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well it's the 12th day of the month of july 2019 welcome to the media roundtable we've come to the close of the week it's Friday and ORS report to that Friday we want to welcome both our national and international audience watching us online special greetings to all those who are watching us in the UAE in Canada in the United States and everywhere thank you once again for joining us for the media roundtable it's been a crazy week full of tears where of course we saw the death of I'm Arianna Lucia who was gunned down by skinnier party by the quality shopping mall we'll be speaking about that and there's a lot of indifference among you candles as regards to that but also as regards to other matters lots of reactions coming through social media some of them very angry reactions and it's sort of brought me to we need to come together as a people and speak about our own differences all right we'll also look at the labor exports who is in and who is out what is what is what are we gaining as a country or it's something that we need to recall the Speaker of Parliament yesterday of course the W Speaker Jacob alanya : the minister of gender labor and social development to present a paper that will be debated extensively by members of parliament to make a decision on that matter so we'll be largely dwelling on those two issues on this show today my name is Solomon sahaja let me introduce my panelists this morning Patras party Fabrice rueland communications expert always a pleasure having you both here always a pleasure to have you in the show yes sir okay Victoria called welcome to the show Victoria's Economist's with The Daily Monitor and also someone who is always a permanent member of the panel I should say welcome to the show of Indian good morning of course we have Raymond mizuna senior journalists with NBS television and it's guru javi on the show both singing too much fun in the Sun oh all right and then I will introduce my middle panelist later Simon cargo Angela host of the morning breeze show also journalist this corner hominids in that corner it's good to have you in the Shonda uvd throat though welcome to the show it's again the keuken happened we know la banda so no one can be home yet welcome my chela guru see you good to see you too sir and I love the energy thank you very much Kenneth Lacroix go big name on Facebook the source of wag get credible information by the way they bail also gently cause I'm Radio one also the producer spectrum is so good to have you on the shoulder saying you're inviting me solo alright so let's get the show started and I think I can start with my brother Simon Coco Angela Simon I bring you greetings from me I love you had an extensive discussion this week on labor export and I remember this this hot debate between numbers of acidic apathy and the promoter Ruth curandera yes we are currently currents yes of mafia international this week you you know expose the lot of dots and I wanted to begin with you about the labor export so that you can give us a whole roundup and summary of what you picked out of the discussions on labor exploitation and whether you think it's something that we need to continue in as a country well first I need to give you the background that you informed our decision as a team to invite honorable Beatty number 0 o noble rod very touching piece a very touching post and she posted it on social media we saw it was gaining a lot of traction so we were intrigued by the allegations that she was making we thought bringing on air and pairing her with the passion in the picture would help us to get the real thrust of what she was saying and kaboom on Monday it happened thankfully both parties agreed to come on air there were too many intriguing lines in what numbers were saying one she referred to something that today is a trade she called it human trafficking and it will really have to examine that route which depth what is human trafficking to a registered company Muffy do they really exist are they registered what are the processes for taking these girls the allegation that actually Muffy was demanding three thousand dollars from this girl to pursue her return hard also to be examined to its depth so when we got both of the idea it actually left me with yet another challenge it kind of it kind of triggered this interest in me to dig deeper into what happens in the labor market world in in migration labor migration world and I've since come to learn a few things from not sure from not sure it was really heated whatever happened was may be called old folk in the moment in the heat of the moment because the subject of human torture is really emotional it's it's a very emotive subject so it had to be naturally heated sure but what did I discover there are a lot of things that we really need to look at seriously Uganda today has signed three three agreements three bilateral agreements Lib abdomens with Jordan Saudi Arabia and Qatar yes United Arab Emirates there are too many companies in this country that are taking girls and boys – oh man and several other countries people are taking advantage of the situation back home there is a high level of despair people are too jobless everyoneΓ­s assumes that whoever comes in as a laborer the columns of external eyes as an external eyes –as is legal and you've asked yourself why it's been so hard for government to crack the whip from these illegal funds that are taking our children to such countries taking them through the most horrible circumstances you better ask yourself why today you have to pay for labor because