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  1. Greenhouse gases actually moderate temperature… they don't make it more extreme. Tropics (High concentration of greenhouse gases) are much more moderate in temperature than the desert (low concentration of greenhouse gases) which exhibits extremes at the same/similar latitudes..

  2. Valentina Zharkova sp?? Sun physicist and mathematician. If you can get past the somewhat heavy accent, it's very compelling. She has come up with an equation predicting sunspot cycles… via the interaction of the sun's magnetic fields. She has used this model to correlate with distant past sunspots and associated phenomena, correlate with modern sunspot observations and possibly predict the future sunspots. The sun is the major driver of weather, not CO2. Common sense. She predicts a very cold spell commencing soon possibly by 2020.

  3. I h ate to think it necessary to have consensus on non man caused global warming. Global warming is far better for humans than global cooling…known as ice ages.

  4. When Al Gore, Hollywood, and the media start practicing what they preach, I MIGHT listen. Until then, I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING

  5. Even if the global warming theory is exaggerated, we still have to stop polluting the oceans with plastic, dumping chemicals in rivers, cutting the Amazon forest to make room for more cattle, and we still have to respect animals and their habitat. Worst case scenario in case we believe the global warming theory: we save the planet!

  6. He (apparently) was misleading according to some other scientists. I posted this on Facebook and up pops a Fact Check thing from "Climate Feedback".
    I'd like for Michaels to answer these "scientists"… However: The whole climate thing is just a vehicle used to push the globalization agenda, since the climate is a global thing. Creating fear has always been a great tool (motivator).

  7. When large numbers of climatologists suddenly start moving away from the coastline, there might be a legitimate reason to believe what they are saying about man made global warming. Until then, it is extremely likely that they are full of crap. And people who live in mansions and fly around on private jets to speak about the dangers of using fossil fuels are less convincing still. Unless, of course, someone has developed a solar powered private jet that I'm unaware of.

  8. What makes more sense, 99% of the world's scientists (from all over the world) secretly conspiring to lie to you about climate change, or media outlets that are influenced by big money lying to you?

    Climate change is real, vaccines save lives, the world is round, evolution is real. Stop falling for bs.

  9. If scienctist don’t know what caused the temperature rise from 1910 to 1945 why do they think that CO2 caused temperature rise
    between 1945 and 1998?

  10. I am so sick of these Liars! Global warming is a lie! Common Sense tells us that is a lie, how many people how we actually seen catching on fire when they walking outside or going to the beach, 0! I think you should be consequences 4 these Liars that take an oath to sit in public office, and when they violate it should be a stiff sentence and they should go to prison and serve their time just like they would expect anyone of us to do! Think about it… Why should we be so lenient up on them when these are the very people that change laws, enforce laws, makeup laws, and break laws? I feel what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Let stand with our president and help him drain the swamp!

  11. Mark, ask him why the ice caps are melting. If the earth is not warming much, WHY ARE ALL THE GLACIERS MELTING????

    That is the key question!!!!

  12. I'm worried about high concentrations of CO2 affecting mental health. Hopefully we figure out carbon capture so we can keep it at steady levels.

  13. I love Trump . Trump 2020 Trump 2024 Trump 2028 Trump 2032 Trump 2036 Trump 2040 Trump 2044 will solve global warming hoax

  14. You remember the tobacco companies had their paid scientists that claimed smoking is not harmful and then that smoking is a choice and it is not addictive. Later they got caught and paid billions in settlements for damages after proving they knowingly lied. 97% of scientists agree that climate change is human-made. The same script is playing out today – oil companies pay a small group of scientists to create doubt while their own research from decades ago shows that burning fossil fuels does warm up the oceans and the world. One day oil companies will get exposed as the tobacco companies were in the past. Guys, corporations are killing people for profits. Just look at the opioid crisis – 60000 Americans die per year for the profits of few crooks in the drug companies. Tobacco and drug companies have already killed Americans for their profits, it's proven, it's history. Are you going to fall for the oil companies propaganda – again? open your eyes.

