38 thoughts on “The markets are a giant bubble: David Stockman

  1. Nobody can stop the debt problem, the system is doomed. Spend till it all comes down. At least when it all crumbles down we could have decent infrastructure.

  2. The problem is our government is overspending to an insane extreme. They will not stop because the people don't re elect politicians who talk about cutting spending.

  3. Appreciate David Stockman being candid.
    Its seems like the U.S.A is the Titanic and our politicians are the band…they just keep playing while the ship goes down.

  4. it's true, Trump should have come clean about the market being in a bubble instead of taking credit for it being so good

  5. He is absolutely clueless. You put it in treausury notes? After pointing out the 63 trillion dollars debt and all the abvious reason he tells you to put it in TREASURY NOTES. That is the last place you would want to keep your money. Don't listen to this lunatic. The dollar is a dead and 2008, 2000, 1986, 1971, 1929, 1776 will be a Sunday School Picknick compared to where we are going now. The world has not seen the type of problems we are going to face now in 5000 years and all of it will have to be paid back. 476a.d. will be good times if it isn't worse.

  6. I say borrow as much as possible until we blow up, what the hell, it's too late anyway! At least give it to the middle class though.

  7. The Fed is an economic terrorist organization. Trump won't have our troops storm the Fed Building – he doesn't love USA.

  8. Let the 4-8X overpriced stock market fall to fair value for this masked economic depression. The Russell 2000 has a PE ratio near 150! This is outrageously high! Makes no fundamental sense at all.

  9. All IRRELEVANT. It is now a week later and this is OLD NEWS. We're NOT going after China and the market continues to go UP.

  10. Okay what bubble? Forward PE is under 16 how is that a bubble? Bubble is where the forward PE is higher then the current..

  11. War profiteering has been the NORM of AMERICA since the ROOSEVELT ERA and we still haven't learned our lesson. Military at the cost of OUR VERY EXISTENCE!🤔. I hear FATE CRYING IN THE WIND!😞😢😪

  12. Finally , someone who knows what he's talking about and tells the truth …
    Don't you just love how Fox Fake News just cut him off … What a bunch of SNOWFLAKES

  13. David Stockman holds the record for never being right on anything just a waste of air – 30,000 Dow next year

  14. in 2015 Dow Jones made a new all time high, it took more than a year to break it again. So throughout 2015 until mid 2016 the stock market was consolidating. It essentially reset the cycle! So this cycle is only 2 years old. And yes the stock market made huge gains through 2017, and now its consolidating again. Its possible that before end of the year the stock market is making new all time highs again.

  15. If Communist china had played game that can surely create Bubble then USA could for sure, in my opinion, but with a better much better foundation to fall upon,

  16. Stockman does not have bona fide ‘Economist’ credentials bcuz most everything coming out of his mouth are a big fluke. The foundation of his economic theories are from obsolete data as matched to today’s current developments. He is a fake economist. Get him off the air!

  17. Not "Free trade guy", but rather, "Stab American workers in the back guy."
    Hope Pedro marries your grand daughter. Diversity and all that.

  18. The Euro collapses Ezekiel 7: 19. "Because in one hour such great riches have been devastated!" Revelation 18: 17. MILITARY MADNESS + FINANCIAL CRAZY = END OF SYSTEM ROMANS 9: 28 AND ARRIVAL OF GOD'S KINGDOM UNDER CHRIST

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