you know they entice you with everything they'll tell you we are taking you free of charge but you pay eight million since I hosted since I hosted number Z and Ruth I've had four coefficients from Gauss actually one of them tipped from from fat flow of a building and fair she's in Djibouti another one was giving me a testimony she told me she had to sell an idea she had been promised by a certain company that are not named here that she was going to do security so she sort of haka gave this company eight million because she was told should be earning six million per month to her surprise for five months down the road there was nothing when she asked for her money for a refund then she was told to hold on after two months she was told there is a lucrative job of teaching that you're going to be a teacher so we're going to take him to Dubai to teach when she got to Dubai she was kept in a warehouse for two weeks now this chilling stories are never exposed for two reasons we are dealing with bodyguards we are dealing with very powerful people who are running this business very powerful people if you interest yourself in who the biggest slave traders in this country are they are very powerful people extremely powerful people who influence things why is the minister of gender really helpless about this this is a bit of conflict of interest I understand some big companies exporting labor owned or koshered by some of the big shots in the very ministry we need to interrogate that as journalist another line that we need to interrogate one what is contained in these bilateral agreements is it only meant to smoothen tray between the two countries between the two parties without really looking at the welfare of the Liberals but generally speaking let my export is a good thing we must appreciate this it is a good thing given the conditions that we are living in today with the high levels of unemployment we can only make it better the reason why I give someone ample time because he had the kind of discussion the whole of the week you know with several several people about labor exploitation and another discovery yeah the arguments that are given to these girls are fake they subjected to signing an agreement and then the audio signature or another agreement that they treat has valid the terms are completely different once we leave this place these vendors I'll rather call them vendors eeeh human yes these human vendors can only do paperwork here once you get there the agreement is all pretty different so we need to hear from these girls and boys who are suffering okay let me bring in Patricia FRB sorry Fabrice for some reason publish let me bring you in here you know you've had you've had it from Simon Kaku angel I thought I would bring you in we have over 150 labor companies in this country we just registered yet there several others that are unregistered but operating amidst all this we've had several cases of human trafficking I think senior police officer bonaga who is the head of the anti human human trafficking unit of police has come out on several occasions parading some of the girls who have since come back home before the media and speaking about how they were taken to UAE and to other you know Arab countries where they are mistreated I wanted to get you overall thought only by exploitation and will that we still need it anyway yeah well like Simon Says we have to start with the fact that lebra export is a good thing but how is it done and what it what what exactly and how is it controlled I think that should be point to focus something interesting happened I can't give Simon's day depth on this whole racket if I would call it that but here's a funny thing a few days ago I was travelling to Nairobi and in the airport and it has happened a few times when I'm travelling you find these girls there is a new way they drop you see before you is to find them in a long queue with the you know they put it on a uniform they have their little towers and one tugs now there's something interesting they come in small phases basically it's like they come into the airport they are they check in but they don't come in a huge group because immigration has become actually tough on there and what I'd not what I experienced was this immigration officer now honestly I think we need to give him aggressions huge uploads for that because they are actually stopping them so he stops about three or four of them if they were ahead of me the first one he tells away he going so she shows him some papers the contracts that Simon just talked about he looks at them and says no go back the second one the third one so when I get to the till I asked him what happened is I could see we're having a huge problem these girls come here and what mostly goes they come here they now have changed their way of traveling they make use to make it seem like you as Simon u.s. Solomon are traveling on your own you get into the plane I think there's always one allow me to use the word pimp that's already on the flight that is supposed to guide and take them so also the people you need to also take a step back if all these things are happening so Simon has talked about the fact that it's a huge problem yes it's a good thing to want to go and work but some people actually walking into these things as in imagine you are being told by a company that is supposedly redick legal but it's telling you to maneuver in that way should have that raise flags for you as a person because they're not taking kids the person you're talking about who sold an idea is an adult okay but it comes to three things that I look at Simon