  15. Two facts that Obama proved himself that Global Warming is a farce 1) Obama toured Northern Alaska to film some icebergs falling into the Arctic Ocean The year is not so important as the date It was August 31st 2015 August 31st is the warmest day of the year up there Just a reminder June 31st is the summer solstice when there is no nightime darkness for 3 days What would all this sunlight due to ice shining all summer For his Global Warming farce he had to tour there the end of August which he did 2) Just this year 2019 The Obamas just purchased a beachfront mansion in Marthas Vineyard for $14.8 million If he thought Global Warming was real why would they buy a mansion that would soon be underwater after six or seven years

  16. Liberals would play this back and would cut out the ".09 degrees of warming" and only play him saying that the "surface temperature of the planet is warmer than it was 100 years ago". Their argument, the argument of Conservationists who are extremist by the nature of the fact that divest a lot of their time and personal energies in discussing and arguing for the conservation of our environment (and who don't want to be proven wrong about something they devoted a lifetime believing); is that we are at this critical stage in human history and if we don't do something…if we don' act on this NOW, we won't have a planet in 12 years. The Progressive Democratic Left; being the opportunists that they are, see climate change/global warning as an opportunity to get more Governmental Control (that includes money) and they see this as an opportunity to shift America more toward their Socialist agenda. And they have the backing of the Conservationists and the scientific community that pushes the Conservationist's agenda because these people don't care what the laws that say; Legislation like the Green New Deal would create; as long as their extreme agenda is at the forefront….they essentially win the conversation. This is of course, intellectually dishonest (as most of the Left and SJW's are) and is not based on "real" science. That said, I do believe we need to CONTINUE the conversations that we HAVE been having since about the 70's and we need to keep looking for reliable and feasible (aka cost efficient) means of minimalizing our footprint on the planet…but it is IMPOSSIBLE to do without global buy-in. So if we can bring some of our planet's biggest consumers of natural resources into some compliance (aka we can't seem to be able to stop the Japanese from hunting humpback and minke whales into extinction); these conversations will have very little overall impact on what is happening to the planet….oh, and tell Greta to just stay home! We don't need anyone; especially some little 16 year old who brings NO solutions to the table (at least no solutions that aren't being fed to her by her liberal puppetmasters) on how we are going to fix the "crisis" that her side manufactured.

  17. "Tariffs on solar panels implemented under President Trump have significantly harmed the U.S. solar industry, according to a new analysis released Tuesday.

    More than 62,000 jobs and nearly $19 billion in new private sector investment has been lost due to the 2018 tariffs Trump placed on solar imports, according to the study by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The number of jobs lost is nearly double the toll the SEIA first estimated when Trump announced the tariffs.

    The $28 billion U.S. solar industry has been significantly affected by the tariffs. The industry gets 80 percent of its solar panel products from imports, largely from China. The nearly 25 percent tariff applies to all imported solar photovoltaic cells and modules, the main technology on panels that convert solar energy into electricity.

    While the action was targeted at China, Trump’s tariffs apply to all imports, since Chinese manufacturers have also moved operations to other countries. "

  18. 1. PM says one degree C of warming is not a lot, but it is. It is 20% of an ice age, but in the opposite direction. Moreover, we are looking at three degrees C of warming (possibly more) by the end of this century if we carry on business as usual. This rate of warming is very fast compared to historical periods of natural warming; too fast in fact for many species to be able to adapt, probably including our own.

    2. PM says humans are responsible for only about half of modern warming. This is wrong; actually without human-caused warming the planet would have cooled slightly.

    3. The supposed cooling trend starting in 1998 is bogus. The year 1998 is cherrypicked to coincide with an extremely powerful El-Nino event in that timeframe. When the temperature dataset was given to a group of statisticians without telling them what it represented, and they were asked their opinion about using 1998 as the beginning point of a linear regression, they all responded in the same way: it could only be explained by a deliberate attempt to deceive.

