Thinking About Selling On Amazon – Here is a Sneaking Little Trick

Hey guys welcome back my name is Alex
Ryan today I’m gonna reveal a pretty cool little trick that you can do with
with Amazon and basically working out whether or not it’s a good product to
jump on and also a little trick to find out whether or not they’re actually
selling products alright so bear with me guys we’re gonna get started in just a
moment the number one factor for success on Amazon comes down to your product
that that’s essentially it it comes down to your product if you don’t have an
awesome product it’s not gonna sell no matter how good your marketing is it’s
just not gonna sell so most people go down the shotgun the shotgun strategy
which is they have a shotgun they try like 20 different products and fingers
crossed hope that it works right but that’s no way to build a successful
Amazon business right so you need to make sure that the product that you’re
selling is going to be a killer it’s gonna be a winning product that’s how
you make money on Amazon you know some people say they they don’t have the time
they don’t have the money they don’t have the experience their husband won’t
let them they’re their wife won’t let them that pet rock won’t let them and
listen you’ve got two choices right you either make excuses or you make money
you can’t do both all right you have to do one or the
other now personally I would rather make money I don’t know about you right but
that’s something you gotta commit to are you ready to make money are you
committing to success are you ready to start your business on Amazon good
question for you are you ready to find your hot product are you ready to launch
your Amazon Empire all right welcome back so guys we’re
going to be looking today at mugs right so I’ve covered this in a previous video
why people buying you know general household stuff on on Amazon and yes
they do buy it alright so we’re gonna do a quick look at the stats on this
particular product okay already it’s telling me high you know high demand low
competition which is always a good little thing to start off with it’s
always my little green little thumbs up clean little fat Flags
yeah alright so I want to show you something on some of these mugs so I’m
gonna show you how basically how much money they’re making but on top of that
I’m going to show you another little little tactic that you can use to find
out how much stock that they are initially holding and how to check up on
that alright so we’ll just wait for it to load and while we’re waiting for this
to load I hope you’re having a fantastic day if you’re wanting to get something
started guys on Amazon and the biggest thing holding it back is you know not
too sure what product to bring in or you’re not too sure you know what the
next step is or how to how to do your product research then I’m first of all
I’m glad I’m really blessed that you have found me I’m very thankful that you
have found me and this is what I’ve been doing this is how I’ve been helping
students for many years now find products find reputable suppliers find
the feasible viable and profitable products alright there is a system to
it’s not like winning the lotto or anything like that is actually there is
a system to finding products unfortunately most people you know play
the game of roulette and chance with finding products and they try a whole
bunch of stuff and it doesn’t work and it flops and they lose money but there
is a right way to doing it okay so you can either go out there and figure out
for yourself or you can work with me alright guys so here you can see we’ve
got a whole bunch of stuff here this this particular coffee mug here it’s a
mug a set of six on the looks of it let’s have a look in little more detail
I want to see what’s so good about this product well you can see here they’re
doing 13 grand per month in revenue they have got 8 reviews only 8 reviews that’s
already a good size as a sign that they’re actually doing
that’s a sign that’s very easy to sort of rank them here we go large handle
mugs for coca tea special porcelain alrighty and that’s looking a few others
we’ve gots a muse Wow they’re doing 17 grand a month plus and this is USD mind
you all right so imagine what they will be converted to Australian dollars or to
British pounds 32 reviews that is a good sign now it’s a basic cup look at that
basic porcelain cup nothing fancy it’s very private labeled there’s nothing
wrong with putting your little logo underneath that alright as long as you
don’t put Harrods underneath it or or you know you know Indian porcelain or
you know China you know something like that so that reminds me if something is
made in China you actually do have to have the main in China sticker on on the
box or I just just be aware of that alright so guys let’s have a look in
more detail on this product ok so this is the amuse a product they’re doing
some pretty good numbers ok what was the numbers that are doing here we go $17,000 seven nearly 18 thousand USD
dollars per month is this a product that you can be involved in this is some is
this a product that you could you reckon you could sell pretty basic right people
aren’t buying this on Amazon now let’s say the example I was just for the sake
of argument I was interested in this particular product so let’s just let’s
just figure out I’d esepcially wonder what I want you to do alright I want you
gonna find a product in Amazon I want you to click Add to Cart as though you
were gonna buy this particular product alright and here we go we’re gonna click
view Cart all right now we’re gonna click go to quantity and go to +10 okay
and then enter nine nine nine is my little trick right because basically I
want to figure out how many they actually do have in stock in real time
and click update this seller has only seven hundred and
seventy six of these available okay it’s actually telling me it’s communicating
with the Amazon FBA warehouse it’s telling me exactly how many they have in
stock is that helpful now if you wanted to know how many they’re actually
selling per day what you need to do is just check in tomorrow just come in
tomorrow do the same thing and tomorrow might be 750 you’re like wow okay that’s
pretty good they sold 26 last night then the next day it would be 700 and you
know 700 they’re like well actually sold quite a few overnight and then the next
day it might be 800 so they actually bought more stock so you can sort of see
the price the the going up and going down you can actually see how many
they’re actually moving in real time okay you can monitor their stock levels
it’s like a little secret agent sneaky little hack
so guys use that wisely my name’s Alex Ryan I wish you the best on your Amazon
success and if you’re looking to get involved or needing help with finding
hot products or finding quality suppliers over in China that’s exactly
what I’ve been doing now for about ten years and I’m happy to help you out as
well so check out our website we’ve also got a free video program on our website
which walks you through the steps to setting up successful Amazon business
finding the right products finding the right supplies and a whole bunch more
check it out and yeah thanks for joining me and feel free to share this if you
know someone is doing Amazon or thinking about doing Amazon or selling stuff
online or wanting to quit the nine-to-five and maybe start a little
side business a side hustle please do kind like comment and share this video
my name’s Alex Ryan thanks for joining me guys talk to you real soon bye bye
for now

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