talked about people are desperate jobless unemployed they're desperate so what are they resorting to they will do whatever it takes to make some money now we have to understand that how will government help you how will the government step in when fabrice I travel a lot okay they don't know we're half good or to do what I'm going to do on my return okay thank God his back now what happens if something happened to me saying goodbye who've have seen people we've seen people will get caught for drug trafficking and all sorts of things okay there's only so much that they can look on that part when it's voluntarily now on that side of companies if honestly government should and again I agree with side but they should there they must be conflict of interests because if you know that Fabrice is operating a labor company in tinda and I'm not registered labor company why haven't they come and yes so I mean it's fixed to many things whether we have someone who is watching these companies well we have you know everybody that yes we do that that do we have a body that is and if we are if we have anti-human trafficking department employees they should be responsible but in a company today Sarah Wan Jia and Sons Limited for as long as you registered you can export labor okay let me let me bring in Vicky Vicky as I was coming back from before from from Toronto I went through Addis and so I was on this flight from Addis train today but what was what stood out for me is when there were so many Ugandan girls coming back and you can easily see them so i i sat with well in the waiting lobby as we wait to board the yeah yeah so there this big girl like girls I should say called ladies or something and they were saying Wow – one year – no – cause esse like they were just everyone was sharing their stories like they've been going through a lot of pain and like tattoo die oh no matter what today cut through to the marrow money and many of them were telling you you know we've been aware we took we are talking in in the different cocoons we've suffered enough we being overused we were we didn't know what to do and so I start with one fortunately only same you know Same Same Same Same so asking her so i so how was your experience you know and she told me it was really really ugly it was really ugly she told me that you know shoot it once and they would shout at her sometimes beat her up and that's why she's like you know what I'm done I'm really done and it's time for me to come back home so I wanted to come back to you Vicky and also picking up from the different cases that we've been hearing on TV with women crying girls being paraded before the media but despite all these stories that are being told they're very many more girls who actually going to this sister and they want to say we are going so why against all these negative you know confessions against you having a young to go and do domestic work and other works maybe in the Middle East or elsewhere I think as Jolla said that there's a lot of desperation and government knows that there's a lot of desperation and I would be quite interested to find out how far out this power this power chain goes in government because there's a distinct impression that definitely there's a power chain fire up in government behind this because even just yesterday I watched the interview I think it was with Doreen on her bedside she was very diplomatic she did not rubbish one side or the other but you could see her pain you could see that there were certain things that she may even have gone through that she could not reveal she could not and she will discuss on live television and if government is aware then you you it you're baffled that's because right now we should be sensitizing people all of these things should have been curbed by now our people yes some of them don't realize what is happening and government could take the initiative of working with some of the girls that have returned to sensitize others about what is happening and what to expect when you get there and if it is really something that you need to – – – you should do of course there's also the issue that government should be its government's responsibility to create employment and so on and so on but we know that that challenge is not a it's not an easy one and so in in in in 2017 Interpol itself reported there was an Interpol report that said that look a lot of women are being exported as domestic workers under the pretext of domestic workers but they're actually sex workers – the United Arab Emirates and also it said that there were also men being trafficked to work as prostitutes in China although we have not seen any accounts from the men come up to speak about their experiences but apparently they also exist in 2017 Rebecca Khadija in Parliament acknowledged that this was going on and instituted the human rights parliamentary committee to investigate this and she even said she even made a statement and said look I have noted that there are persons persons that that that own labor companies exporting women I am told it is a very lucrative business so it is known that there are some people in government doing this of course nobody not even the panel that sat with Angela in that interview could reveal who these people are so there's this intense fear that this was so powerful and they can harm you and yet in that the same year of 2017 by the end of it after Parliament had had intervened we had PSP the permanent secretary PSP jaramana come up and say now you see we have implemented new measures to protect our for going ahead one we have signed government-to-government