I even thought of doing contests to give giveaways, but I have a question: In order to enter the contest, what should I ask for? To enter their mail in my email list? Share a blog post on Twitter? Share the blog posts explaining the contest on Twitter? RT'ing the message where I explain the contest? I don't have enough experience to know what's the best way.

  4. really helpful tips, Neil! Thanks!
    Most of them are actually common sense but sometimes it's as though you only apply them if some authority figure vouches for that tip's effectiveness…the way we're wired, lol.
    Best ot wishes to you!

  5. Hi Neil, great video, we really dig your videos. We love the way how in every video you do have great and most relevant examples all the time. Tai Lopez's example in this video is what we liked in this video too. "Here in this garage is my Lamborghini, right?" it was very engaging. We believe that your push notification tip is too authentic, our own website gained a lot from this simple service. Keep up the good work.

  6. I have one since August 5 and I have seven blogs and I have no traffic from google just from what I shared on Twitter the most views I got it 67. Although my site appears on Google .It's frustrating I don’t know what’s wrong

  7. Hi Neil,
    What I can do to improve my website which is about entertainment, popculture ? how or whom I can add in the round-up posts. it is not about startups or companies to add people, neither it is about seo or marketing to add blogs in roundups. how do increase the traffic ?????

    Similarly how I do giveaways or what kind of digital products?????

    there are so much stuff and suggestions NOT working on entertainment or movie websites????? so what we guys do here?

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  9. Spoiler!

    It's been over 6 months I am researching about getting more customers. And till now my understanding is "the best way to grab people's attention is by providing information"
    I would say instead of doing giveaways rather provide information to understand a perfect fit.
    Because, first of all it's not that easy to make peoples do business with you just by giving some free stuff, even 60% or more people won't see the actual product. You might get some traffic, but it won't create a base to generate more sales or growth day by day. It would be beneficial only if you have a great business plan behind it.

    Second, you gotta spend money. And you are not even sure whether or not it's gonna be worth spending!

    2 months ago I started selling products using this tactics in social network, and I got good profit. Which gave me confident to create my own e-commerce website.

    Create something valuable for your targeted audience. It will create a chain to bring more audience.

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    the only issue is the converting of these visits is really poor
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    The dude isn't a good marketer, I actually had to install and adblocker for Youtube because Tai's ads would pop up every friggin week even when I flagged it for being irrelevant or inappropriate. I DON'T WANT YOUR COURSE buzz off!

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