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yes so we just told you moments ago that the Golden State Warriors have acquired the Angela Russell in order to make that deal work they gotta let go one of them contracts and the contract that they're letting go only a couple guys can make it work I only draymond Green and I'm very good dollars cap make this thing work obviously they're not trading Steph Curry and klay something the the person that's getting traded is under $2 so the Memphis Grizzlies have gotten into this trade the Golden State Warriors will sing I mean a plethora of pigs ladies and gentlemen a plethora of pigs I'll get them to you shortly – and an Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies and then bringing that cap that that every dollar contract in and bringing and taking all those pigs from Golden State that they're doing going in state of favor but trust me don't feel sorry for the Memphis Grizzlies they've acquired a crap ton of pigs in this deal doing this favor for go to say the Warriors needed somebody to make this deal work and the Golden State Warriors will give the Memphis Grizzlies a 2024 protective first round pick that'll be one through four particular 2025 protected number one pick and a 20 26 protected pick as well so V I'm protected excuse me on that 2026 the Grizzlies give three picks they're acquiring so many picks in assets right now I'm so happy for my hometown team they're doing it the right way just building building building not rushing the process and you know hundred dollars probably not gonna play in Memphis he's probably gonna get bought out that's my guess but Memphis was willing to do it take on that cat room and just buy it without loud because they get three picks pretty much for nothing all right the Warriors had to make this deal happen for DLO and you gotta train one of your guys and I wonder right this is just me wondering yeah I know I'm in the hip-hop journalism I wonder I'm sure the dogs been doing a lot of interviews he's got a new book out I wonder did under it with dollars press run he said a lot of things during that press run and leaked a little bit of information about to go to that warriors one thing he said it was there was turmoil within that organization between Mark Jackson and the Warriors organization because the former head coach of the Warriors because mark this was a strong preacher and you know he was against gates and somebody within that world's organization plus K or is gay Reverend and I wonder did that have any part in the war you're saying you know what we're gonna move on from him he's old anyway but we gonna move on from we like that we like that press run I'm just wondering cuz i watch this interview with The Breakfast Club it would also got a new book out I wanted it I have anything to do with that that's interesting to me I hold on to it and maybe that'd be something we revisit but anywho the Memphis greens have acquired under the dollar I don't expect them to play a game in Memphis he's gonna likely get bought out but it's all to make that DeAngelo Russell trade word I'm out I came from nothing but I want everything God has for me I interview celebrities I've talked sports I still represent the coach guy he's a worn out tuned in tuned in yeah we look there right now mister tell offense to tell us very kind of her to tell the federal shout to mr. Gela fell watching TV

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  1. The press run didn't have anything to do with it. We needed to move him and we've been talking about it out here for a year now. Maybe it was the icing on the cake, but definitely not the reason.

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