agreements – there's now provision even in those agreements that when the girls reach that side they will be given mobile forms and SIM cards to be able to communicate with their families at home and the the bilateral agreements that Angela spoke about that there were signed I and in place and were even told which countries have been signed with so now what happened as they're being failure from government site to implement this were they really signed what is in the agreement and why our people are still suffering like this and yet government seems to be I have not had any listening to be silent and I'll tell you why Salomon because I have not had maybe I'm wrong I've not had somebody come out in from government and condemn this and say this is you know we're going to put a stop to these these are the measures we've done quite a bit actually a lot of noise they have tried to have made it a bit more strict to get a license as introduced as who this person is that is behind this racket because they this person seems to have no fear not take the initiative whether it's a police investigation or something to to tell us tell us where it is thanks Vicki let me pick it up from there where you left him there's a racket of big people to people on this panel actually three including Fabrice there's a racket of people who are actually owning these export companies who could be the untouchables and someone said some of them I'm the minister of gender labor and social development but way is the problem you know something that is supposed to be good it's turning out bad and coming through looking on and leaving it to the people are doing the export business where is the problem in in this whole thing before you say that that candidate Kenneth I'm sorry but you can't say Herman is leaving it to happen if I've just talked about the fact that immigration the beauty of it is this one here said that since you do investigative journalism maybe there is an extra if what you need a immigration officials maybe there's somebody from anti-trafficking unit that the reason why I said that is that many of these girls tell you we have nowhere to run to if we want to report any of these cases what do we do yesterday numbers they was the only show only were the only permitting numbers on the front line yesterday and she told us that before she came to the studio they call about 60 girls are camped outside somewhere and they want help and in Missouri I know I made the same person up Debbie and and so we do I don't know how many embassies we have in the Middle East where how easy is it for Uganda which there to run to that embassy to run to their rescue I don't know so I feel like I don't know if actually what what what what what was hunting what hurt me when honorable numbers it was here and presented her plea and that heated discussion after that heated discussion what hurt me untroubled me was a government a senior government spokesperson then tweeted a picture of honorable numbers there an old picture from the archives and she was greeting His Excellency the president and and and made sort of hopefully you know like like like a job or no like an attack and I felt like but this person is speaking on behalf of Ugandan Uganda's don't seem to know where to go for their brilliance s and your government and this is your response couldn't you come up with something more constructive why I beyond the defensive an attack somebody who is in fact I think honorable numbers there was plead was pleading on behalf of a relative and there was a story of a relative or a girl a constituent a constituent that had brought to her so if government's idea of addressing a serious problem like this that is affecting Ugandan is by a senior government person coming up on tweeting something like this an attack then we're weird where does somebody go many questions and I said I'll come to you mr. Quayle go well basically there are two things that are happening what I know and what I have had through the interaction of hard with both government officials and the people involved in the externalization of labor there are two major ways that people actually make it outside there one the address that go through the legal channels and those that actually go through the genuine process now does that go through the legal channels we are told actually they go through the Ugandan border with Kenya the grant board from Nairobi and then from there proceed to a whatever they are going and now government says that majority of the people are in problem are the people who go through that particular channel because there is no monitoring because the government will tell you that they did establish a unit in the United Arab Emirates that's coordinates that looks around and they have been encouraging Ugandan that if you make it today United Arab Emirates Emirates whether illegally or through the right channels try to identify with the Ugandan authorities in that particular place they tell you majority of them don't do but what Simon actually says is the major cross from the matter most time was this guy's leave this place and they reach in those countries it's like their rights have been waived completely I've an experience somebody who actually narrated who actually went there and managed to escape and return back to Uganda when you in somebody's house you are literally is live for instance your work starts in the morning and you have to stand whether you are doing something or not you know it's like you have to pay for every single coin that is being given to you your rights are completely waived out you have no connection