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I'm definitely a perfectionist so if everything is going really really well but maybe one thing is not that's all I focus on I believe that perfection is not a real thing but the pursuit of perfection certainly is when I started kombucha there was no such thing I believe that kombucha would not be where it is if it wasn't for those humble beginnings that I experienced in the 90s and over the 25 years that I've been making raw kombucha we really have paved the way you actually feel like the world is on your shoulders it's rare that I feel that I am on top of the world I am a creative person and I am not your typical entrepreneur I'm not your typical businessman I see the world through a very different lens I believe when you color outside the lines really give yourself permission to be different and to celebrate that difference there's only one cook in this kitchen I was raised in bel-air went to private school in Beverly Hills my parents at very early age in my life took me to India to see a holy man named Sai Baba through that journey I was exposed to more of a Eastern way of living and thinking and then subsequently eating it was certainly the polar opposite of being in Los Angeles where everything is about physical appearance and materialistic things it was more about your purpose what contribution you're making in the world how you are helping people my parents believed the food could be your medicine as well as your poison it was in the early 90s that a friend turned them on to a kombucha culture and then they started to share it with friends and family and then I started to notice that people loved it but then would always come back and be like so it was hard to make it myself how about I just buy it from you guys and that was the first kind of cue that kombucha was very special and that although people didn't really know what it was they were really gravitating to it and then the second is when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and then it helped my mother and that was just like the clouds parted and I had this like vision of this needs to be shared with the world that's what he decided to do and then from there to screw the positive word-of-mouth the love and affinity that people started to have for what kombucha is and what it represents became the driving force within me there are times where it feels lonely where health and wellness has become quite the goldrush that you have a lot of people and companies entering the space with one purpose only and that's to make a lot of money and they'll cut corners they'll disparage you they'll step on you they'll demonize you to do all these things to advance themselves and they do leave the industry in the category pretty damaged so what unfortunately is happening currently in the market is you're seeing kombucha trying to become a new-age soda which is just a sparkling flavored something and as long as I'm alive I'm gonna fight that with every with every fiber in my being because kombucha is the opposite of that it's frustrating it's kind of like watching a world that you created slowly catch on fire and you're just hoping that it's not going to just torch everything but it does it does keep me up at night I must admit you

46 thoughts on “The Kombucha Billionaire Looking To Save The Industry From Itself | Forbes

  1. this guy is an actual legend. I love you GT dave. keep up the grind. you are such a cool person and so humble for how rich you actually are LOL

  2. This video really made my man GT Dave look like a sociopath. I’m glad to know he’s actually just a dude who just happens to be loaded.

  3. If an Indian watched this,he would be stupefied cause Sai Baba died in 1918 and does this man look like 100?

  4. I really like Kombucha but this guy’s arrogance makes me not want to drink it anymore. He didn’t even mention its Asian origin. He is making great money but is shaming other companies for wanting to do the same? 🙄 He needs to work on being likable if he wants to sell more of his product. He should just talk about the origin of his company and how it helped his mother and how he is happy to successful etc.

  5. Just came back from Codys new video and the dude seems pretty chill. Forbes you made this dude look like a sociopath

  6. Interesting to see how two videos (This one and Cody Ko’s) can show you two completely different perspectives on the same person, one through the lens of a media outlet and one through a casual vlog channel. Never trust the media folks.

  7. I don’t wish anything negative on this gentleman but I wouldn’t mine the GRID to go down for 1 year and the US dollars to fail so it can knock him back into reality.
    I’d love to write more but headed out to Milk the goats and collect my eggs for breakfast.
    Olympia WA

  8. Forbes did our man dirty
    He has a great sense of humor, overall very intelligent
    Thank God for Cody’s video

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