    4. In order to talk about climate in a statistically significant way, it is necessary to use at least a thirty-year period (a fact which has been known for over a century). Over less than thirty years, one is looking mostly at weather, that is, at the noise, not the signal. That is why PM’s claim that it is nowhere near as warm as it is “supposed to be” is bogus. It is based on cherry picking a time interval that is too short to be statistically significant.

    5. The interviewer asks, “Who does these models?” PM’s answer that it is governments is wrong. The models are developed mostly at research universities. The UN’s IPCC does not create any models of its own or conduct its own scientific research. It uses a variety of other institutions’ models to create ensembles of runs to make probabilistic projections. It also assesses the research published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and summarizes it for policy makers around the world. In creating its fifth assessment report, it utilized 9200 such papers.

    6. Contrary to PM’s claim, the GCMs (general circulation models) have proven to be pretty accurate. Time has shown even the climate models of forty years ago to be skilled, and today’s models are much more sophisticated.

    7. PM calls parameterization ‘fudging’ in an attempt to discredit it. However, it is a standard technique that has proven its worth in many different types of models besides climate models. For example, today’s weather-prediction models rely heavily on parameterization, and they are pretty accurate to the limits imposed by chaos theory. The models are grid based, but the minimum grid size is limited by the available computing power of today’s supercomputers. There are some processes that physically resolve at sub-grid scale. Parameterization is just an approximation technique for those processes. Moreover, the uncertainty in those approximations is quantified and appears in the error bars of the models’ outputs. Parameterization of the optical thickness of the atmosphere due to carbon dioxide is used in models that accurately predict the average surface temperature of not only Earth, but also Venus and Mars.

    PM at some point sold out and decided to throw his hand in with the fossil-fuel companies. He is with Cato Institute, a think tank, but the thought is based on ideology, not scientific evidence. It was founded by the Koch brothers, whose fortune came largely from fossil fuels:
    Cato Institute—Wikipedia
    The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974…

    The Koch brothers subscribe/d to the Austrian school of economics, which rejects econometrics and statistics in the study of economics. But if you take the math out of economics, there isn’t much left to go by, except ideology.

  19. It's called Terraforming, or GeoEngineering.
    Look up John Brennan speech about S.A.I. , or Stratospheric Aerosol Injection. They openly brag about what they have been doing. We have been able to manipulate weather since before the Vietnam war.
    Operation Popeye was the first time it was implemented.

  20. At one time there were tropical plants in Alaska that likely ended during the mini ice age are we not recovering to this day from the mini ice age .

  21. This imbecile Gutfeield, whatever he said is gobble di goop, BS.
    HE has no clue what is really happening.
    What is really the truth?
    ((Most)) here, anywhere have no clue relative to what is the primary cause of the earth changes.

  22. What I am hearing basically is that the information driving the need for climate change solutions is skewed. The reason it’s skewed is because of politics. Okay, now I don’t know what to believe. This is my problem with politics, once politics is involved in something, the truth becomes illusive.

  23. Pat Michaels no longer works for the Cato Institute. Even the Cato Institute which was funded strongly by petro dollars of the Koch brothers no longer wants to be climate deniers. Nice tie tying job and New Balance sneaks. Russian model is the only right model? The Russian economy relies almost exclusively on its petroleum exporting business. Seems like the Russians have Michaels in their pocket just like Putin has Trump by the short hairs. Nevertheless, Michaels no longer works for Cato. This video was posted October 2019 yet Mr. Michaels left Cato in May of 2019, Cato cut ties with him.

  24. Why is there always a picture and some information about global warming from Wikipedia every time I watch something about global warming? I believe I know?

  25. Ahhh,when trying to post to my Facebook timeline got a notice saying it contains false information. Hmmmm? But I posted it anyway.

  26. Draw up the Executive Order to protect the unborn at the Federal Level for the New Year! Then let God Bless (and not Curse.)

