Top 10 Country Songs of All Time

well they only four things in life that make it worth living throw on your jeans shine up your boots and grab yourself a cold one welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 country songs of all time number 10 friends in low places Garth Brooks dukey’s first recorded as a demo friends and low places launched Garth Brooks into the country stratosphere when it was re-recorded for a sophomore effort in the early 1990s with the Billboard Country chart topper Brooks soon became the face of country music while the rock is tune is already a rowdy beer filled number the singer typically adds a more angst driven third verse during live performances you were always on my number nine always on my mind Willie Nelson though it was previously recorded by artists like Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley Willie and his battered guitar trigger proved the oldie was still a goodie a decade later I guess I never told you I’m so happy that you’re the redheaded stranger didn’t only net three Grammys for his cover but also earned a top five spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and eclipsed his top 20 1980 single on the road again all in all not bad for a song that took original songwriter Wayne Carson a mere 10 minutes to write you were always number 8 the gambler Kenny Rogers he said son I’ve made a life by the way the hill they’re full of standard country music motifs like trains and hard livin this tune is also home to one of the most well known country courses undoubtedly Kenny Rogers most famous song the gambler earned the roaster a Grammy in 1980 it also led its title to a series of TV movies starring the singer and is a favorite of both king of the hills Hank Hill the hell knows when to fold um he knows when to hold him and the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets figured that one out when the deal number seven Amarillo by morning George Strait saddle tone although originally written and recorded by Terry Stafford in 1973 Amarillo by morning wasn’t really a huge hit a decade later it was dusted off by George Strait for his second album straight from the heart they took for sadder than used this fresh recording went to number four in the American country charts and set the stage for straight to become the king of country number six your cheatin heart Hank Williams dipping into the same well of despair as he did on I’m so lonesome I could cry on solo this song was put to tape during Hank Williams last recording session it became a posthumous hit following his death on New Year’s Day of 1953 released as a b-side the country standard was written about Williams first wife and mother to his son Hank Williams jr. number five stand by your man Tammy Wynette sometimes it’s written in just 15 minutes by Wynette and co-writer Billy Sherrill this song became the first lady of country music’s signature tune not surprisingly it also became one of the most covered songs in all of country music but not everyone was happy about that since it was released amid the feminist movement the singer often had to defend the song as an anthem of understanding rather than a call to servitude number four mama tried Merle Haggard country music may have its share of prison songs but none ring as true as this one no one gets teary right mama the self-penned tune is a semi-autobiographical take on Merle Haggard’s troubled upbringing including jail time following an escape attempt the hag was transferred to San Quentin and kept living the thug life until witnessing Johnny Cash’s infamous performance at the facility in 1958 number three crazy patsy cline penned by future superstar Willie Nelson this was Klein’s follow-up to her crossover hit I fall to pieces crazy helped the singer maintain her newfound popularity on the pop charts and saw her hit the number-two spot on the country charts owing to its gender-neutral lyrics the song has since been covered by both male and female singers crazy for feeling so including Nelson himself for his 1962 debut album crazy I want to see number two he stopped loving her today George Jones she by 1980 the opossum was much more a has-been than a legend first time I’d seen you smile here that all changed with this heartbreaker they push through getting George Jones to record this ballad was no easy task as the singer openly hated the song initially Plus Jones heavy drinking and slurred speaking voice made recording the spoken portion of the song nearly impossible only through careful editing was producer Billy Sherrill able to create a vocal track and rebuild the singers legacy you stop before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions while in complicated while it’s the West Texas way number one ring a fire Johnny Cash love is a burning thing written by Merle Kilgore and the man in blacks future bride June Carter Ring of Fire documents June’s take on the love affair between her and Johnny Cash first recorded by her sister Anita Carter the country rock and roller eventually earned him his first country number one in four years Cash’s edition of mariachi horns saw him break new ground and also add new flavor to country music that was light-years beyond his previous material like Folsom Prison Blues you agree with our list what’s your favorite country song for more hard-working top 10s published Bailey be sure to subscribe to

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Country Songs of All Time

  1. A top 10 is truly impossible to include all the songs that should be top 10's. That being said, these 10 are a sample of true great country music and artists. I only wish country music today had the soul of yesteryear

  2. While I'm sure we can all agree that top 10 lists are subjective, it's disappointing Glen Campbell isn't mentioned. It's almost criminal that Waylon Jennings isn't on this list.

  3. Kenny Rodgers got lucky with one song…he was a pop singer looking for a top ten for a decade or more. failing. Not a "country" artist.He fell into that song .​Switch Conway Twitty for Rodgers easily…. And Loretta Lynn Coal miners daughter is an honorable mention?.whatzz up wit dat?

