Those “Real Estate Investor Seeks Trainee” Signs: Make $120k/yr With No Experience?!

what's up you guys it's Graham here so after posting a video the other week explaining the truth behind the we buy houses fast cash signs a new question kept coming up and that was what about the real estate investors sheiks trainee signs after all is it even possible to make their claim five thousand dollars a month working part-time or ten to thirty thousand dollars a month working full-time and getting paid insane amounts of money to learn without any experience without any credit without any money without a real estate license and all you have to do is call that number on the sign on the busy intersection well then just smash that like button and I will explain go ahead just hit the like button it's right there you just hit the like button and I will continue thank you get the like button alright let's continue so first let's talk about who's actually behind these signs and what actually happens when you call that number so to start you pretty much have two types of people behind these signs the first one is the wholesaler and the second one is the type of person to teach you how to wholesale so let's start with the first one and that would be the wholesaler so for those that don't know a wholesaler is basically someone who finds a distressed seller gets the property under contract for under market value and then goes and assigns or flips that contract to an investor at an even higher price the wholesaler then profits the difference between what they have the house under contract for and what the investor is willing to pay and they make money on that difference in price as an example let's just say wholesaler Johnny gets the property under contract for $100,000 and the market value of that property in its current condition is 150 thousand dollars this means that wholesaler Johnny could then go and promote that deal to his investors at 125 thousand dollars this is still 25 thousand dollars under market value then let's say investor Graham comes along and says I will pay 125 thousand dollars from that deal knowing that it's worth 150 thousand dollars I then go and pay one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for the deal wholesaler Johnny only pay a hundred thousand for that deal and a wholesaler Johnny makes that difference in price between a hundred thousand and one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars as profit and the homeowner who sold their home for fifty thousand dollars less than what it was worth should have done their research and negotiated a higher price than what they got but but that's none of my business but the most difficult part when it comes to wholesaling is actually finding distressed sellers it's not like there is a magical distressed seller tree out there that you can go and conveniently pick off distressed sellers anytime you need them finding sellers like this is very long and tedious work ultimately at its core wholesaling is really just a numbers game out of 500 people that you talk to maybe only five of those might be distressed of those five you might only find one or two that's willing to sell at the price you want to pay so basically the more feelers you have out there the more likely you are to find a distressed seller the more likely you are to close a deal and the more likely you are to make money and for many wholesalers out there their time is not best spent prospecting for deals their time is best spent negotiating the deals and pitching them to investors so in order to fill this pipeline of leads you need to hire people to work for free wait a second did I just say free oops silly me I meant to say you hire people who want to be their own boss and work their own hours and have unlimited income potential and make up to $20,000 a month with absolutely no experience so doesn't that sound amazing that's what I meant to say and that's when these signs come into play so often advertise it you can make 10 to 20,000 dollars a month with no experience and no real estate license and they will teach you how and they really hate to generalize here but usually the type of person who's willing to call the number on a sign that advertises they can make $20,000 a month with no experience and get free training is usually the type not to question whether or not this is a viable money-making opportunity and is usually the type to work for free without questioning it so if you call a phone number like this the wholesaler may then teach you how to find deals now this is a very time-consuming process that often door knocking people who are behind on their payments calling people who are in default of their mortgage or what's called driving for dollars which is where you drive through a neighborhood see homes that are not well taken care of and then approach the seller to see if they want to sell this is also known as what's called bird dogging now I have no idea why it's called this I'm sure I will Google this in a second and then be like well that's why but right now I don't have any idea why they call it that but it's totally down below let me know why they call it bird dogging or something like that so anyway you as the trainee will actually get paid for the leads you bring in to the wholesaler so hypothetically if you actually produce results and actually bring in viable leads to a wholesaler the answer is yes you can actually make some pretty decent money doing this but this business model really benefits the wholesaler more than it does the trainee because the wholesaler will get absolutely free work the wholesaler will only pay out money if the trainee actually produces results and the wholesaler makes money and there's very little risk to the wholesaler besides their time training someone and teaching them what to do but let's be real here if you're that good at producing motivated seller leads why the hell would you give that to someone else why don't you just keep that for yourself and do the deal on your own at that point you're better off just becoming the wholesaler and then getting other people to do exactly what you were doing but again going back to this generalization like I said earlier usually the types of people who are willing to work for somebody whose number they found from a cardboard sign at a busy intersection is usually not the type to initiate anything themselves and would usually be the type to ignorantly work for free earning pennies while the other person is they're making dollars so in short guess you can actually make money doing this but my personal belief is if you're going to be doing this you may as well at this point just become the wholesaler instead of being the bird dog just to bring in motivated seller leads because I believe there would be way more opportunity you doing this for yourself then you're just giving these deals to somebody else to make more money off of than what you would make now the second type of person behind these signs is a lot more sinister and this is the dark twist behind the real estate investors seeks trainee signs so often when you call the number on the sign you're gonna be speaking with someone who's conveniently holding a free seminar teaching you how to make money in real estate but space is very limited and you should only go if you're really serious and really want to make thirty thousand dollars a month with no experience so you don't waste anyone's time and then when you actually show up at these seminars a lot of it is pretty much just fluff talk explaining the benefits of being your own boss and having unlimited income potential and making money while learning at the same time but this is where things start taking a bit of a weird turn this is when they've got the audience hyped up enough to get interested in the next step learning how to wholesale and be a part of their inner group the low price of only a thousand dollars all you guys have to do is make those two easy payments of five hundred dollars when you do that you'll be a part of our exclusive inner circle of motivated cash investors won't teach you exactly how you can make 300 million dollars every single month wholesaling real estate will teach you all just two to easy super simple payments of five hundred dollars that's yeah and then this usually leads to the next seminar where they teach you how to wholesale real estate but at the end of it there's a bit of another upsell all you have to do is make a very super easy the simple payments of only five thousand dollars and you can get exclusive one-on-one mentoring this is what you really need if you really want to take it to the next level and earn five hundred million dollars a month you need this because you need to invest in yourself if you don't invest in yourself what are you doing and no joke I've heard from here if you go anywhere from twenty five thousand to over 100 thousand dollars to get their inner secret training packages that teach you all the exclusive ins and outs that they can't share with anyone else and that whole system you don't is the sunk cost fallacy perfectly and here's how it works because you've made an initial small investment in something you're more likely to make further subsequent larger investments so that your first investment doesn't go to waste hence the fallacy so basically you spent three hours of your time and a seminar because of that you're more likely to make the investment of the thousand dollar training package because you've already spent three hours of your time at the seminar and you wouldn't want that to go to waste well when you spend that thousand dollars you're more likely to spend the five thousand dollars for the mentoring because you wouldn't want that first thousand dollars and the three hours you spent at the free seminar go to waste right and this just continues until people are mortgaging their homes and then all of a sudden the wholesaler comes back over because you're behind on payments and then you have to sell it to the wholesaler which just repeats the circle of life these type of companies often have a second spin to things as well you can join their inner program for a price but if you get someone else to join who buys their educational material you then get a commission on that then if that person gets someone else to go and buy their educational material you then get a portion of that person's proceeds see it's not a pyramid scheme because that relies on someone else's investment funding your investment return therefore just adding to the pyramid instead this is just multi-level marketing because it relies on you actually selling a product and people buying that product which in this case is often educational material but then if that person gets someone else you get a cut of that and then if that person gets something that's comes back to you too so it's shaped it's shaped like a pyramid but it's actually multi-level marketing but it just so happens to be shaped like a like a pyramid but it's totally different usually any time you hear people say that they make ten to thirty thousand dollars a month working from home and they just travel the time and they make that passive income usually that's a sign it's multi-level marketing and there are many companies behind this there are too many for me to even name but they they all basically just do the same thing the whole thing just kind of creeps me out so I'm just gonna go in a second and take a shower because I just feel dirty but before I do that I think it would be pretty hilarious to actually go undercover call one of these signs go to a seminar and record the entire thing secretly and then just post it I think that would be absolutely hilarious if you guys want to see that comment down below and you know what I'll actually do that if this video gets 5,000 likes which I think it's doable it's unlikely but it's doable 5,000 likes I will actually go and get one of those like hidden cameras that goes on the button I will record the entire thing start to finish and I'll post it on YouTube as exposed or whatever we want to call it 5,000 likes is what it's going to take so like it probably probably I have a 30% chance of actually hitting that so 5,000 likes it's up to you guys if you want that just just hit the like button so anyway video summed up just stay away from any signs you see posted on a telephone pole and don't expect those to be the next money-making opportunity that's gonna make you a millionaire it seems like common sense to me but apparently it's not because these signs work and if they didn't work they wouldn't post them in the first place so there are obviously still people out there that really believe that that's the best option to take and I just want to say my personal opinion here is that you should just just stay away from any signs you see posted on telephone poles and either way you look at these things almost every single time it's a better deal for the person you're calling than it is for you and as they say in those examples you're gonna have a bad time so as always you guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it if you've watched it all the way to the end and you're not already subscribed make sure to smash that subscribe button and then go ahead and smash that notification bell so you tube notifies you anytime I post a video which is three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday so smash the smash the subscribe button notification bells YouTube notifies you also feel free to add me on snapchat and Instagram my posts are pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to add me there thank you again for watching and until next time