  27. Draw up the Executive Order to protect the unborn at the Federal Level for the New Year! Then let God Bless (and not Curse.)

  28. Draw up the Executive Order to protect the unborn at the Federal Level for the New Year! Then let God Bless (and not Curse.)

  29. Funny . Thought all those so called specialists had answers , and they have not . Why are we paying them for ?? And what if our solar system is part of a gigantic nebula , perhaps the Pleiades , and we are entering it's central sun photon belt ?? Some independent scientists talk about that ! Our solar system makes a complete journey around Alcyon in about 26 000 years .

  30. Levin:"DO WE KNOW WHAT DID the WARMING?"…
    Dr. Michaels:"No"…..???
    Guys these models will ALL be flawed until You properly ACCOUNT FOR OUR STAR and its direct and Indirect effect on our planet..
    Its current factor in those models IS laughable..That lack of the TRUE Solar effect Representative Factor, is part of the "fudging".

  31. 5:55 "So what is causing all this warming?" "I don't know." – Thank you for wasting my time, your 15 minutes of fame is up.

  32. If people can understand that they can MAKE money from Solar energy (Selling it back to the grid), and SAVE money by using electricity instead of gasoline for cars, all the Big Oil and Coal companies would immediately go out of business, which is who I think supports this hack scientist still trying to muddle up climate change science lol. GET SMART PEOPLE! Stop throwing away your money at the pump! Seriously, do a budgeting analysis on just how much money you spend on gasoline per year. And how much money you could save. That's money back in your pocket! You'd be surprised.

  33. The government has to create false information, that's misleading, instead of telling the truth, and omitting that dropping 2 nuclear bombs on the earth during ww2. And exploding tons of tnt dynamite, not only killing hundred of thousand of innocent lives, but subjected the earth to violent convolutions and unnatural disturbances,an we are all destroying this planet…

  34. This guy has admitted that he gets a lot of his research funding from the oil and coal industries. Who would’ve guessed? 😂

  35. The climate doesn't care about models, especially not the "hockey stick model". The climate has changed since G-d said "let there be light", it's been going on since Day 1 and it will go on till the end of time, whether or not we're breatning or farting in unizon. Let it go already.

  36. There is another indicator on govt. sites that demonstrates the false global warming narrative. Go on the National Hurricane website and look at the historical data for North Atlantic hurricanes. What you will find for hurricanes in the 3 to 5 category is there were actually more hurricanes in the first half of the 1900s then the 2nd half. It does not follow the dire predictions of increased disastrous weather due to global warming. 1934 through 1936 were actually very warm years as well.

  37. December 26 in Las Vegas, nv. Record high temp for this day? 1964. 65 degrees. Today, a High of 45 has been forecast.
    There is no such thing as "global warming " or "climate change ". Climate changes continually and man has nothing to do with it.

  38. We have been taking temperatures for hundreds of years and even longer using ice core samples, we have been warming rapidly in recent decades, that's the truth

    What percent of that is man-made is the real debate…

  39. What it is is a fraudulent claim in order to bankrupt the United States of America. That's what's going on here. And by golly it worked. If it wasn't for Donald Trump we'd be finished as an independent nation. That's the truth.

  40. The entire “climate change” issue is MORE MONEY AND POWER for Democrats and Globalists.

    Once you understand this, there is great clarity. IF YOU VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT, YOU ARE PERPETUATING TOXIC GLOBALISM.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  41. The democrats started the impeachment. So people wouldn't pay the weather any attention. For what the Democrat allowed to be done to our weather.

  42. They have been geo=engineering the weather since Vietnam, just look up folks, those gray and white streaks going across the sky are NOT con-trails, they are called chemtrails, they also have tesla's magnetic Haarp stations, about 7 around the world to shift the jet streams, so they all know this at the UN, they are causing global warming, so they can tax your energy consumption.