you are not allowed to make a phone call unless you just with some friendly bosses who are going to help you to actually do that so you you are literally a for those people it seems those people outside there actually believe that once they have paid money they completely your property so they at liberty to do as they wish they limited your movement they limit your interaction with the outside world and so that's why we continue seeing these kind of things happening now that doesn't go through the right channels and they of course success stories but those ones are basically very few those are basically very few and to come back to the main issue that was on the table whether it is an organized syndicate of people actually involved in in this business surely they are most of these people I've had some of them were from a security operatives some of them have connected in an in one way or another which would ideally make some sense because some of these things need a certain level security vetting but unfortunately they are not doing what is supposed to be done so you find that their interest is actually to fill the quota of the number of people that I wanted to go there so you somebody sends once they get their money and then the problem starts happening there is no mechanism to track and be able maybe to help these people to return back home some of them must tell us that they normally provide return tickets to these girls when they go and basically you find that's not the truth and then there are those actually who told you you are leaving this place and you are going to walk us in a hotel when you reach there your work is actually to go and do prostitution you know the moment you land in that country your rights are completely waived out but also I think it's an aspects that we should actually address from home here what is the problem why are we having this problem with exploitation of labor is one way of addressing unemployment but can we really do something back home to be actually able to provide majority majority of you guidance because externalization of labor in the past was for unique skills that a country would actually reach out and request a particular specific strain best ideas yes cube rock stars in a billion document which the next edge of sending people who workers they'll have qualifications degrees muster to action and what will to work as the mystic worker and then they abused to that level and I find that very disturbing just on my phone here there's a kiss discourses keep on coming there's a kiss be handled by a group known as women's pro bono initiative it's a case of very a lady called numb quiet of Florence Pauline she was apparently exploited by a company known as empower Age international there are reports that she had actually died and this women's group has actually written to this company as team asking them to provide contractual agreement employment details in Saudi Arabia circumstances under which the lady died so you see these records seem not to be available to even the family members of these people not go and I actually think that is an issue that needs to be addressed if somebody is going abroad the family should be aware there should be records there should be a mechanism to actually ensure that from time to time there is communication between the person who has been taken abroad with the family so that's that that that chain can can be broken unless we do that we are going to have a problem but also some of these companies I've seen senior government officials in this country hobnobbing with some of these companies you know they preside over their functions when they are sending a certain group of girls to grant work a blow abroad all of a sudden you see some members of that group that went on planing and them they are making pleas on social media and asking for help and you wonder whether the role of the government official unless stopped and presiding over the function thank you for your submissions let me come to Raymond Raymond in 2013 they speak of Parliament Institute a committee to go to the Middle East to investigate and come back with a report and they need they put up a report 2017 the issue came back on the August assembly another team was sent but they were blocked to get in when they team came back they summoned the Ambassador to explain why they had refused they teamed to go in and to do the investigation and the rest is history and once again they presented report just yesterday the Deputy Speaker has ordered you know the minister of general events Social Development to appear before the August assembly to explain what is all going on but it's also appeared before and given a detailed explanation including a sector position paper and it was discussed thoroughly that's when they that's when the recommendations to actually have Memorandum of Understanding signed with countries are not company yes that's where the metric open government to come and that's when that recommendation came in but even with that we are still that's that's a problem that's a problem was I was going to come to you because yesterday we had the Association speaking on behalf of other companies but who is actually keep who is keeping an eye on the last Ugandan who is in the Middle East in someone's home is there that traceability from deep there what is happening how are you what is going on how can we help you does it go down to that they left girl in someone's home and find out how they are one is just one man is called you see is called Yasin okay it's an easy route to blame government but it starts with a perception problem in