The Fisherman and the Businessman

Taking a much-needed vacation ..a businessmen visited a sleepy coastal village A fisherman was just pulling into port
with the day's catch "How long did it take you to catch these?" asked the businessmen in admiration "Only a few hours, senor," replied the
fishermen, "but it is enough to feed my family." "Why don't you stay longer and catch more fish?" said the businessman. Looking confused, the Fishman asked, "But what would I do with the extra fish?" "Ah, well – you can make more money.. buy more boats.. ..then eventually you can sell your business and retire." "But what would I do after I retired?" asked the fisherman. "Well, then," replied the businessman. "You can pretty much do whatever you
wanted.. " can spend time with your family.." " & drink to your heart's desire.." "..stay up and play music with your friends all night long if you like!" "But, senor, this is what I already do.."

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