  43. Before WW2 Nobody lived on the Oceans edge like they do today, it was only fishing stations, summer cottages, that if a bad storm came rolling in, it ran under the cottages which built on stilts, no installation, just a bungalow, had no Fema Ins. if it got damaged, you just repaired what you could.

  44. My Dad recieved his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University after returning from Germany with my future Mother post WWII. He had a long career as one of our country's leading Aerospace Engineers until his retirement in the mid 90s. I remember him laying out practically identically what this scientist is explaining to Mark Levin, to me in my HS years in the 70s,& how the Left would use it as a political bludgeon if they were ever in position of enough power. In other words by Bullshited constantly by my government is always disappointing, but it's not a bit surprising.

  45. Anybody mention the purposeful skewing of data in the collection of temperatures perpetrated by NOAA, just recently as five years ago (Obama)? Caught RED HANDED! Which brings up a Bigger question, Who in a Majority gets Hired in U.S. Government…… Democrats or Conservatives? Also, WHO always Strives for Bigger GOVERNMENT? Democrats or Conservatives?

  46. Our elliptical orbit around the Sun is not round and alters based on the pull of planets, our galactic positioning. The worst argument for climate change is the one that requires money and never changes reality of our orbit. 😉 Plant a tree and enjoy its fall colors and sun shade during a good old fashioned bbq. Happy 2020!

  47. OMG!!!..one show by one "scientist" from the CATO Institute even, and all you Trump dumbsh**s latch onto it as if it were the last word on the subject…FINALLY, YOUR CONFIRMATION BIAS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!! Praise Jesus for our savior scientist. Stupid Stupid idiots!! He's a corporate shill!!!
    You all seem to think because it's a cold day outside that it negates climate change! How Ignorant can you get!!??
    You FOX idiots allow Rupert Murdoch (media oligarch) to "inform" you about the world and you end up the exact opposite, horrifically misinformed and lied to. Idiots!!!!
    Dr Michael's blames the government for creating the computer models yet this guy is corporate sponsored and is the I% of scientists who believe as he believes. He's been subsidized for decades by the very industries that have the most to lose.
    He's famous for cherry picking his studies that will confirm his "argument".
    Everything he says always gets discredited afterward….
    This isn't a liberal conspiracy
    Dr. Michael's has been widely discredited, yet those in the FOX entertainment bubble (it's not news it's propaganda) continue to be incapable of critical thinking and seeing the evidence that is so easy to see for those with rational minds who can objectively see the "vomit" of disinformation spewing out of Dr. Michael's mouth.

  48. Galactic current sheets and solar climate forcing is the truth. We are poisoning our planet but we are not making it warm. Greenhouse theory is a closed system. Earth is not a closed system. Jupiter is also warming.

  49. The reason all countries models are wrong and russia's are not is because they are doing it on purpose to push the global climate hoax to impliment a 'carbon tax' on all countries to control all countries imports/exports 1 layer of global socialsm

  50. when i try posting this video on facebook i get the following warning —> Independent fact-checkers at Science Feedback say this post has false information. To help stop the spread of false news, a notice will be added to your post if you decide to share this.
    Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways. Learn More

  51. Here are some scientific facts that clearly show that an increase in CO2 does not lead to any significant increase in temperature

    The co2 concentration today is 400ppm. The temperature is circa 18c.

    in the Jurassic period the co2 concentration was 2000ppm, [5 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c.

    in the Triassic period the co2 concentration was 2500ppm [ 6 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c.

    in the Ordovician period the co2 concentration was 3000ppm [7.5 times greater than today] the temperature was 17c

    in the Cambrian period the co2 concentration was 6000ppm [15 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c

    For most of the time the planet was thriving not frying, the data shows that temperature is independent of co2 concentration

    Look at the data for the Cambrian. The co2 concentration is 15 times what it is today but the temperatures is about the same as it is today. Look at the Ordovician , the CO2 concentration was 7.5 greater than it is today and yet the temperature was 2 degrees lower than it is today.

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