ToolKitRc ST8 SERVO TESTER Review Like To Know How Much Current your Servos Draw KEEP WATCHING

it got some really cool functions one them is that is show the current / amps your servos draw and you be really wondering how much amps your servos draw pull and if your BEC are up to the job and deliver enuff amps your servo needs and you’re going to be surprised how much it really is hello everybody welcome to a new episode of DIY Rc and today we will be reviewing toolkitRc ST8 multiple servo tester or advance servo tester that is sent to me by hobbyporter so a big thank you hobbyporter a new company that is sending product to review to this channel thank you very much you find the links to these products and hobbyporter down below and this advance servo tester got some really nice tricks to it, first of all, it can test 8 servos at the same time and you get an xt60 output and an xt60 connector input from 7v to 28 volts so you can use up to a 6s lipo battery on the side of the servo tester, you can connect a receiver and test your servos with pmm or sbus you also have a micro USB connector to update the firmware in the future and open up new functions and then the normale knob to manual control the servos and a few other functions to do that automatic or with your radio Tx and Receiver it got some really cool function that we are going to show you and one of them is showing how much Amps / current your servo draw and you be really wondering how much amps your servos are really drawing and if your BEC are up to the task and can deliver the right amount that your servos need and you’re really going to be surprised how much they draw and all other cool functions it got but you’re having problems with seeing the screen press the button one long press and you go into settings and we can change the backlight set that what darker but you guys are still having a problem and we got one more trick up my sleeves give me a sec now everybody can see the screen like me and now we are in the setting menu lets exit that this is the first upstart screen you get to to see when you start up you toolkitRc ST8 Servo Tester you have 4 inputs and hire it shows how many milliamps it draws the speed and the number it counts that servo moves up and down so let’s connect the servos and we are going to be using the first 3 connections s1 2 3 and 4 you take your servo and connect ground at the top then positive and signal down below the second servo this is a 300-degree servo the first one is an mg995 very common old servo that is used for many years in the hobby and the last servo is a very commen servo we use in foam airplanes the 9gram htx servo that is fully plastic and the other two servo are metal geard

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  1. Nice meter with a lot of options. I keep trying to get one of those micro power analyzers to put in my planes so I know the total amps draw in flight but they always seem to out of stock 😉 Thanks for the review and demo. See you in the Air!

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