The Key to Making Millions of Dollars Trading Penny Stocks*

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  1. Simple works! the fact that you don't use any technical indicators and you have made millions of dollars is incredible. Tim, your strategies work. I watch your DVDs and your lessons here, including the new pennystocking book. I'm still paper trading, for the month of may I won 8/8 buying the first green day on NASDAQ stocks, closing strong wth volume and selling the next morning. thank you for all you do.I know soon, very soon I'll be in your challenge program. enjoy your weekend

  2. Your teachings in trading and life have really helped me get my shit together at a younger age. I can remember the day I followed you on Instagram nearly 2 years ago because it marked a significant change for me. Thank you for everything!

  3. Thank you Tim. CRON didn't hit my radar as I'm holding CODX overnight. Support held nicely in the 4.50s before uptrending towards 4.70ish

  4. NIce!
    Timothy, please, tell us with what amount of money do you trade..
    and what is the minimum budget that you can start trading PS and get a profit of $100/day?

  5. Tim i cant trust you or anyone 100% until you remove the option to skip trades on Profitly. But thanks for sharing..

  6. first time ive ever seen you post a technical chart lol. Usually i would stay away from straight technical breakouts, but this stock has been proven to spike so the catalyst is there, it could and probably would spike again

  7. Thank you for the lesson! I'm new to it but not young. Currently working through the 'Trader's Checklist' series too, hoping that eventually things will start sinking in and that I'll begin to grasp what's going on. Also, had a chat with one of Tim's nice chaps about purchasing the 'Pennystocking Part Deux' dvd. I trust this to be a good place to start for someone who, as yet does not trade and never has?

  8. I have been student of Timothy Sykes, on Profitly for 1 year 6 months and watched approximate 4000 video lesson and the lesson are boring but I've expand knowledge account and still have a long long way to go to become a successful trader. Thank you, Timothy Sykes Mentor/Teacher.

  9. Love the lesson here,
    I study everyday,I don't need to be pushed,I need more time!
    But the little time I have I am studying!!!!!! ( from when I get in.. until it's bed time… 2 hours)
    It might be a while before I get there,but I'm gonna get there.

  10. $GERN could go green anytime,it started stablizing on Friday
    $LGCY wwnt green on Monday but overall market suck and came back down, Tuesday it did bounce big
    $CODX first green day friday was fking great

  11. Hi Tim! You are indeed helping me become a better trader. This journey is long and I am trading less(smile) while disciplining myself not to follow Alerts. Thank you for the vast number of video lessons. Slow and Steady [+Study] wins the race. Thanks Tim! #MillionaireMastersProgram

  12. Hey tim I’ve been critical of your videos for not showing much info and mainly promoting, but this was a awesome video for YouTube with a lot of useful tips in it. Thanks

  13. Woohoo!! Every day I check YouTube for the next video lesson! I absorb it all in and then paraphrase it to my FB Group for transparent traders (the one in trying to get you in on Timothy!!) Haha my favourite part of this video was when you said “I didn’t even know about the MACD crossing over and forming an ascending triangle, I SAID FUCK THAT” HAHAHA it was as gold as your lack of math skills. I don’t even know my timetables off by heart so glad to know we are so alike 😉 As usual shoutouts from Sydney, Australia!!!

  14. This pattern works for him, he is experienced. Mean while you followers only follow rather than analyze and find your own style that works for you. Just say.

  15. I love to study. It is a thrill to me, an adventure in gold mining. This is the 22nd Century phenomenon. Alton Dinger

  16. Can't tell you how much I appreciate this video, I usually use the 3 day dip buying pattern but lately that pattern is slow and this pattern makes a lot more sense now, thanks!

  17. This is common sense and the foundation to learn before trading. I'm still doing what I can to get it. While I'm not your millionaire challenge student. The videos I have seen has given me a bear foundation to trade modest.

  18. I have currently been studying this pattern lately… this was also on my watch list too…great video… the grind is a must to be successful… you said it Tim people want the quick way to success thats why I respect the grind because those who grind earn there reward of success….Thanks Again Tim for training videos…

  19. 27,500 Minutes = 459 Hours(Approx.) = 20 Days Consecutive or continuously. What you did man it's awesome. I wanna be like you man someday.///////……

  20. catylist is the Canadian legalization vote on is this Thursday lots of marijuana stocks should run this week

  21. When you take upon studying for any career you've got to go to school every day and study the lessons every day after school and on weekends (If you are a good student) to be able to pass the classes with good grades so you can obtain the degree you are seeking. Becoming a Good Profitable Penny Stocks Trader is no different. You will not obtain a degree, but you will obtain something much, much better: Financial Freedom. Having someone like Master Sykes and his Gurus teaching us by showing us how have they done it is a huge advantage and I don't see how anyone could fail by just imitating what they have already done and proven…Thank You, Master Sykes.

  22. You are definitely a great teacher. I understand where you are coming from. Can you make a lesson on what indicators from the company (if any) that should be considered when studying the chart pattern of the company’s stock. And whether or not they will ever contradict one another.

  23. All the video lesson are important because one needs to be prepared on every case scenario, even if he/she will not be trading the given pattern. Thank you for the free lesson.

  24. Tiens razon Tim,y como no escucharte si eres millonario y tienes mucha experiencia en este tema, buena esa coach

  25. Average people believe in luck Successful people put in the work, grind and the sacrifices. All comes to how bad do you want it. Tim I look up to you as one of my mentors and always learn from you.

  26. Check out chart guys analysis on Canadian weed stocks. lots of volume on the US side for Canadian MJ. VOTE is on June 7. lots of volatility in days ahead

  27. Have been studying since 5/2016… yes, couple hours a day. Full time demanding job, being a wife and studying…. MAKE IT WORK- STUDY WHEN YOU CAN! That’s my motto 😊

  28. yes this is very helpful. first green day closing strong and you could have dip bough at 1.75 as it bounced at 1.70 ..but a liitle scary as it dipped to .68 .. but still good analysis on the daily … now that the play is over .. sit and watch for another pattern

  29. I will put in the time! I know it will take a lot of studying and I am committed to learn and become successful!

  30. I like how you are honest about the pros and cons, wins and losses. I am learning a lot from your videos.

  31. This video has helped me a lot with understanding looking for patterns more within stocks like the ascending triangles and the chart with the line on the top and bottom to outline this, very helpful thank you

  32. Tim, am I able to access the training on when I buy in at the 197$? If so, I can handle that. I interviewed the other day. I am motivated to learn, yet the challenge is not an option for me right now. My goal is to take advantage of your monday watch list while I learn as much as I can to generate the funds to gain access to your mentorship and other services.

  33. Great video! Looking back now, a few days after this video it went up in price. Then weeks after it increased dramatically in price!

  34. Tim I want to buy your course but please explain to me you have 5500+ videos and We have to learn a tons of patterns or you just focusing mostly on 3 to 6 different price patterns and then you want to us mastering them?

  35. Great video Tim, It's always nice to be able to bring up the past charts and follow along as you explain. Awesome stuff!

  36. This was very helpful. The math of how many hours you need to study makes sense if you want to be a millionaire. Imagine if you studied 6-8 hours a day…

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