Top 5 Industrial Robots you must see

the new I'll be 1660 ID provides up to 10% shorter cycle times in arc welding and enables excellent accessibility for machine tenting with up to 50% reduced maintenance costs today's quality demands in arc welding applications requires heavy weld guns and better control of the wire feeding to secure excellent and even quality in high-volume production the new IRB 1660 ID therefore has a more robust upper arm with increased six kilogram payload to handle these new weld guns the integrated dress pack combined with a new compact or wrist design makes it possible to create high-density cells with simplified reorientation and better accessibility the new IRB 1660 ID has more powerful wrist motors with higher acceleration and deceleration properties this combined with a bb's true move and quick move technology consortion cycle times up to 10 percent compared to the competition the new IRB 1660 ID provides superb accuracy for high quality welding the path repeatability is now only naught point naught 5 millimeters thanks to the new wrist design and the new process mode accuracy mode which optimizes path accuracy in low to medium speeds the tcp reorientation accuracy is now only naught point 3 millimeters with the absolute accuracy option the new wrist in combination with third-generation enhanced absolute accuracy measurement provides outstanding motion control which simplifies both offline and online programming as well as exchange ability for both parts and the whole robot highly productive for machine tending in confined spaces with compact fast and robust ip67 wrist thanks to the integrated dress pack there's no need to slow down due to swinging of cables combined with robots to do simulations it provides shorter and predictable cycle times [Applause] unequalled output with up to 10% shorter cycle times in aw cycles compared with the competition unrivaled welding quality thanks to outstanding accuracy and capacity to handle high performance guns highly productive for machine tending in confined spaces with compact fast and robust ip67 wrists you extremely fast streamlined and robust the KR angeles small robot family in handling tasks especially pick-and-place tasks cuca small robots demonstrate one of their greatest strengths extreme speed points can be reached both near to the robot base and also in the overhead area high repeatability and precision guarantee manufacturing quality at the highest level for extremely streamlined contours kuku small robots have their energy supply system routed internally installation on the floor wall or ceiling the cuca small robots produce impressive results in every position the KR angeles is operated using the powerful KRC for compact controller technology offering maximum performance in minimum space to be ahead of his time that's what Patrick Huff has been fascinated by his entire life approaching the new exploring uncharted waters that's his passion he calls himself a futurist so called soup maybe that's why here at Keuka he's advancing innovation and technology management as a technology owner he works on tomorrow's technologies his ultimate objectives are mobile robots that provide utmost flexibility and a great deal more [Laughter] intelligent robots that decide on their work stages themselves getting ever more efficient with every move they make looks like we were born for industry 4.0 of all the intelligence the cookus stories now at you

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  2. ABB sind schlecht Hersteller wir haben auf Arbeit auch mehrere ABB Roboter, immer geht der Motor kaputt weil da ein Konstruktionsfehler ist und immer Öl in dem Motor gedrückt wird!

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  4. These are just a bunch of regular material handling and welding ads. Show me anyone using that 15 axis robot to do a material handling task like shown when there are so many more efficient ways to do it.

  5. Having a few videos of the robots in the field doing a demo is worth 10x what is shown here.
    Dress one up with cameras and send it down inside a ships hull (new construction) and impress me.
    I have seen better KuKa commericals, their marketing department must be cutting back.

  6. جميل. شاهدوا عمال المستقبل. كيف ستحل هذه الاجهزة مشكلة البطاله وصناديق التقاعد. تذكروا كيف تبخرت وظائف في الماضي ولم يتم تعويضها.

  7. Does anyone know what the octagon shaped material is in the thumbnail? If have seen it in other videos and would like to start using it in my factory but I can not find any info on it.

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