  4. Surely a ring of country fire, but I wish Charlie Rich or Don Williams was on the list. (Oh, and Dixie Chicks a contender for the top spot? I don't see it. They are likeable, but not that much)

    Also, as with all Mojo's lists, they have several contenders for top spot, but why leave them out, why don't they edge the list down?

    And, WHERE'S DOLLY???

  5. Agree 100% Ring of Fire…but Jackson was great. Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head….Jesus Take the Wheel, Independence Day….Butterfly Kisses

  6. I might be watching this way too late for it to matter but the greatest country song of all time is "You Never Called Me By My Name" by David Allan Coe. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" is a close 2nd, followed by "Highwayman".

  7. I don't see how Hank wasn't higher on this list, it's obvious that Cash was #1 but Hank definitely deserves second. Hank had a certain style of country that was unique, his guitar, voice, everything about him. I told myself that if Hank didn't get at least top three I would dislike the video. So there you have it smh

  8. The only reason Garth is on the list is because he single handedly ruined country music and ushered in a glut BroCo, CoRap, and the likes of Taylor Swift.

  9. It would have to be the Top 10,000 (plus) to contain all the good songs. Good list..brought back a lot of memories, sparked even more..

  10. At first, I was not agreeing with your list. I was sure you had to be crazy picking some of these songs. To an extant( yes i'm using it in the proper context, surviving) it still is crazy, but I saw your reasoning after watching the video. I came to reluctantly agree with it as more of a top ten of country artists and the songs that made or kept them famous. ( It's Willie Nelson heavy).
    It's still missing Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker and Dolly Parton, Hell even the Grateful Dead and Eagles.

  11. This video missed out on a lot of great songs and artists!!! This video had . . . No Tom T. Hall. No Juice Newton. No Jimmie Charles Rodgers. No Dolly Parton. No Glen Campbell. No John Denver. No Reba McEntire. No Carter family. No Roger Miller. No Charlie Rich. No Alabama. No Ray Price. No Tennessee Ernie Ford. No Stanley Brothers. No Charley Pride. No Johnny Paycheck. No Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys. No Buck Owens. Instead this video had The Dixie Chicks (they are pretty to look at but greatest of all time no), Garth Brooks (pop song), Hank Williams (who was an older generation country singer, but the greatest?), and they sure do show a lot of Willie Nelson (one song from Willie Nelson is enough because in a list so short other greats are pushed out.).

  12. Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Country Songs of all time

  13. Much better is the Rolling Stone's Top 100 (See the comment and link below). But even this has some strange entries, such as including Taylor Swift (!?). Maybe 1,000 top country songs would be better. Or it might take 10,000. And even then it would be subjective and subject to criticism.

  14. Whoever wrote this list must be 10 years old. No Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, The Carter Family, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Rogers, Tom T. Hall. ….

  15. While I love all these songs my top 10 would be very different. Can't believe not one song from Waylon made this list. Oh well, I reckon we all know what that old saying about opinions.

  16. He Stopped Loving Her Today……..Hands down number 1

    Wide Open Spaces as an honorable mention ???? Really ??? The song doesn't even come close !!!!

  17. Correction (7:02): Johnny Cash performed at Folsom Prison in 1968 – not 1958. And it wasn't "infamous," it was LEGENDARY. And I'd just say any top 10 list should include the mother and father of Country Music, Jimmy Rodgers "Mule Skinner Blues" and Mother Maybelle Carter's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" — at least as honorable mentions. Most people think Country began with Hank Williams, but it was Jimmy Rodgers and the Carter Family who laid all the foundation work and set the standards for the sound we enjoy today.

  18. When to see if Marty Robbins was on the list

    Saw him in honorable mentions got annoyed

    Number comes up ring of fire

    No longer annoyed and understand.

  19. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Other than Johnny Cash, maybe one other deserves to be there. Decades of country greats and this was your ten best? This list is akin to Boy George topping the ten best pop songs of all time.

  20. Lists like this are way to subjective. Some like country and western (1940s, 50s and 60s), truck driving country, outlaw country (Willie ain't has never been such), countrypolitan (80s+) and/or the other different forms.

  21. Had to stop for a 'Haha'– #9; Willie Nelson…. "he earned three Grammies for his cover"…. you idiots don't even know… HE WROTE THE DAMN SONG!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! Wayne Carson only helped with two verses…. Get the facts straight, or lose the 'Mojo' you claim to have!!

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