this country we have the perception problem of success we are told that to be successful and Mao relaxed outline this is the one two three for life you have one wife you give birth to children you live in a three-bedroom house and you drive a four-wheel drive car and that perception then determines the marker for success and everyone from the time you're a child and you're going to school they tell you walk so hard be successful and by being successful we mean have a wife have some children take them to school let them live a decent life and then live in a good house to get married and they're like and all these things actually require hard work they require putting in time now many people will discover when you finish school that actually it's not as easy as its presented and when you then look at for example the people saying these things members of parliament and in 20 million shillings a month all you're doing is appear three days a week and committees and then you are literally going back to the village and being the symbol of success on the village because everyone in the village sees this is the MP and this is who I want to be like you have a decent house you have a decent car hires yeah so everyone thinks like okay I need to make it and you get into a job market in Uganda which is the harsh reality is when you're in the job market particularly entrant level in Uganda you're not going to under kinds of money that give you that decent life and and so that perception then turns into frustration and people start to look for the quick way out and in so in 2000 when the US had this terrorism problem they created this export market where they were looking for people that they put on the front lines in the war in Iraq to protect us interests in Iraq and they created the first phase of people and this is where the first phase of people who left the country went they come back as very successful people the reason they are successful is they were being paid a lot of money because they're in a risk prone area they were the frontlines of war this class were getting about ten thousand twenty thousand dollars a month and they were not spending that money in Iraq because there's nothing to spend on so they'd come back with that money and be successful on the village now because that export it was successful when it ended in 2007 people sided look for where else can we make it and countries in the Middle East which have a high per capita they have a lot of money at their disposal people are seeing that it's easy to make it in truth guys in the UAE themselves citizens of the UAE themselves find it a problem making it in their country so there's this idea that you're going to go and make it in their country at a level it's a fallacy because you can't become a lawyer in the UAE because there are people graduating law in the UAE and they're not getting jobs so it's a big fallacy but for me then the question becomes when companies say that they are in business it means you invest in your capital and that capital then creates for-profit companies that do lab I export what's your capital is your copy to the human being yes and if your capital is the human being is that allowed so and also when you say you're investing your capital this human being is it a human being that you're investing in the home of someone in the United Arab Emirates Wow and what profit are they making for you and you need to say that again yes that is critical I mean in the business cycle every businessman knows this universe capital that capital then turns around becomes profit yes it can become lost in which case when becomes loss you scale down so human beings are literally being siphoned off as capital and being invested in the homes of people in the United Arab Emirates so the contractual relation between the human being and the company is different from the contract relation between the human being and where you've been invested so when I invest my small Hut and money into pigs and then those pigs turn around in say three months they give birth and I have 20 other pigs then I sell them off this human being that you take in the United Arab Emirates you have a contractual relation with that contract there is existent but when they get into the home of someone the United Arab Emirates there is another contractual relationship is between the owner of the home and the person that's come into the house and government has no say in that contract the only say we can have in that contract is through diplomatic relationship to say you know what other governmental yes which them with with decency and for me that that that means then the export even owning an export company in itself is a fallacy it should be legal to own one because then it should be possible for me to get into a contractual relation with the United Arab Emirates without a third party that is if I'm a journalist and say al-jazeera is employing the best indoor natural arguments I go and walk there I have a commercial model Jersey and I have my passport I'm Ugandan when I get a problem I address that with my government and so if you have third parties that are doing that for people then those third parties are then using these humans as capital and they're profiting from them yeah yeah I like the word for it here and like I think that's exactly what I was talking about lemming government here it's like the easiest thing we can do the word here is these guys labor broke let's go for a break let's go for a break and when we return we'll talk about the solutions this is NBS media round table we will see you in a harvest stay with us you