20 thoughts on “Those “Real Estate Investor Seeks Trainee” Signs: Make $120k/yr With No Experience?!

  1. bird dogging. A pretty appropriate term like hunting hounds. a dog that fetches the birds for a hunter. though in this case it might be more like the if the dog had the gun shot the bird and then fetched it too

  2. Went to a renatues meeting like this. Just wanted to see what it's about .went exactly like this meeting . Class cost 20k on a loan with 18% interest . When I told the guy I'm not interested he came at me very passive agressivly how I wi not learn this anywhere else

  3. I've been to one before, they always have at least 2 plants in the crowd that try to get the ball rolling by purchasing the "platinum" package for investing

  4. I’m screaming, my friend took me to a rich dad poor dad wholesaling seminar and it sound just as you said lol

  5. I went to a Russ Whitney free real estate seminar once. During the seminar, they showed us how to get our interest rate reduced on our credit card and credit limit increased and even gave us a script. When we broke for lunch they told us that they were having a contest for whoever got their credit limits increased the most and that student would win a free course. After lunch, they privately interviewed each attendee and started a hard sell for their 3-day class that was only $1200 and since everyone just got their credit limits increased many people bought the course.
    I was told that the people who went to the 3-day course were again upsold to $5k and later to a $20k course and coaching.
    The coaching is often taught by people who are probably working for minimum wage with no experience but are given a script to read.

    The real sad thing is probably only 5% of the students did anything with the information even if it is excellent information. Normally trying to learn the massive amount of information they are teaching you at the boot camp is like trying to drink from a firehose. Many of the techniques need to be taught over a longer period of time so the information is absorbed better and the student doesn't get information overload.

  6. Hey Graham I made a video about how this company named vector marketing came to my school, and advertised a sales job, they were super shady!

    I have a super small channel and it's the first video I made on it.

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