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  1. this labour Agents wrk like mafia,your plp Abused with noway out of contracts in those ctries ,shame must stop,black plp are mistrated their ,go their n see forself

  2. Let me be simple media table got to checking point but has got a long way to get to reality check of state of nation. Labour exportation has humiliated fellow Ugandans but nobody takes the blame.

  3. When i see you guys discuss i at times laugh cause i wish instead of you guys sitting down there you investigate deep into this matter cause looking your discussion today to me it seems too shallow and needs i offer to give you a starting point

  4. A country once known for exporting coffee to the world it is now exporting our young desperate sisters
    The problem is leadership

  5. media round table NBS, i enjoy your panel with everything but there is nothing to discuss where lives are lost and some go through toture. SOLUTION ; ban the business and live the way you used to live before the sympathizers of horror and toture came in

  6. When you posses all the requirements, (minister of labour clearance certificate, Interpol letter, yellow book,visa,etc)to travel you'll be treated badly at the airport, they provide quick services to illegal travellers than the legal coz they get bribes on such pipo. This is wat I faced personally

  7. NBS guys I love you all, help me my brothers and sisters on this; we are not to judge others as guided by the Holy Bible, and I am asking God to forgive me for what I am to say now: brother Solomon if the people doing this slavely and enjoying it, do know what they put our country mate through, because of greed for money and they become inhuman, please, if they too have children who they don't care to have the haunting of their evil deeds, when they are no more (dead), it is time brother Simon to ask these heartless people to do DNA of their own kids, there is a doubt indeed if they are parents πŸ™„πŸ˜³πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘“πŸ€” A parent no matter whether is greedy to the worst extent, this should not be continuing. We come with nothing on this universe and trust me you heartless Ugandans you will go naked like those you continue to torture and slaughter 😰😰😰😰 you indeed have time to repent and stop this Morden man slaughter and get back to serve God. Appreciate what God or satan have given you to fatten your pockets.
    Please Lord Jesus Christ intervene in these matters, we are sinners forgive us and save modaland demu pipo Ugandans are perishing at the hand of their own people.You made a promise of never to forsake us all Amen. Ja bless Ugandans πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  8. Its true batwala abana after nebabatunda nga bamalaya nyina obujulizi ayagala okumanya ebisingawo nze wendi ne company eyantwala nsobola okubyogela byona kumpewo enze nakigwako in jordan

  9. I agree with Simon, the gals are made to sign so-called binding agreements which totally hold no value as long as they leave Uganda into the middle East.
    -There's sexual harassment
    – Food is so hard to come by after over 18 hrs of work daily, literally no rest.
    – Medication is hard to come by after sickness.
    – Many gals ain't allowed communication with their families.
    – Some gals work without pay at the end of each month.
    – Most importantly the pay is so small for all the work these gals do.
    – The few Ugandan embassies in the mideast hardly do anything.
    – Lastly, Filipino labour exporters pass through rigorous means to ensure their pple are protected in the middle east and they keep in constant touch with their gals to monitor the signed agreements until they come back.

  10. Well spelt by have dug well what causes us going out.secondly you have paused a good question what is the capital of these companies??Thirdly we need to address perception issue of success especially how to to make it

  11. Thanks for the show forsure our government should put strong laws against mistreatment because companies do not follow us to see the situation we are living in some of us beaten up to an extent of death but when you complain to the enbassy they dont care.from Jordan

  12. Thanks for the show forsure our government should put strong laws against mistreatment because companies do not follow us to see the situation we are living in some of us beaten up to an extent of death but when you complain to the enbassy they dont care.from Jordan

  13. The way I love the show ohoo my God.. thanx Solomon. Live πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  14. The slave trader mentality has permeated into our collective psyche. Arabs confiscate your travel documents on arrival in their countries. Now, government officials have began to confiscate our national IDs when we stand surety for nationals in our courts of law.

  15. Like i have always said b4 you guys you miss alot of information on exploitation by those big fishes as simon said,exploitation doesn't end in Uganda it goes on up to the destination. They tell government that you shouldn't exceed this payment to Ugandans,decides how much should be charged as tax for Ugandan officials etc there's alot .I wish Solomon serwanja does as he did in healthy he will be surprised i rest my case

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